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Chapter 10 Nude beauty


Mei Nongchen rolled from the fox’s back to the ground, while the fox shrank like a deflated balloon, becoming the small and exquisite before, lying on the ground softly.

The cold air poured into the skirt of her clothes, slammed Ji Ling, struggling to raise her head, and when she saw the sight in front of her, she almost squirted a nosebleed!

This is where?

The huge bath, with white jade as bricks, bathed in clear water, and warm and hot, a golden beam of light rose from the water and penetrated the villa, and there was a man floating in the beam of light!

Naked man!

Long hair dances like a magic, strong texture, like jade skin, strong long legs, between the long legs…

Boom-the head bursts, the small face is red with blood, and the internal injury is serious.

Hey! This style of painting is wrong! What about a naked man for Mao? !

I don’t have time to care why I am here, why naked men are so weird. Mei Nong Chen Mo slipped up and carried the fox who was pretending to be dead, just wanting to leave quickly.

She instinctively broke into something that she shouldn’t be in!

The man seemed to be disturbed, his closed eyes suddenly opened, it turned out to be a bright golden pupil!

His eyes are fierce that penetrates people’s hearts, like an invisible long spear, nailing people to the ground in an instant!

Mei Nongchen rushed to the door faster with oil on the bottom of her neck and her feet.

At this moment–


With a violent shout, a black shadow entrained a gust of wind swept in. The huge pressure was like a mountain pressing on Mei Nongchen’s shoulders, and his knees softened and almost fell to his knees.

Someone broke in, and the shot was a palm to her.

The floor tiles where the palm wind passes are all dusty, if it hits her, it will be frightened!

Mei Nongchen’s pupils tightened violently, terrified!

This person is going to kill her!

He quickly threw himself to the side, which could not be avoided. In a hurry, he didn’t have time to take out the Black Magic Orb and pinched it directly through the cloth, hoping to save his life!

The black misting claws grabbed at the opponent.

Mei Nongchen found out that the man who wanted to kill her was the same person who almost crushed her throat before.

Someone in the car called him Wu Mi.

Wu Di snorted coldly, waved his hand, and the black mist dissipated. Then he sacrificed a long sword and stab Mei Nongchen straight!

Sword through the abdomen!

Time was still and it was bone-chilling cold, Mei Nongchen looked down, and the blood dripped down the ice-cold sword body on the white jade brick, which was extremely dazzling.

“Little ant, look for death!” The

long sword withdrew, bringing out a bunch of blood flowers, coquettish and beautiful.

Mei Nongchen squatted on the ground, glaring wide.

She is so unwilling!

The soul dissipated little by little, turned into a little golden light, and floated to the sky through the walls of the villa.

Wu Di threw the little fox out casually, and became the door-god again.

Killing a mortal will damage the cultivation base, but the mere ghost is not within the scope of prohibition and protection.

Calm was restored by the bath, and the blood stains remaining on the white jade bricks disappeared, as if it hadn’t happened.

The man in the beam of light closed his eyes again and concentrated on breaking through, but the hateful eyes couldn’t be removed from his mind… the

golden light that floated to the sky turned into a golden phoenix in the night, and the phoenix raised its proud head and screamed at the sky. , And then fluttered and flew, rushing towards somewhere.

Mei Yiru, Song Furong, and Mei Xinchen are sitting in the rest area of the corridor outside the intensive care unit of Didusheng Hospital.

The empty promenade was very quiet, the lights were dim, and the breath of death enveloped everyone.

Mei Nongchen was wearing an oxygen mask, her elegant face was very pale, like a porcelain doll about to break.

It has been two days, and she still hasn’t woken up, and her breathing is weak. The doctor said that she might not be able to sustain it.

Mei Yiru was in tears, and her temples were white, as if she was ten years old overnight, and she did not see her former high spirits at all.

Two days ago, he discovered that Mei Nongchen’s car in the garage was seriously damaged. He felt bad and hurriedly knocked on the door of Mei Nongchen’s room. No one answered for a long time, so he had to call a bodyguard to knock the door open.

It turned out that his baby couldn’t wake up because of the pimple, if it wasn’t for breathing, he thought she was dead.

She was sent to the hospital in a panic, and all the examinations were done. The doctor did not find any problems, but no matter what method she used, she couldn’t wake her up.

Sudden respiratory failure this morning may not survive tomorrow.

If Nangchen left like this, how could he explain to Yinyin!

Mei Yiru was heartbroken. He has treated her as his own daughter in love for the past two decades. How can it be sad for a white-haired person to send a black-haired person?

Song Furong squeezed out two tears, covered her mouth with her veil and cried faintly, but she felt happy in her heart.

Humph! It’s best for a little bitch to die, a vixen’s bastard, it’s so annoying to live! The Mei family belongs to their mother and daughter! wakaka!

Evil thoughts flashed in the eyes, and the corners of the mouth covered by the handkerchief sneered, and quickly glanced at Mei Xinchen, who was sitting quietly next to him, and the two of them tacitly agreed.

Worthy of being a biological mother and daughter!

To say that it was Mei Xinchen who was really relieved, she was still racking her brains to figure out how to get rid of that slut, but she didn’t expect that she would die so easily!

Haha! It’s easier than dreaming!

She hated this sister since she was a child, because her father was the only one in his eyes.

Later, her mother quietly told her that Mei Nongchen and her were not twin sisters, but that Mei Yiru was born with a fox, and she hated Mei Nongchen even more. I feel that she has robbed everything that should belong to her, and now she is dying, it’s really the sky!

No one will fight with her in the future. The Mei family, including Ni Heng, belong to her! All are her Mei Xinchen alone! Haha!

He glanced sideways at the door of the intensive care unit, his eyes were dim, hurry up and die!

The sky outside has been coated with a layer of light, and the sun is waiting anxiously at the end of the horizon. When the time is up, it will jump out of the horizon and spread its scorching brilliance to the world.

No one saw it, a golden phoenix hovering over the holy hospital, screaming sharply up to the sky, and then swooping down.

Of course, no one could hear this long howl, they just felt the wind was blowing suddenly.

The golden phoenix passed through numerous obstacles and immersed in Mei Nongchen’s body. The golden phoenix mark on her forehead flashed, her face instantly rosy, and her breathing gradually became steady and strong.

Outside the door, Mei Yiru’s muffled cry couldn’t be stopped no matter what, the blue veins on his forehead bulged high because he tried to control the whimper, the gully-like crow’s feet pattern occupied the corner of his eyes, tears wet the clothes.

“Yiru, don’t be sad. Even if Nongchen is gone , you still have Xinchen . Don’t worry, Xinchen will be more filial to you than Nongchen …”

“Shut up!”

Mei Yiru shook off Song Furong and came over. Trembling hand, pointing her nose.

“Don’t think I don’t know your thoughts! You have always regarded Nongchen as a thorn in your eyes. I tell you, even if she is gone, everything in each house is hers. No one else wants to get involved! Ahem…”

Too excited and angry His face turned into a pig liver color, and he coughed violently while covering his mouth. Mei Nongchen had always been his untouchable scale. Song Furong knew better than anyone, so she had never treated Mei Nongchen harshly. I can’t hide my disgust. As long as she is not too much, Mei Yiru will just open her eyes and close her eyes.

Now she pointedly pointed out that Mei Nongchen was going to die. Mei Yiru was already burnt physically and mentally. It’s strange that she didn’t get scolded for her salt-spreading behavior!

Song Furong scorned her lips, no matter how much you love, now she is dying, what can you do?

Mei Xinchen, who has never spoken, was heartbroken. She knew that her father loved her sister very much, but she didn’t expect her father to say such things! What do you mean even if Mei Nongchen is no longer in Mei’s house, everything still belongs to her?

Isn’t she his daughter? How could the father be partial to this?

Fortunately, that bitch is dying now, otherwise she must do everything possible to get rid of her!

In fact, Mei Yiru didn’t understand why she was so indifferent to Mei Xinchen, but every time she looked at her, she couldn’t feel a trace of father-daughter affection, let alone petting her.

People outside the intensive care unit have different looks and thoughts.

No one noticed that the door of the intensive care unit opened quietly.


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