“Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me” What’s the release of the big celebrity lineup stills exposure

“Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me” is adapted from the novel of the same name by the well-known online writer Jin Xiamo, and has a network of 400 million hits and 7 million fans. Whether it is from the plot or the setting of the characters, it will be as close to the original content as possible, so that the fans of the original will be able to fully coincide with the novel scenes that emerge in their minds. So when will this play be released? What are the actors!

“Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me” tells a story that happened in the preparatory class of Styland University. The heroine An Chuxia, who has a flamboyant personality and never admit defeat, learned of the sad news of her mother’s unexpected death when she received the award. Before her mother died, she entrusted An Chuxia to Han Liuhai, the chairman of the Han enterprise in Xincheng City, to raise her. An Chuxia then moved in. School grass Han Qilu home, but also transferred from the civilian school to Styran Noble High School.

In Styland’s life, An Chuxia broke the “three taboos on campus” and the hidden “campus hierarchy” that no one dared to break, and had various contradictions with Han Liuhai’s son, Han Qilu, and was therefore taken by Styland. Mo Xinwei, a schoolgirl and self-proclaimed “Han Qilu Authentic Girlfriend”, is regarded as the number one enemy. An Chuxia was inspired by the school’s down-to-earth teacher Youtian, and step by step changed everyone’s view of herself, and also changed all of Styran’s students. At the same time, she and Han Qilu gradually became emotional. But with the reveal of the mystery of An Chuxia’s life experience and the return of Han Qilu’s ex-girlfriend, where will their relationship go?

“Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me”, in order to be as close to the original as possible, no matter it is character design, scene shooting, or even costume styling, the production side has made great efforts. The adolescent focus of the play, such as “Rich Second Generation” and “School Grass”, will also be interpreted in a way that fits the second dimension of the current post-00s. It has become the most contemporary school youth idol drama that is closest to young audiences.