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Also known as: 怪獸Monsters
Genres: Science Fiction
Country: Europe and America
Director: Garris Edwards
Release Date: 2010
Starring: Whitney Abbell, Scott McNary


Six years ago, NASA observed extraterrestrial civilization, but the spacecraft sent to survey it crashed in Mexico when it returned. Since then, many areas of Mexico have been infected by mysterious alien creatures, and hundreds of people have lost their lives. The United States sent troops to fight against the huge alien monsters and suffered heavy casualties.

Los Angeles journalist Andre Carter (Scoot McNairy) accepts a request from a rich man to go to Mexico’s infected area to find his daughter Samantha Winden (Whitney Able) . Andre met Samantha smoothly, and the two immediately boarded the train bound for the United States, but the train turned back halfway. They are forced to find other ways to return to the country, but their fate is unpredictable, and the way back to the country seems full of obstacles. In desperation, Andre and Samantha had to walk through the dangerous infected area…

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