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Chapter 3 The Little Goddess of Heart

After Tang Mucheng and Li Nanyan had negotiated, they got up and left, and they agreed to meet at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow morning.

As soon as she left, the bodyguard Ye Shaoling couldn’t help but stepped forward and asked Li Nanyan: “Master, why don’t you tell her if you want to help Miss Tang? Marriage is a big deal after all. Wouldn’t it be too rash to make such a decision? “If you

don’t get married, what excuse do I use to pull her out of this quagmire? She is so proud and won’t accept help from others easily.”

Li Nanyan’s expression was faint, as if the decision just now was not his lifelong event, but whether to drink more. A glass of water is so simple.

Ye Shaoling couldn’t help but shook his head secretly.

Others might believe him, but as Li Nanyan’s bodyguard, Ye Shaoling would not believe it even if he was killed.

Why can’t find an excuse?

Who didn’t know that the woman named Tang Mucheng was the little goddess their father had been thinking about for many years?

Now it’s hard to see you again. Of course, it’s scams, scams, abductions, and deceptions.

However, Ye Shaoling didn’t know that Li Nanyan was right. Tang Mucheng would not accept help from a stranger for no reason.

People who once loved her can stab her in the back. For her, there is no one in this world, and she can believe it again.

In comparison, Li Nanyan’s transaction-like means would make her feel more at ease.

After Tang Mucheng came out of Li Nanyan, he planned to go straight back.

Unexpectedly, when passing by the hotel lobby, he ran into a figure in front of him.

She was a very fashionable woman, about the same age as Tang Mucheng. She was dressed in a famous brand, with exquisite makeup on her face. She had ten-inch high heels on her feet, and she was proud of her body. Celebrity style.

Tang Mucheng’s beautiful body suddenly shook, and two disgusting rays of light suddenly appeared in her bright eyes.


Yurou, a friend who used to dig her heart out, now hates her extremely foe.

When the Tang family was in desperation, Ouyang Shaoqian resolutely abandoned her, and then showed her love to other women in a high-profile manner.

And this woman is what she calls a good girlfriend!

Tang Mucheng resisted the disgust in her heart and pretended not to see Song Yurou.

But Song Yurou didn’t intend to let her go like this.

“Chengcheng, it’s really you!”

Song Yurou stopped Tang Mucheng in surprise, as if she didn’t expect to meet her here.

When Tang Mucheng heard it, she didn’t want to respond, and continued to walk outside.

She felt that talking to a hypocritical bitch was a waste of saliva.

“Orange, no matter how much we have been in friendship for so many years, why don’t we leave without saying hello?”

Song Yurou stepped forward and blocked her way.

Tang Mucheng was forced to stop and looked at her, her voice not at the slightest temperature: “Don’t call my name like that, we are not familiar.”

Song Yurou’s face became heavy and she could n’t help but look up and down at Tang Mucheng.

Today’s Tang Mucheng, wearing a cheap shirt and jeans, and a pair of canvas shoes on her feet, is dressed shabbyly. It’s a far cry from the daily costumes she used to wear.

“Tsk tusk tusk, is this the Miss Tang that I used to know? How long hasn’t seen you before, you are actually down to the point where you can’t even afford a decent dress?”

Song Yurou’s expression was startled at first, and then, a sharp curve suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth, mockingly said: “Oh! Hehe, look at my memory. The Tang family is already bankrupt. Now you are not Miss Tang. Now, wearing this kind of stall goods is quite in line with your current identity.”

Tang Mucheng stared at her indifferently, with a touch of ridicule passing across her face: “No matter how desolate I am, compared to yours wearing phoenix-colored clothes. Pheasant, it’s always better.”

“Who do you say is a pheasant?”

Song Yurou’s eyes were cold, and his complexion was a little livid.

“Isn’t it? A pheasant from the countryside, who has been an actor for a few years and met some influential rich people, really thinks that he has transformed into a phoenix of the upper class. If it weren’t for me, what qualifications would you have to enter and leave? This kind of high-level banquet, where is the opportunity to meet young talents from all walks of life?”

Tang Mucheng looked at her mockingly, and her words were bloody.

When she was in college, she and Song Yurou were in the same dormitory.

At that time, Song Yurou’s monthly living expenses were very tight. Tang Mucheng often invited her out to eat and watch movies. Once Song Yurou’s mother had an operation and needed 300,000 yuan. She also helped her with money without saying a word. .

At that time, Tang Mucheng treated her like a friend, taking her to various high society gatherings, and introducing her friends to her.

Unexpectedly, a white-eyed wolf appeared in the end.

“Hehe, it’s all old and worn out, what’s the point of my memory? Don’t you know? I have been pregnant with Shaoqian’s child for more than a month. We are getting married, and the wedding is already in preparation. From now on, I will be the real rich young lady. What about you? You are nothing!”

Song Yurou smiled lightly.

In the past, she was very taboo from others to mention her origin, because it would prevent her from fishing for a beetle-in-law, so she always lied that she was the daughter of a foreign trade group, and her parents were doing business abroad all year round.

Now, she married into a wealthy family as she wished, and she is not afraid to mention it again.

The most important thing is that she finally didn’t have to look up to Tang Mucheng’s snort to survive, and she could even step on Tang Mucheng and humiliate at will.

There is nothing better than this!

Tang Mucheng was also startled when she heard this.

Song Yurou is pregnant?

She was separated from Ouyang Shaoqian for only half a month, but Song Yurou was pregnant for more than a month. Doesn’t that mean that when Ouyang Shaoqian was still with her, did he have a leg with this woman?

Tang Mucheng’s complexion instantly became very ugly, and she felt as sick as he had eaten half of a fly.

Seeing her like this, Song Yurou couldn’t help but feel even more proud: “Hehe, don’t you know, in fact, I have been together with Shao Qian six months ago. Shao Qian also said that you are very boring, being with you for eight years, I don’t want to touch you. You, only I can get him interested. After he knew that I was pregnant, he dumped you eagerly and married me in. By the way, he also gave me a diamond proposal ring, twelve carats, only in the world One, it means that I only love me.”

After she finished speaking, she still showed off her hand and showed it to Tang Mucheng.

The light of the diamond dazzled in front of his eyes, but Tang Mucheng smiled.

This woman… doesn’t she just want to humiliate her, trample on her, and see her uncomfortable?

She just refused to let her succeed!

“A scumbag with a bitch girl is indeed a natural match. If you have a wedding invitation, you must give it to me. When you get married, I will be there to send blessings in person, and I will prepare a big gift for you. Old age together, a hundred years are good, men do not lift, women’s misfortune will never die!”

Song Yurou was not calm, and said angrily: “Tang Mucheng, I think you are jealous of me and Shaoqian?”

“You used it. Man, I don’t look forward to it anymore. For a man like Ouyang Shaoqian, only you will be a treasure. I’m jealous? Tang Mucheng is down, but the man I’m looking for is still a hundred times stronger than the one you’re looking for. , Thousand times.”

Tang Mucheng arrogantly straightened her back, like an undefeated queen.

Song Yurou was so angry that his face was a bit stubborn.

She came to demonstrate with her, but she was ridiculed by Tang Mucheng so unbearably.

This woman is so downcast, why is she so arrogant and righteous?

Tang Mucheng didn’t want to talk nonsense with her anymore, and after speaking, he bypassed her and left directly.

She walked free and easy, and her face became gloomy after she got out of the hotel.

A verbal battle, almost exhausted all her energy.

Eight years of love, eight years of hard work, and in the end, she was told that she was out long ago.

Haha, in the end, she was just a joke!

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