0.5 Diors

0.5 Diors
Other Title: 屌丝日记 / Diao Si Ri Ji

Genres: drama, Romance, comedy, Fashion, comedy, love, workplace
Lin Yan
Release Date: 
January 15, 2014
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  • Bai Yu as You Dongdong
  • Liu Meng Meng as Tiffany / Lin Luofei
  • Xu Yi as Zhang Yang
  • Wang Bo Gu as Doris / Jiang Wenmeng
  • Qi Jun Sheng (齐俊盛) as Wu Yushi
  • Liang Xing (梁星) as George
  • Ai Ru as Xue Jiaomei
  • Huang Yi Lin as Huang Xiaomi
  • Liu Lu as Li Shulan
  • Zhou Yan as Chen Liang

You Dongdong is a standard “diaosi” man (a young male of mediocre appearance and social standing). It follows his journey as he chases back his girlfriend, a “baifumei” (a woman with both wealth and looks).

The play tells the story of a modern typical diaosi (clothing designer) You Dongdong broke up with his girlfriend Lin Luofei due to an accidental misunderstanding. After losing his girlfriend, You Dongdong was decadent for a while and then returned to the company to work. You Dongdong offended George without a word, and was often put on shoes by George, and was even demoted.

Later, due to the male model incident, he resigned in the bar with his friend Zhang Yang and his ex-girlfriend Lin Luofei after drinking. To avoid the 3P incident, his friend Zhang Yang encouraged and supported You Dongdong to return to work. To celebrate You Dongdong’s return, Zhang Yang specially held a bikini party to celebrate You Dongdong. Later, there was a pajama party, You Dongdong sincerely confessed that Lin Luofei, Lin Luofei and You Dongdong had a sweet reunion. You Dongdong finally won back the heart of the goddess Lin Luofei and were happily together.

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