A Detective Housewife 煮妇神探

A Detective Housewife
Other Title: 煮妇神探 / Zhufu shentan

Genres: drama, Period, mystery
Ng Gam Yuen, Billy Tang
Qian Jing Jing 钱晶晶
Zhejiang TV, platformIQiyi, Tencent Video, Sohu, PPTV
Release Date: 
January 8, 2016
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  • Li Xiao Lu as Gou Ji Xiang
  • Jia Nai Liang as Mao Ru Yi
  • Liu En You as Zhang Zheng
  • Lv Yi as Lou Shan Shan
  • Huang You Ming as Ding Da Li
  • Fu Jia as Tian Xiao Tian
  • Li Zi Feng as Luo Sen
  • Liu Meng Meng as Li Ya Fei
  • Qi Xin Rui as young Yafei
  • Qiao Hong as Du Lisha
  • Chai Ou as Zhou Xiaoyan
  • Benz Hui as Mr Lou
  • Chen Liang Ping as Mao Tinghe
  • Ren Luo Min as Li Ran
  • Shang Guan Tong as Mrs Lou
  • Ruan Sheng Wen as Yang Peng
  • Xiao Yan as Mrs Tian
  • He Ming Han as Chen Mo Chu
  • Li Yi Ling as Shen Xiaoxian

It Gou Ji Xiang is a housewife undergoing a huge change after her husband is mysteriously murdered. Determined to expose the murderer(s), she becomes a cop/detective under the wings of Mao Ru Yi.

Shanghai in the early years of the Republic of China. The housewife Gou Jixiang suffered misfortune, and her husband passed away and was wronged herself. In order to find out the cause of her husband’s death and repay her innocence, Jixiang became a female detective. Mao Ruyi is an auspicious partner, kind-hearted, but arrogant. In solving the case, they had many conflicts.

As the cooperation deepened, they gradually came to a tacit understanding, and under the pressure of the inspector Frank, they solved many suspicious cases, which not only allowed the wicked to be punished, but also helped many poor people at the bottom. Jixiang has transformed from a self-defeating housewife into a confident and independent new woman, and Ruyi has also transformed from a confused son to a courageous and responsible detective. When the two of them gained love, they also understood the meaning of life: determined to help more ordinary people in need. In handling the case, Jixiang and Ruyi recognized the true colors of the imperialist colonists and exposed Frank’s terrifying conspiracy with profiteers. They left the patrol room and opened auspicious detective agency dedicated to the common people, writing justice with youth and passion.

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