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Chapter 2 You are a disciple

“Mr. Li doesn’t look like a lack of women? I think as long as you are willing, there must be countless women who are willing to give in.”

Tang Mucheng was uncomfortable by Li Nanyan, and she couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.

“So what? No matter how good those women are, can they be comparable to the famous Uncrowned Queen in Los Angeles?”

After the uncrowned, it was the title of outsiders to Tang Mucheng.

There are four beauties in Los Angeles, one is Luojialuo Clear Sky, the other is Jiang Xueling, the third is Qin Ruoyu, and the last is Tang Mucheng.

Of these four, Tang Mucheng is the lowest key, but the popularity is the highest.

Her appearance, origin, and temperament all overpowered the other three beauties, and she has the title of Los Angeles’ number one beauty.

Although Tang Mucheng has never caught a cold for this title, no one can still shake her status as the number one beauty.

“Is there any other solution? Apart from paying off the debt with the body.” Tang Mucheng gritted his teeth and asked unwillingly.

Li Nanyan didn’t answer, but Leng’s eyes burst out with oppressiveness, looking extremely dangerous.

In Los Angeles, he said a word, and no one has ever dared to refuse.

It’s rare to have patience to talk so much with her.

This girl… really has an inch!

“Master, do I need to teach this girl a lesson?” The

headed bodyguard couldn’t help but ask respectfully, as if he could feel Li Nanyan’s displeasure.

Li Nanyan glanced at him sharply, repelling them all, then got up and came to Tang Mucheng.

He is tall, slender, and has a calm pace. His perfect body is wrapped in a tailored suit and looks lean and elegant.

“What do you want to do?”

Tang Mucheng couldn’t help taking two steps back nervously.

Because the two were too close, she could clearly smell the cologne on his body, woody and fresh, exuding a strong hormonal breath.

This man is too oppressive!

“I said, I can’t pay back the money, so I stayed to pay off the debt, and there was no discussion.”

Li Nanyan chuckled her lips, and before she had time to react, he quickly grabbed her waist and trapped her in her arms. in.

“Let go of me!” Tang Mucheng struggled with shame.

This is the first time she has had such close contact with a strange man. His strength is so great that he can’t escape, and she can’t help feeling a little panicked.

“Don’t move, otherwise, I can’t guarantee anything.”

Li Nanyan’s eyes were dark and his voice was low and dumb.

He has always been self-reliant and self-control, but when Tang Mucheng struggled, an evil fire suddenly burst from his lower abdomen.

I haven’t seen each other for many years, this girl has grown up, and she has come out so beautifully. A single touch makes him a little hard to hold on to himself.


Tang Mucheng also felt that something was wrong with the man, and was shocked, her white cheeks were slightly hot, and her wet pupils stared at him a little angrily.

Li Nanyan was stunned by her unique and charming appearance. He couldn’t help but lowered his head to catch her delicate lips, and robbed her in a powerful way.

The damp and warm kiss, eager and full-bodied, his tongue slid into her mouth flexibly, playing foolishly with his lilac little tongue.

Tang Mucheng was stunned.

Her instinct told her that she should push the man away and slap him again.

However, his kiss seemed to have magical power, and instantly robbed her of her sanity.

Her head buzzed, and an indescribable sense of wonder rose in her heart.

She had never thought that there should be such a kiss in this world, like a violent storm, full of possession, but without a trace of resistance.


In the chaos, Tang Mucheng flashed two words in his mind, feeling that the whole person was going to be immersed in it, and it was difficult for him to retreat.

Li Nanyan kissed her to and fro, and in just a few minutes, he had a taste of his marrow.

The smell of the small woman in her arms was too sweet, and it easily evoked his evil fire, causing a certain part of his body to start issuing a high-spirited warning.

He breathed a lot, his hands couldn’t help climbing on her high-topping chest, and the other hand slid on her back…

Tang Mucheng’s body suddenly stiffened, and the whole person recovered like a lightning strike.

“You…you disciple!”

She raised her hand angrily and slapped her, her beautiful eyes reddened.

Li Nanyan tilted his head and easily escaped her attack, locked her arms tightly to prevent her from breaking free from his arms.

“I don’t like the three words Dengtuzi.”

He licked his lips, staring at her playfully, and said, “Listen, I will give you two choices now! One, continue our previous future. What I have accomplished has become my life’s forbearance.”

“Second, use your marriage to pay off debts! I can help you cover the debts your father owes others, so that you don’t have to live around like a mouse on the street. And I can still live. I promise, I won’t touch you.”

“I won’t believe in a disciple who has just surpassed me!”

Tang Mucheng stared at him bitterly, her heart full of humiliation.

“is it?”

Li Nanyan squinted his eyes and suddenly smiled: “So, don’t you want to find your father? Don’t you want to find the culprit who caused your Tang family bankruptcy? And the one who abandoned you when you needed help the most and invested In the arms of your best friend, even against Ouyang Shaoqian who was in

trouble , haven’t you ever thought of revenge?” When Li Nanyan said the words’Ouyang Shaoqian’, Tang Mucheng seemed to be hit by something in her heart. After a moment, all the heartbreaking things from the past, heart-rending toss, made her forget the humiliation just now.

How could she forget it?

Ouyang Shaoqian… She promised her lifelong fiancé that after the Tang family went bankrupt, she and other creditors forced her and her father into a dead end.

She has liked that man for eight years.

As a result, for eight years, they all fed a dog.

Every time she thinks of this, Tang Mucheng can’t wait to slap herself twice.

She hated that she was blind at first, and she couldn’t even tell whether the people around her were humans or beasts!

Seeing horrible hatred suddenly appeared on Tang Mucheng’s face, Li Nanyan did not have the slightest surprise, and gave another strong medicine: “I heard that Ouyang Shaoqian still sends people everywhere to find your whereabouts. So, follow me. , Is your best choice, otherwise, what would you use to

fight him ?” “I really can’t fight him, but so what? It’s you, I owe you debts, and can’t give you any benefits, but you let me Stay by your side. What is your purpose?”

Tang Mucheng took a deep breath, suppressed the hatred in his heart, and finally broke free from his arms.

Although she hates Ouyang Shaoqian, she still doesn’t lose her mind.

Li Nanyan could not find him without purpose, she could not sell herself foolishly.

Li Nanyan didn’t get close to her this time, just curled her lips: “I need to find a woman who has enough identity but will not pester me to help me cope with the forced marriage of the family elders. You are just right.”

“So. , Are you looking for a shield?”

“You can understand that.”

Li Nanyan glanced at her faintly, and then changed his voice: “So, what is your choice?” Tang Mucheng laughed at herself


Does she have a choice?

“The second one, but I need a deadline? It’s impossible to fake marriage for a lifetime, right?”

“Three years!” Li Nanyan said simply and neatly: “You won’t lose this deal. I’ll help you pay off the debts you owe others first. , And I won’t charge you interest.”

“What about after three years? I owe hundreds of millions of dollars. Even if I work tirelessly, I may not be able to pay it in five years. You are too high to see me.”

Tang Mucheng Shaking his head, I felt that this proposal was too unreliable.

“I allow you to pay in installments, no time limit.” Li Nanyan said, tone like a king who rules everything.

“Deal.” Tang Mucheng gritted his teeth and nodded.

As long as he doesn’t ask her to pay off all at once, it will be the best result.

The most important thing is that she doesn’t have to live in hiding anymore.

Thinking of this, Tang Mucheng couldn’t help but feel cold.

Ouyang Shaoqian, when my Tang Mucheng was reborn, it was the day when your retribution came. Just take a look, you owe me to me, and I will give it back ten times a hundred times!

There are also those who have hurt me, hurt me, and hurt me. I will let you see, Tang Mucheng, it will not fall so easily!

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