Chapter 17 My heart is so tired, I feel I won’t love anymore (4)

“What are you doing?” Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows.

An Jiu touched his chin and groaned: “Fu Chenshang, your face is so bad, and your mood looks so heavy. Is it because you went to a private meeting with your lover last night and your lover came to your aunt?”

Fu Chenshang: “…”

” I guessed it?” An Jiu was very excited. It seems that his IQ has improved.

Fu Chenshang’s already ugly face is now even more ugly, “What? Are you happy when you guessed it?”

An Jiu’s mind turned, yes, why should she be happy! If he gets it right, doesn’t it mean that he ran to find the mistress last night. So busy shook his head.

Fu Chenshang sneered and approached step by step until she was holding the washstand with both hands and she was unable to move, “Really upset? Didn’t you hope that I would cheat? Would you like me to take you with me next time and pose for it? You shoot?”

An Jiu patted the frightened Cautious Liver, “Fu Chenshang, have you taken gunpowder?”

“Don’t take gunpowder, eat you.” As he said, he gnawed at her neck shamelessly.

Although the process seemed to be wrong, the result was the same, and he was really dissatisfied with desire.

An Jiu lifted his collar and turned his head to see his side neck in the mirror. As expected, there was an obvious red mark. He pushed him irritably, “I said so many times that I must not bite my neck. How can I go to class!”

After I said that, I felt wrong, and added, “It’s not OK if you don’t show it outside.”

Fu Chenshang had no regrets, and put his head on her shoulders and his arms around her waist. , Such a big person almost hung on her body, “You don’t have to bite, you can make me happy within a minute.”

I coax your brother-in-law!

How could she be blind and marry such a scourge.

“I didn’t run off the road yesterday, isn’t you happy enough?” An Jiu said with no good air.

This sentence also calmed his heart euphemistically. If she still wants to get a divorce now, she won’t come to Fu’s house yesterday.

“Why don’t you leave?” Fu Chenshang asked.

Although he acted confidently in front of Fu Huasheng, in fact he had no bottom in his heart. In less than two months, he was not sure to win Fu Jingxi’s weight in her mind.

Even if he said a hundred words, it would not be worth a sentence of Fu Jingxi; even if he did a hundred good deeds, it would not be worth the sentence of “He is a bad person” by Fu Jingxi.

Just like the bet with Fu Huasheng, he was completely betting on her.

Not sure-this word is really unfamiliar and exciting to him.

“I’m not used to owing others.” An Jiu replied bluntly.

She did not lie, and a large part of the reason for coming back was that Fu Chenshang treated her very well. And when others treat her well, she will do her best to repay him. Since he wants to believe him, she will believe him, otherwise she will leave like this, and she will not feel at ease for the rest of her life. She didn’t say the remaining reason. At that time, Jing Xi directly answered Fu Chenshang’s call. If she left like that, Fu Chenshang must know that Jing Xi did it, and she might not have misunderstood him.

Fu Chenshang was about to speak, An Jiu suddenly looked at him with wide eyes, and quickly got out from under his arm like a cramp. As a result, the soles of his feet slipped in a panic. A second before the fall, both arms supported her waist at the same time. .

“What’s your sudden wind?!” “Are you


Fu Chenshang’s reprimand, Fu Jingxi’s worry, the two voices sounded at the same time.

An Jiu was very embarrassed by the strength of the arms of the two of them to stand firm.

When Fu Chenshang was facing her alone just now, he looked like a wretched uncle. The moment he saw Fu Jingxi, he immediately switched to a glamorous and noble state, and glanced at her coldly, “Why is it so exciting?”

An Jiu didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and carefully explained to Fu Jingxi: “Jingxi, don’t get me wrong…”

Her pajamas were crumpled, and the hickey on her neck was so obvious. The ambiguous movements of the two were even more pronounced. There is hard evidence that these words are not convincing at all.

Bastard! Her image!

Needless to say, Fu Chenshang knows what her little head is thinking at the moment, and he mocks mercilessly: “Why didn’t you want to face and look like when you changed your boyfriend? Pay attention to the image. Misunderstanding? Are you talking about the misunderstanding?”

An Jiu can’t wait to cut off his hateful tongue, “Will you die if you don’t tear down my station?”

Although she was ridiculous at the time, she had never done anything with those boys, let alone in front of Jing Xi. Staged this unbearable picture.

“I’m afraid you will be late, so come here and call you.” Fu Jingxi didn’t seem to care too much, but looked at her with helpless expression, and then moved his eyes to Fu Chenshang, with a hint of imperceptible provocation in his tone, “Second Uncle just came back. “”

This is obviously a question of guilt.

Fu Chenshang’s eyes narrowed slightly, showing that the master was extremely unhappy at the moment. What qualifications did he have and in what capacity to question him?

So the two of them didn’t talk, just look at me and I look at you so affectionately.

The three were in a stalemate in the room. Fu Huasheng, who was next door, walked in wearing slippers and yawned, “It’s so noisy, and I didn’t let people sleep early in the morning…”

“Fu, Hua, Sheng!” An Jiu roared.

After three seconds of silence, the two of them circled Fu Jingxi and you chased me up, suddenly jumping around in the cramped bathroom.

“You stop for me!”

“Second sister-in-law, if you have something to say, you have something to say. I didn’t have a beating yesterday, so why did you come back?!”

“It’s still fifty short of what I said. ! “

Fu Hua Sheng Fu Jingxi breathless hide behind, no way had to be forced to help Fu-chen business,” brother, you tube her brother ah. “

While that is not sympathetic to Fu Hua Sheng, but he could not understand her around the Fu Jingxi around, “Anjou, Stop that nonsense.”

where Anjou willing to listen to in one hand and pinched waist with one hand and pointing to the shameless cover for Fu Hua Sheng Fu Jingxi, “Get out of here you come!”

“do not roll.”

“you do not roll

Go away ?” “Don’t go away!”

The two of you chased me for a while, and as a result, all three of them fell to the ground along with Fu Jingxi.

An Jiu’s buttocks were pressed against Fu Huasheng’s abdomen, his hands propped against Fu Jingxi’s chest, and he staggered.

Fu Chen Shang couldn’t bear it, and with a long hand, he directly carried her on his shoulders and “go home.”

There were wolves in front of them, and tigers behind them, and there was no way to stay in this broken place for a moment.