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Chapter 1 Repaying Debts in the Body

At night, the Miyin Bar was caught in a carnival, with passionate, high-pitched music resounding in every corner.

Tang Mucheng was drunk again, a strong sadness exuded on her delicate face, and it was totally different from the exciting-emotional atmosphere around her.

Tang Mucheng had been drunk and dreaming in this bar for half a month.

Half a month ago, the Tang family was framed for bankruptcy. Those debts mainly caught her to pay off the debts. Her father was beaten and beaten to bloodshed in order to protect her.

That night, she ran away in a hurry, but his father was missing. He didn’t know his life or death.

Then another day later, her fiancé Ouyang Shaoqian, who has been in love for many years, also publicly announced a high-profile courtship of other women.

For Tang Mucheng in the past half month, it was like having a long nightmare.

Family, friendship, and love all collapsed, all happiness was disillusioned overnight, only her heart was broken.

At this time, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the clubhouse.

Four brawny men dressed in black suits and dressed like underworld figures suddenly rushed in from outside and surrounded Tang Mucheng.

“Is that her?” The

headed bodyguard in black looked at Tang Mucheng, and asked the men behind him coldly.

“Boss, she’s right, Tang Mucheng of the Tang family!”

“Take it away!”

The black bodyguard headed by him gave an order and waved his hand. The two strong men behind immediately stepped forward and stood up Tang Mucheng .


Tang Mucheng regained consciousness afterwards. When she saw the battle in front of her, she was so frightened that she was awake: “You, what are you doing? Let go of me.”

She tried her best to break free. Their restraint, however, the iron arms of the two strong men did not move at all.

Tang Mucheng’s heart sank suddenly.

After the Tang family went bankrupt, she owed hundreds of millions of foreign debts. For more than half a month, the creditors sent people to look for her everywhere, and she had been cautiously maintaining her vigilance. Unexpectedly, she was arrested just now after walking away for a while. It’s right now.

Tang Mucheng was taken to the presidential suite of a hotel.

The room is very luxurious, gorgeous Swarovski crystal lamp, leather sofa, outdoor swimming pool, and imported cashmere carpet…all the facilities are complete, if you live alone, the price will cost tens of thousands a night.

However, Tang Mucheng now has no intention of appreciating these.

After the two big guys who were holding him throw her rudely on the ground, they immediately confronted the man sitting on the sofa and said respectfully: “Master, I brought it.”

“Yeah.” The

cold voice was in the air. The sound in the middle, the emotionless tone, made the temperature in the room directly drop a few degrees.

Tang Mucheng forcibly endured the panic in his heart and looked up at the leader of the’kidnapper’.

I saw the man sitting in the backlight, reflecting the brightness of the room, elegant sitting posture, legs overlapped, lights poured on him, the perfect facial contour was outlined with sharp edges and corners, handsome and beautiful. A pair of dark eyes, with a cold arrogance, is extremely shocking.

In short, handsome!

In particular, his temperament, widowed with dignity, like a king of the world, Fengyun changed his appearance because of him, and his strong abstinence is even more charming.

Tang Mucheng stared blankly at her, suddenly such a name appeared in her mind.

Li Nanyan!

The most supreme existence in Los Angeles can cause economic turmoil throughout Asia. It is a real master!

Rumor has it that this person is cruel and ruthless, with iron and blood on his wrists, and is a very scary person.

Tang Mucheng’s forehead suddenly felt a little sweaty.

Why did Li Nanyan arrest her?

Does the Tang family owe him money too?


you seen enough?” Just when Tang Mucheng was startled secretly, the man finally spoke.

His voice was damn good, like the tune of a cello, deep and magnetic, with a natural coolness.

“Enough to see.” Tang Mucheng came back to her senses and forced her composure: “I don’t know what Mr. Li means by tying me here?”

” What do you mean ?”

Li Nanyan raised his lips coldly: “In this world No one dared to run away without paying me back after owing me money. Your father… is the first one!” Tang Mucheng: “…”

After the Tang family went bankrupt, her father disappeared. She hadn’t had time to figure out which creditors there were, and she didn’t expect that there was one of them.

“Mr. Li, you don’t know the situation of the Tang family. If you ask for money, there is really no right now. There is a life. If you want it, just take it.”

The panic in Tang Mucheng’s heart dissipated a little, his face revealed Fearless.

Now she has already fallen into a desperate situation, and some of them have given up all their thoughts.

The man seemed to sneer: “Is your life worth five hundred million?”

Five hundred million? ? ?

Tang Mucheng’s heart twitched slightly: “This… so much! But I really don’t have any money right now. Or, if you give me some time, I will pay it back.”

Li Nanyan raised his eyebrows with a smile. “If you can pay it off in one month, I will give you time.”

“One month?”

Tang Mucheng’s eyes widened and she was secretly startled.

In the past, five hundred million might not be a big deal to her, but now five hundred million is undoubtedly a huge sum of money for her. Even if she was given five years without eating, drinking, and sleeping, she might not be able to make money, not to mention that she was hiding from creditors everywhere, and she couldn’t even find a legitimate job.

How to pay it back?

“It is not from?”

See Tangmu orange look embarrassed, Li Nanyan do not care, to uphold and said: “That being the case, it would stay, to put their debt, but also when, and on what time to go.”

To put their debt !

Hearing these four words, Tang Mucheng’s nose was slightly sour.

His father disappeared just to protect her. How could she agree?

Tangmu orange snorted, casually pulled a panic: “Mr. Li, I am sick, contagious, and I’m afraid to put their debt will not work.”

Linan Yan: “……”

behind a group of bodyguards: “……” “There

There is no disease, you have to try it before you know it.”

After a long while, Li Nanyan looked at her meaningfully, his eyes extraordinarily presumptuous.

Tang Mucheng is extremely beautiful, her face is white, her facial features are exquisite and small, her skin is like a peeled egg, she is white and crystal clear, her lips are rosy like flames, her eyes are long and narrow, her eyes are flowing, her eyes are fascinating. Amorous.

She is so beautiful that she can’t hide her beautiful figure even if she is wearing a cheap skirt. Especially those slender and beautiful legs, the proportions are comparable to those of international supermodels, and the temperament that comes out naturally from the body is as noble as a queen.

Li Nanyan’s eyes couldn’t help but deepen a little.

The girl who used to be dressed in costumes, dazzling and dazzling, is now down and down, but with a little more restrained, but more fatal and attractive.

Tang Mucheng…You really make me easy to find!

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