Benefits of Wormwood

Borapet Scientific name Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook. F. & Thomson is in the family Borapet. (MENISPERMACEAE) Borapet herbs There are other local names that Chet Mun thorn (Nong Khai), the Chet Mun Yan or the […]

The Meaning of the Product

The definition of the product refers to compositions (Produce) or raw materials (Raw Material) derived from natural products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, mineral recovery processes, etc. to produce. May use machinery Come […]

The Benefits of Barcode

What is a barcode ? A barcode or bar code is a type of symbol that a machine can read with an optical machine-readable, beginning with the “bar” or “bar” format. is parallel lines with […]

Lord Buddha Story

The Bodhisattva, who would be reborn from Dusit heaven, came to emerge as the Lord Buddha. Before entering the Bodhisattva, he chose 5 things which are 1. Time (human life expectancy) – The human life expectancy […]