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Domineering ghost husband, don’t press me

Domineering ghost husband, don’t press me
Other names: 霸道鬼夫别压我
Author: Xu Nuannuan
Genre: Novel
Release: 2017
Status: Ongoing


Because of the Bazi fate, I got married inexplicably. That ghost husband is handsome and incomparable, but he is also overbearing and shameless. After eating me completely, he even said to me: “When my son is alive, how many women want to crawl on my bed, and how many girls and ghosts want to crawl on me after death. The coffin, don’t you have any thoughts for me?” I resolutely resisted, and the male ghost had no choice but to promise not to touch me again. I thought I was finally safe, and I didn’t want to one day when the male ghost suddenly pressed me under him again. “What are you doing? You said you wouldn’t touch me!” “I did, but I regret it now!”


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