Blow Breeze (2016) 불어라 미풍아

Blow Breeze (2016)
Other Title: Buleora Mipunga / 불어라 미풍아

Genres: Drama , Family , Law , Korean
Episodes: 16
Country: South Korea
Director: Yoon Jae-Moon
Network: MBC
Release Date: 20/08/2016 to 05/02/2017 (Sunday, Saturday 20:45)
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  • Im Ji Yeon as Kim Mi Poong
  • Son Ho Jun as Lee Jang Go
  • Hwang Bo Ra as Jo Hee Ra
  • Oh Ji Eun as Shin Ae
  • Geum Bo Ra as Lee Geum Shil
  • Kim Hee Jung


Lee Jang Go is a pure innocent soul, with a warm heart who really wants to help people. Although he has been working as a lawyer for two years, he’s still poor and alternates between the only two pairs of suits that he owns despite his co-workers calling him unfashionable. Essentially, Jang Go is the male version of Candy. “Blow Breeze” is about the happenings that occur when one day a lonely old man on death’s door discovers that he has a grandchild.

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