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Chapter 5 What is your advantage

Tang Mucheng rubbed his sleepy eyes and sat up from the bed, her beautiful eyes staring at him dissatisfiedly: “Li Nanyan, next time you come in, can you knock on the door first?”

The man couldn’t help but smile: “I’ve knocked. . And, this is my home, no one dared to have an opinion on which room I want to enter.”

He said so well that Tang Mucheng was speechless.

It seems that when you enter the room in the future, you have to lock the door easily. Otherwise, if she is changing clothes, wouldn’t she have to be watched?

“Let’s go, go out to eat.”

Li Nanyan glanced at her faintly, and gave her a handsome back.

Tang Mucheng hurriedly went into the bathroom to wash her hair, and followed up: “Say OK first, I don’t have the money to invite you to dinner now, and I think it is necessary for us to add some post-marital terms.”

“Terms? What terms?”

Li Nanyan paused, his cold sharp eyes fixed on her, with a hint of danger.

“First, the husband and wife do not need to fulfill their husband and wife obligations after marriage. You are my creditor and I am your shield. We are in a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Tang Mucheng was astute in learning, in order to prevent him from being caught in the hotel that night. The strong kiss happened again.

The man responded with a cold snort.

Tang Mucheng pretended not to hear, and then said: “Second, the finances are separated, don’t worry, although I live with you now, but when I make money, I will pay you rent every month. Of course, you don’t want to occupy me. Cheap.”

Li Nanyan curled his eyebrows and couldn’t help but glanced at her up and down . The expression in his eyes seemed to say, “You are poor and white, what can I take advantage of?”

Tang Mucheng was amused by his gaze, and glared at him slyly: “No matter, you have to obey it anyway.”

In the past half month, Tang Mucheng has understood a truth. The mountain and the mountain will fall, and the sea will be flat. If she becomes dependent on Li Nanyan, then one day he suddenly withdraws, then she is not calling God. Answer, call the land nowhere?

So, in any case, she had to draw some boundaries with Li Nanyan.

Li Nanyan was silent and didn’t know what he was thinking, but judging from his face, it was obviously a little unhappy.

After a long while, he said coldly: “Anything else?”

“That’s it for the time being, I will add it when I think about it later, is it okay?”

Tang Mucheng looked at him with a smile and asked.

Li Nanyan strained his jaw and snorted coldly: “Look at my mood. As for this lunch at noon, I will ask. Although I and you are just a fake marriage, it can be regarded as a special day. Therefore, you are not allowed to refuse or say AA, otherwise, I Let you return to your original miserable life!” The

man threatened coldly, his attitude was too tough to refuse.

Tang Mucheng opened her mouth and said nothing in the end, as she agreed.

Anyway, if he is going to be taken advantage of, then just as he pleases, he will have a good meal.

Li Nanyan took Tang Mucheng to a good restaurant and had a lovely meal.

During the dinner, he asked her: “What are your specific plans for the next?”

“What else can you plan? Of course it is to find a job and then make money to repay the debt.”

Tang Mucheng shrugged and said casually.

In order to hide from creditors, she didn’t even dare to find a legitimate job, so she could only do odd jobs to earn some living expenses. Now she can appear openly, so of course she has to find a shortcut to make money quickly.

She majored in jewelry design when she was in college, but if she worked in this industry step by step, it would obviously not be able to achieve her eager to make money.

After thinking about it, Tang Mucheng didn’t have a clue for a while.

“Need me to help you?”

Seeing her appearance, Li Nanyan couldn’t help asking.

Tang Mucheng’s fingers are not in the spring water, and she has never had much contact with the workplace before. Asking her to find a job must have no experience. If she needs help, he can take her hand in hand.

However, after he finished speaking, Tang Mucheng gave him a sideways look: “Do you look down on me?”

Just ask casually.” Li Nanyan knew that the girl was arrogant, so he didn’t say any more. Tang Mucheng curled her lips and said

“Although I used to eat, drink and have fun all day, I still won’t be able to find a job without any use. Thank you for your kindness.”

“As you go.”

Li Nanyan didn’t worry about this problem anymore.

After the two of them had finished eating, they walked out of the restaurant and Li Nanyan turned his head to look at her: “Go straight home?” Tang Mucheng

suddenly looked down at her clothes, shook her head and said, “No, I want to go to the mall to buy two sets of clothes. Wear it for interviews.”

Tang Mucheng, who was formerly a daughter, has an independent cloakroom with a collection of various brand-name clothes. When the season changes, people will be sent by air from Milan and Italy.

Now she is spreading all over her body, and can’t even find a decent set of clothes.

Li Nanyan’s dark eyes suddenly became a little deep, and there was a strange and inexplicable fluctuation.

“Here you are.”

He took out a black card from his wallet and handed it to Tang Mucheng.


Tang Mucheng frowned, “I still have the money to buy clothes.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want to see my wife in name, who is too shabby. This must be known by others. I thought the Li Group was going bankrupt.”

Li Nanyan gave a very legitimate reason that people couldn’t refuse.

Mu Sicheng blinked, staring at the black card, and did not say a word for a while.

She remembered Song Yurou’s contemptuous eyes last night, and the contemptuous eyes of many people when she entered the restaurant just now.

She now lives in a very difficult situation, and the clothes she bought cost only a few hundred yuan. Standing next to Li Nanyan was indeed too shabby.

Thinking of this, Tang Mucheng laughed at herself, reached out and took the black card, and said faintly: “Then thank you first, but I will charge the money for the clothes to the account, and I will pay it back later. You.”

She is not someone who likes to take advantage of others, so naturally she won’t spend Nan Yan’s money for nothing.

Li Nanyan’s face sank, and he wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he turned into a cold snort: “Wait for you to find a job before talking.” After speaking, he got in the car without looking back.

This girl… always has the ability to make people angry!

Li Nanyan sent Tang Mucheng to the mall.

On the way here, the man was expressionless, and the icy breath exuding from his body was almost invisible. The whole cabin was chilly, and even the air conditioner was not turned on.

Tang Mucheng only thought that he was emotionally capricious. After getting out of the car, she waved his hand very

smartly: “I saw Li Nanyan at night.” Li Nanyan: “…”

Ye Shaoling’s mouth twitched.

In this world, if anyone who dared to call Li Nanyan even by name and surname was Tang Mucheng alone?

“Master, do you want to go back to the company?” Ye

Shaoling glanced at Li Nanyan in the rearview mirror and asked respectfully.

Tang Mucheng’s back was gone, Li Nanyan retracted his gaze, and said, “I will go back by myself. You will follow her and report her movements at any time until she gets home safely.”

“Okay, Lord!”

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