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Chapter 4 Master evildoer

The villa group around Hengshan, Meizhai.

Mei Nongchen used the excuse to quietly drive away all the people.

Seeing the door closed, Mei Nongchen sat on the bed and looked around the long-lost bedroom.

The nose is sour and the eyes are moist.

In the previous life, after marrying Ni Heng, he rarely came back.

Large pink soft bed, pink background wall, pink crystal chandelier, pink leather sofa.

Everything is to show that she is a princess-like delicate girl.

Father also said that she is his most precious princess.

Father, I will take good care of you in this life and never let anyone have the opportunity to hurt you!

Suddenly, her eyes drenched.

Look somewhere.

“Who are you?”

She found this person in the hotel’s full-length mirror, but there seemed to be mist around him, making her unable to see his true face.

Like a ghost.

Just like now.

Vaguely distinguished it was a man.

There was a moment of fear, and my heart beat thunderously.

After thinking about it, isn’t he the evil spirit who came to claim his life?

Why be afraid?

No one had questioned his existence along the way, thinking that only she could see him.

Did she have the magical power to see ghosts in her rebirth?

However, the curled eyelashes of the person lying on the pink leather sofa trembled slightly and did not speak.

Mei Nongchen picked up the pink pillow and smashed it over.

“I ask who are you?”

The man on the sofa opened his eyes suddenly.

The bewildering mist suddenly dissipated, and a pair of horrifying eyes appeared as if the clouds were seeing the sun.

What kind of eyes are that-

like a lonely ancient temple that has traveled through thousands of years.

The vicissitudes of history are rippling in the eyes.

The bright red pupils are like Manzhushahua on Huangquan Road.


perfect combination of coquettish and vicissitudes of life that tempts people into the abyss that cannot be restored.

People can’t help being tempted, but also distressing.

Seeing Mei Nongchen’s dumbfoundedness, the corners of his bright red lips made a mockery.

“Fascinated by this seat?”

Mei Nongchen nodded unconsciously.

The smile on the corners of the lips was even greater, and his thoughts moved, instantly appearing next to Mei Nongchen.

The faint fragrance of Manzhusha Hua was floating in the air.

Mei Nongchen was perplexed and watched the blood-red eyes keep approaching.

Zoom in a little bit.


the fiery Hongmiao jumping in the stove jumped into her mind.

That’s a warning of death!

Suddenly, he returned to his senses and pushed away the people who were close at hand.

She was easily bewitched by the person in front of her, and for a moment she felt that it didn’t matter if she was so intoxicated and didn’t wake up!

Mei Nongchen’s back was numb, a little frightened, and her voice trembled a little.

Ask again.

“Who are you?”

His eyes are so dangerous! Just like a black hole, swept everything in…

the enchanting man’s bright red eyes flickered, shining brightly, and the most dazzling ruby ​​was eclipsed by it.

The plump red lips bloomed a bigger smile.

This is the second woman who is not deceived by him…


“Are you a ghost?”

If someone had talked to her about ghosts and gods before, she must think that person was crazy.

But now, she believes!

“Forget it…” He is indeed a ray of remnant soul, is he a ghost?

“Why follow me? And why help me?”

He controlled Ni Heng when she furiously beat Ni Heng. Otherwise, with Ni Heng’s arrogance and arrogance, how could she not dodge her?

“Maybe… you and I are destined…”


Mei Nongchen didn’t believe his nonsense, uh… his words are indeed nonsense.

“I’m sleeping in your body, and the resentment that broke out before your death wakes me up. I help you rebirth and return to five years ago. Isn’t that fate?”

“Sleeping in my body?”

Mei Nongchen grabbed the wrong point and pointed. Scream, hold your chest and kick back two steps.

Oh my god! Is there a male ghost living in her body all the time?

But he looks pretty good…

Ah! This is not the point, the point is the’male’ ghost!

Jiuyou lay down on the soft bed with a big grin, stretched out comfortably, rolled his eyes in disdain, and he also had a damn style.

“If it weren’t for being chased by the enemy many years ago, and there is only a ray of remnant soul left, you think that this seat is rare and resides in your mortal body? It would damage the expensive style of this seat!”

Mei Nongchen ignored his acrimony, There was another thing in mind.

“You used spells to restrain Ni Heng?”

Her eyes are like a kilowatt bulb, bursting out with dazzling light.

At that time, Ni Heng just looked at his finger lightly, and Ni Heng lost his soul.

Is it a spell?

“But the little soul-controlling skills, the little worm skills are not worth mentioning.”

“Then can you teach me?”

Mei Nongchen’s large kilowatt bulb eye increased by kilowatts, and Jiuyou’s scorching eyes burned out a hole.

He felt a lot like the poor little white rabbit stared at by a tiger that had been hungry for three days.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know what he was thinking, only thinking that if she could learn one or two sets of spells, wouldn’t those wicked people let her round it up?

Thinking of the enemy, her eyes quickly flooded with hatred, like a viper ready to go.

As long as you seize the opportunity, you will surely make those lives worse than death!

Feeling her change, Jiuyou closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

It’s like smelling the most delicious food.

“What a delicious soul!”

Opening his eyes, blood-red pupils flashed through the bloodthirsty cold light.

The bright red tongue licked some dry lips.

Everywhere in the body is clamoring! Clamoring frantically! Ask him to swallow the soul of the person in front of him!

Swallow body fluid with’gudong’ in the throat.

Mei Nongchen heard the sound and saw his greedy expression as soon as he turned his eyes.

I was horrified, and felt like a delicacy being served on a plate.

Waiting to be eaten!

“Do you want to eat me?”

“Um…” The voice was hoarse, “I am an ancient demon, and I feed on living souls. The more resentful the soul, the more delicious…” The

slippery tongue slowly licked a circle of plump red lips , Evil and charming.

“Your soul is a rare delicacy…”

Mei Nongchen felt a bit of cold, her hair standing on end, shaking off her goose bumps.

“Absurd praise!”

“Do you teach?”

“Do you really want to learn? Learning spells is not an easy task…”

“Learning!” The

voice was as clear and sonorous as white jade.

“Teach you yes, but…” Jiuyou’s eyes flashed, “You are responsible for my food…”

“You want me to kill? No!”

Mei Nongchen shook his head like a rattle.

That’s not okay, although she wants revenge, she can’t kill innocent people indiscriminately.

The blood-red pupils of Nine Nethers were filled with a bleak mist, and the breath of the whole body seemed to be sad and joyful.

I don’t know what I think.

“Many years ago, after meeting that person, I stopped killing soul-eaters… You only need to capture the souls of those who are dying… Although it’s not new, you can do it right…”

Mei Nongchen Inexplicably throbbing, heartbroken.

“Why don’t you go foraging for food by yourself?”

“Some disciples do what they do . Besides, as a disciple, isn’t it right for you to honor your master?”

Jiuyou sat up, his expression restored to evil charm, and his lips were plumped like a smile but not a smile. .

“To learn spells, you must first cultivate your body and qi. The higher the level of cultivation, the stronger the power of the spell. The minimum requirement for soul control is to reach the stage of condensing, which is also the lowest level of cultivation.”

“But the mortal spirit is insufficient, and you are again. For a mortal fetus, there must be a Spirit-Enlightening Orb to help you wash your marrow through the Book of Changes and start your journey of cultivating immortals…”

Seeing Mei Nongchen listened carefully, Jiuyou went on to explain.

“The Enlightenment Orb is a kind of immortal cultivation sacred product from the barren space. It is rare in the immortal world, not to mention the mortal world…”

“What should I do?”

“Only you have gone to the barren space to find it yourself. I’m lucky…” I

thought she would be languid, but Mei Nongchen would be fighting spirited up like chicken blood.

“Then I will look for it. The legendary stories like rebirth are all on the table, indicating that I have great luck!”

She looked at Jiuyou’s red eyes sincerely, grateful in her heart.

“Thank you, Master!”

The master yelled Jiuyou’s heart for a while, and a strange feeling grew from the bottom of his heart, as if he had another concern from then on… his

thoughts changed.

“You’re not afraid of him attacking you after you hit Ni Heng?”

“Not afraid!”

Mei Nongchen’s eyes glowed brilliantly, and she smiled like a dogleg.

“Master will protect the disciple, right?”

Jiu You looked resentful, and he felt like he was in a wolf’s den.


knock, knock—

knocking on the door suddenly sounded.


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