Kazakhstan General Information

Kazakhstan has the official name Republic of Kazakhstan (Republic of Kazakhstan) is a landlocked country Has extensive coverage in Asia And a republic in the former Soviet Union Bordering Russia China And Central Asian countries including Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan And has a coast on the Caspian Sea Kazakhstan used to be part of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is a country that has The 9th largest … Continue reading Kazakhstan General Information

Uzbekistan General Information

Uzbekistan or the official name Republic of Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan) is a country in Central Asia that is surrounded by landlocked countries (doubly landlocked country) bordering Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Places and Turkmenistan Uzbekistan used to be part of the Soviet Union. Alexander the Great took possession of the land of Uzbekistan in 367 BC. Later, this land was annexed as part of the Persian … Continue reading Uzbekistan General Information

Tajikistan General Information

Tajikistan or official name Republic of Tajikistan Is a landlocked country in Central Asia Has a border with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan Tajikistan used to be part of the Soviet Union. Tajikistan gained independence from the Soviet Union. Tajikistan gained independence in the year 1990 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but during the first period, domestic politics was stable due to severe internal conflicts … Continue reading Tajikistan General Information

Europe Countries List

Eastern Europe Belarus Bulgaria Czech Republic Hungary Moldova Poland Romania Russian Federation Slovakia Ukraine Crimea Northern Europe Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands (DK) Finland Greenland (DK) Iceland Ireland Latvia Lithuania Northern Ireland (UK) Norway Scotland (UK) Sweden United Kingdom (England) Wales (UK) Southern Europe Albania Andorra Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia (Hrvatska) Cyprus Gibraltar (UK) Greece Vatican City State Italy Macedonia, Rep. of Malta Montenegro Portugal San … Continue reading Europe Countries List

Republic of Croatia Information

Republic of Croatia is a name in the Serb language and Korativa Hersvatska (Hrvatska) area 56,542 square kilometers. Is a boomerang country In Europe with territories to the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans, the capital city Zagreb In current history Croatia was formerly a republic in Yugoslavia. But gained independence in the year 1991 and applying for membership in the European Union in the future … Continue reading Republic of Croatia Information

How many foods type are they?

Foods: Lists of Foods Type by follows as: American Cuisine Eastern Cuisine Western Cuisine Asia Cuisine Thai Cuisine Korea Cuisine Japan Cuisine Ainu food Albanian food Argentina food Andhra food Anglo-Indian food Arab food Armenian food Assyrian food Awadhi food Azerbaijani food Balochi food Belarusian food Bengali food Berber food Buddhist food Bulgarian food Cajun food Chechen food Chinese cuisine food Chinese Islamic food Circassian food Crimean Tatar food … Continue reading How many foods type are they?

What is Chakra System?

There are seven chakras, or major energy centers, in the human body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel”. The chakras are similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy. They are centers of force located within your body, through which you receive, transmit, and process life energies. Each chakra is recognized as a focal point relating to spiritual, physical and … Continue reading What is Chakra System?

Asia Countries Lists

Eastern Asia China Hong Kong (China) Macao (China) Tibet (China) Japan Korea (North) Korea (South) Mongolia Taiwan Northern Asia Russian Federation South-Central Asia Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Maldives Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan South-East Asia Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar (Burma) Philippines Singapore Thailand Timor-Leste Vietnam Western Asia and Middle East Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Cyprus Georgia Iraq Israel … Continue reading Asia Countries Lists

Introduce Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Traditional Tibetan medicine (Tibetan: བོད་ཀྱི་གསོ་བ་རིག་པ་, Wylie: bod kyi gso ba rig pa), also known as Sowa-Rigpa medicine is a centuries-old traditional medical system that employs a complex approach to diagnosis, incorporating techniques such as pulse analysis and urinalysis, and utilizes behavior and dietary modification, medicines composed of natural materials (e.g., herbs and minerals) and physical therapies (e.g. Tibetan acupuncture, moxabustion, etc.) to treat illness. It … Continue reading Introduce Traditional Tibetan Medicine

South Korea Information

Republic of Korea or South Korea or 대한민국 (Hangeul), 大韓民國 (Hanja) in language. Korea is a region in East Asia since 1948 it has been divided between two distinct sovereign states: North Korea and South Korea. The capital city is Seoul. They’re use Korean language for communicate. South Korea governance is democratic presidential system. This country is use Won (KRW) for exchange currency. Telephone country … Continue reading South Korea Information