Supporting Actor Counterattack Firm

Supporting Actor Counterattack Firm
Other Title: Supporting-Role Reverse Firms / 配角逆袭事务所

Genres: drama, Comedy , crossing
12 episodes
Li Huimin , Sun Kaikai , Zhu Jiang
Chen Weiqu
Release Date: 
June 19, 2015
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  • Xiao Can
  • Ji Chen
  • Guo Yunfei

The supporting actors who were ruthlessly abandoned by fate, led by a certain energy that was strongly unwilling to change, entered a special office and became the client. Under the guidance of the two mysterious directors of the office, the black and white impermanence reinvented themselves. Together with the black and white impermanence, return to their original story to find the golden fingers of the protagonists, implement a counterattack plan, and reverse the ending step by step. Under the escort of Su Daji, the guardian of the two-dimensional story, the protagonists will not obediently give up their own legends. The two forces competed in sections of wonderful stories, and their intervention caused chaos in the two-dimensional world .

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