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(2017) Training Materials for Party Membership

(2017) Training Materials for Party Membership
Other names: (2017)入党培训教材
Author: Zhang Rongchen
Genre: Other Novel
Release: 2017
Status: Ongoing


“(2017) Party Membership Training Materials”: The structure system mainly includes the overview of the political party, the party system, the party charter, the socialism with Chinese characteristics: the banner, the road, the theoretical system, the system, the nature of the party, the party’s guiding ideology, the party’s ideals and The current goals, the party’s purpose, the party’s organizational system and organizational structure, the party’s discipline, the obligations and rights of party members, and the procedures and procedures for party members.

The book not only sets up test questions in each chapter, but also includes common writing methods and sample essays for joining the party at the end of the textbook, covering all aspects of the writing of party-related documents such as application for joining the party, ideological report, and application for joining the party. In order to help check the training effect and learning situation well, a set of test questions for the training of party activists is also appended.


Chapter 1 Political Party Knowledge
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