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Hello, the schoolmaster!

Other names:  Hello, the schoolmaster!
Author:  Micro girl
Genre: Novel, Urban Novels
Release: 2017
Status: Chapter 1855 Finale


Wall Crack recommends the new article “My Sweet Wife Is Here, Sweet Love!” “How does it feel to live with a devil?” Embarrassment is commonplace, jealousy is commonplace. A certain man smiled evilly, “Aren’t you a man, why did your Adam’s apple fall?” A certain woman, “…” A certain man continued to laugh, “Aren’t you a man, how come you come to aunt every month?”

A woman, ” ……” You can see it through, but don’t tell it, you understand? Get cheap and sell well, sleep on the couch for me tonight! ! ! She is the pampered young master of the Ling family, and even the most popular school grass, but no one knows that she is a daughter. Until he was forced to live with the devil’s school grass, the dude ran into the devil, and his identity was revealed, especially the night festival is not guaranteed!


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