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Chapter 4 No one can bully you from now on

Early the next morning, Tang Mucheng took the household registration booklet and met Li Nanyan at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau as scheduled.

Both of them were quick and resolute, so they completed their marriage registration within half an hour.

After coming out, Tang Mucheng stared at the red book that hadn’t been hot, and was in a daze.

Unexpectedly, she was already married as a woman, still in this way.

With a wry smile in her heart, Tang Mucheng thought of her father again.

In the past, my dad would always touch her head, and said with a full face: “If my orange gets married in the future, the wedding must be successful, so everyone will know that my Tang Yunze’s daughter is The happiest little princess in the world.”

Those heart-warming words are still vividly visible, but the reality has long since become a reality.

Tang Mucheng’s nose was a little sour, and she decided secretly in her heart.

No matter what the price, she must get her father back!

“What are your plans now?” After putting the marriage certificate in his hand in his pocket, Li Nanyan looked down and asked Mu Sicheng, his voice was rather indifferent, making people unable to hear the joy or anger. Tang Mucheng thought for a

while, and said faintly: “I should find a place to live first.”

Li Nanyan pondered for a moment, then suddenly said: “Since you are married, then move to my place. No matter what, you still pay In the name of Mrs. Li, if you separate, you will inevitably fall into the air.”

He paused, and added: “Remember, you have no right to refuse!”

After speaking, he motioned Ye Shaoling to go and drive the car over. .

Soon, a low-key black Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of the two.

Li Nanyan got on the car first, and after Tang Mucheng got on too, he asked in a low voice, “Where do you live?”

“Old Town.”

Tang Mucheng curled his lips and spit out three words.

The old town where Tang Mucheng lives is located at the extreme corner of Los Angeles. It is very far from the city, a full 40-minute drive away.

The houses nearby are very old. Some local governments have planned to demolish and rebuild. They belong to the lowest level of society, and there are places where migrant workers live.

The Tang family has fallen, and all valuable things are mortgaged. Tang Mucheng has lived in this area for half a month in order to hide from his creditors.

However, Li Nanyan obviously thought Tang Mucheng’s situation too well.

He thought that no matter how bad Tang Mucheng was, he could at least rent a small apartment here.

This kind of old building costs a thousand yuan a month, which is cheaper than anything else.

However, when Tang Mucheng led Li Nanyan into a dim and damp alley, passing by the smelly ditch with sewage, passing by the corridor without street lights, and finally came to the top floor of the attic made of iron sheets, that heroic spirit The eyebrows of the imminent people are almost tightly gathered together.

Damn it! Does she live in such a place these days?

“Sorry, Mr. Li, my place is rather shabby. You will sit on the wooden chair.”

Tang Mucheng greeted Li Nanyan with a smile, her beautiful face looked so bright and free and easy.

Li Nanyan looked at her deeply.

The girl in front of her was slender and beautiful, and she looked slender and thin, but she was stubbornly straight.

The former spoiled daughter, instead of being defeated by reality, she straightened her waist and lived in this small attic.

A certain string in Li Nanyan’s heart seemed to have been silently plucked, and a strange feeling emerged spontaneously.

“You pack your things.”

He didn’t comment on this place, and just sat down on her simple single bed.

This bed is very clean, with white sheets on the bed, with a refreshing fragrance.

It tastes the same as her body, very tempting!

“I don’t know if a girl can’t sit on the bed? You will ruin my girlfriend’s name like this.”

Tang Mucheng glared at him dissatisfied.

She grew up so big that apart from his father, no other man had ever sat on her bed!

“You’re already married to me, where did you get your boudoir name?”

Li Nanyan said blankly, his eyes filled with disapproval.

“So what? It’s a fake marriage anyway. After I

pay my debts, I’ll still be the eldest daughter of Huanghua.” Tang Mucheng curled her lips and muttered, but after all, she looked at Li Nanyan a little bit with admiration in her heart.

At least, this superior man didn’t dislike her shabbyness.

Tang Mucheng didn’t have many things, only a few simple sets of clothes and daily necessities. As for the furniture in this small attic, they were all equipped by the landlord and could not be taken away.

About twenty minutes later, Tang Mucheng finished packing, and she packed all her outfits in a simple suitcase.

“Okay, you can go now.”

Tang Mucheng smiled at Li Nanyan.

The man didn’t move. His gaze flicked through a slight turbulence. After a while, he said softly: “From now on, you will be the nominal Mrs. Li. In Los Angeles, walk sideways with you, no one can bully. You, including Ouyang Shaoqian!”

This sentence did not contain too much emotion, and it was even said in a declarative tone, as if the underworld boss was covering his little brother.

Tang Mucheng smiled slightly when she heard the words.

She shrank in this small attic in order to avoid the search of the creditor. Now that the sky is seen again, what she needs is a strong backing.

Undoubtedly, Li Nanyan was the backer, and his promise came just right.

she was! Tang Mucheng will eventually return again. She wants to let Ouyang Shaoqian know that you were justified in the wounds of me at the time, but now you can’t afford to rise above me.

With Li Nanyan’s help, overnight, the foreign debt owed by the Tang family was clean. Tang Mucheng will no longer have to worry about it. He will meet the creditor when he goes out, let alone live in hiding.

After she moved out of the small attic in the old town, she moved into Li Nanyan’s villa.

This villa is located in the Phoenix Mountain Villa in the center of the city. The quiet single-family villa complex was built in the early days of Los Angeles. It is a single building with a market value of hundreds of millions. Almost all the people who can live here are political and business circles. Characters.

The former Tang family, as well as the current Ouyang family, are not eligible to live.

Tang Mucheng’s room is very beautifully decorated, mainly in beige, with a large balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows. When the breeze blows, the white window screens fly gently, making people feel refreshed and happy to see it.

After Tang Mucheng settled down, Li Nanyan gave her a few words and then went out.

Tang Mucheng was left alone in the room.

She simply packed her luggage, and then lay on the bed thinking about future plans.

The bed was very soft, and after thinking about it, after a while, he fell asleep in a daze.

For more than half a month, Tang Mucheng hadn’t slept well every day, but she slept particularly peacefully during this sleep.

When she woke up again, it was lunch time, and Li Nanyan was standing by the bed, staring at her sleeping face with interest.

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