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Pillow on the Pillow: Husband, Please Tap

Pillow on the Pillow: Husband, Please Tap
Other names: 枕上欢:老公请轻点
Author: Qian Qiu Luo
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2017
Status: 774


Before marriage, her family fell into trouble. Her father disappeared and was abandoned by her fiance. When she was desperate, a man fell from the sky and saved her.

After marriage, he said to her, you are my wife, you can walk sideways throughout Los Angeles, and no one can deceive you.

Tang Mucheng thought that their marriage was a contract, but he did not expect that the unattainable and powerful ruler would be willing to be her “man behind”, taking over her heart by changing tricks every day and spoiling her. No one can beat the sky and the earth.

The happiest thing in the world is to get the most precious marriage without failing love. Tang Mucheng said: “Marrying him may be the only thing right in this life.”


Chapter 1 Repaying Debts in the Body
Chapter 2 You are a disciple
Chapter 3 The Little Goddess of Heart
Chapter 4 No one can bully you from now on
Chapter 5 What is your advantage
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