The Simpsons Season 23

This anime mainly describes the life of the Simpsons in Springfield. Homer, the parent of the Simpsons, is not a “home man” in the traditional sense. As the head of the family, he tries hard to lead family members of all ages, but it often happens that he is the one being led. There are love in this family, blue-haired parent Marge, troublesome son Bart, excellent unexpected daughter Lisa, and baby Maggie. The family never grows old, but the background of Springfield is changing with the ages. No matter how embarrassing the situation is, the Simpsons live together happily. This long-lasting anime has attracted the world’s top superstars to come to guest dubbing, including Michael Jackson, Dustin Hoffman, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and the Beatles Three of the members are British Prime Minister Blair, former US President Clinton, “Harry Potter” author Rowling, athlete Yao Ming and Hollywood legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The Simpsons are regarded by many critics as the greatest animation ever. Time magazine titled it the greatest TV show of the 20th century in 2000. This is a very good TV version of the funny animation, and it is worth watching for you. will continue to collect the latest resources of the 23rd season of The Simpsons and release them in an integrated manner, and strive to let all the friends watch high-definition, smooth-speed video resources.

The Simpsons Season 23
Also known as: 辛普森一家第23季
Genres: Animation
Director: The Tracey Ullman Show
Country: European, American
Episode: N/A
Release: 2011