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Chapter 5 whether it is biological

Mei Nongchen sneered at the corner of her mouth, and her eyes burst into cold light!

Did you come for that glass of juice?

He smoothed his long hair, straightened out the skirt, and languidly got up and opened the door.

Mei Xinchen held a digital camera in her hand, blatantly.

As soon as he entered the door, he looked at Mei Nongchen with bright eyes.

The cinnabar mole on the corner of the mouth was also excited to dance.

She put a sufficient amount of medicine in the orange juice, and it stands to reason that the effect of the medicine should have occurred long ago.

“Sister, do you feel any uncomfortable?”

The concern was forced out on his face, twisted and disgusting.

The corners of Mei Nongchen’s elegant lips seemed to be smiling, staring at the camera in her hand.

Really unscrupulous!

Prepare to be very thoughtful!

It seems that she was really bullied in her previous life!

“Sister thinks…what can I be uncomfortable with?” The

voice was as clear as ice cracking.

Mei Xinchen’s eyes shrank, and subconsciously raised his eyes to meet Mei Nongchen’s eyes.

Her lips were smiling, but her eyes looked like a calm ocean, and hidden beneath the ocean were the beasts of the deep sea ready to go.

How can there be the cowardice and graciousness of the past?

Mei Xinchen felt a guilty conscience.

Cold sweat came out of my palms.

Originally thought, if Mei Nongchen had a drug attack, she would take pictures of her profligate scene and put it on the Internet.

Just let her sit down and realize the notoriety of’kinky’.

See if Ni Shao will marry her!

It’s just that, seeing her refreshed at the moment, there is no sign of the love potion in the slightest?

Didn’t you drink all of them?

Could it be…

that waiter lied?

damn it! How dare to lie to her!

Mei Xinchen’s heart went back and forth, and Mei Nongchen leaned on the door and looked at him for a while, admiring her unpredictable face.

Such an ugly face!

In the previous life, Mei Xinchen used such despicable means to nearly ruin her reputation.


She will return it, even with the interest!

“I’m fine, please come back, sister!”

Mei Xinchen was more puzzled. Why did Mei Nongchen seem to be a different person in less than a day?

Today not only beat her and Ni Shao, but also said that there was an adultery between the two.

Undercurrents surged in Mei Xinchen’s eyes, and his eyes gradually became vicious.

Dare to beat her!

She will make this bitch pay the price!

As for Ni Shao…it doesn’t matter if it is such an embarrassing relationship to have a relationship with such a good man.

But doesn’t Mei Nongchen love Ni Heng too much?

Why are you telling such a big lie?

What benefits can she get from it?

The inquiring gaze scanned Mei Nongchen like a laser.

She really changed, she couldn’t see through her!

The previous feeling of being able to control her disappeared.

This discovery shocked her!


Mei House is a magnificent restaurant created by a famous British designer.

The dazzling crystal chandelier.

Long and wide red sandalwood dining table with intricate carvings.

Famous murals.

Silver tableware, crystal cup.

A row of servants standing by.

All show the owner’s pursuit of high-end life.

Mei Nongchen looked at the tempting food on the exquisite dinner plate, and returned to the dark days in a daze.

Broken dog pot, sour leftovers.

Sometimes it’s the leftovers of’Gigi’.

One meal a day!

One meal in two days!

There was no meal in the last four or five days!

The skinny child…the

elegant eyes filled with thin water vapor.

Her poor child…

“Get the dust!”

Mei Yiru found that her baby was stunned and was about to cry. She felt pain in her heart, and hurriedly pulled her sanity back.

The expression in his eyes pierced Mei Xinchen sharply.


Turning his eyes to look at Mei Nongchen, his expression soft and dripping.

“Don’t be sad, when you look back, Dad will let the kid Ni Heng apologize for you!”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, and his father had misunderstood.

Blink your eyelashes to drive away the mist in your eyes.

An elegant smile came out from the corner of his mouth.

“Dad, I don’t care, really!” For

fear that he would not believe it, Mei Nongchen hurriedly raised his hand and swore.

Mei Yiru felt even more distressed for the clinker, only when she was bitter and unwilling to worry about him.

Mei Xinchen was stared in cold sweat by Mei Yiru, and seeing Mei Nongchen being so petted, her heart was unwilling to swallow her like a scourge.

Song Furong is also extremely unfair, what good is that sordid life is so sordid!


A dog bark pulled back Mei Xinchen’s sanity, and looked down, her golden-brown Chihuahua was looking at her with a pair of black round eyes.

As if feeling the master’s upset, it hummed and rubbed the dog’s head against Mei Xinchen’s arm.

Constantly shaking its short furry tail, to please Mei Xinchen.

“Ji Ji…”

Mei Xinchen’s nose was sour, and her little baby felt most comfortable…

Mei Nongchen stared at the golden brown curly puppy with cold eyes.

Although there is a grudge against the leftovers that have ever eaten it, it has to be said that it is a very popular little guy.

Even when she was imprisoned in her previous life, this little guy even got through the air and gave her dog food.

I really don’t know if it counts as a treason?

Perhaps, it also has compassion.


pityed her… hehe…I’m really inferior to a dog!

“Nongchen, you will graduate from university next year, and you will go to the company with your father from tomorrow…”


Before Mei Yiru finished speaking, Song Furong interrupted in surprise.

After receiving the eye knife shot by Mei Yiru, he closed his mouth obediently.

Mei Nongchen was startled. This was…

in his previous life, the same night his father said the same thing on the night of his engagement with Ni Heng.

It was just that she was in a panic because of the’undressing’ incident at the engagement banquet, and because Song Furong warned her not to agree.

So he refused.

Seeing Mei Xinchen’s unrelenting expression and Song Furong’s distorted face, I suddenly felt relieved.

The elegant white face smiled sweetly: “Okay, Dad!”

… The

night is quiet, and it is more revealing.

Mei Nongchen stood in front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows with her half-dry oily black hair. The cool night breeze brought a faint scent of pomegranate flowers.

The night is starry, and the early summer night exudes a charming atmosphere.

She is waiting.

Sure enough—


knock on the door.

It sounded cautiously, as if afraid to startle someone.

The door opened and Song Furong came in wearing dark green silk pajamas, her graceful figure looming in her pajamas.

She is only thirty-eight years old.

But Mei Nongchen and Mei Xinchen are already twenty years old.

Mei Nongchen squinted her cold eyes, she really didn’t know what kind of method she used to marry her father when she was born with a cold.

It’s not that Mei Nongchen dislikes the poor and loves the rich, but that’s the way it is in today’s rich house.

Pay attention to the right person.

Song Furong stretched her donkey’s face as soon as she came in, “You can’t join the company!”

Ha! Go straight to the subject and make no secret of it!

Same as the previous life!

Mei Nongchen lowered her eyelashes, her fingers wrapped around her long hair that hung on her chest, her face hazy and unclear.

“Why? Mom?”

“Why?” Song Furong looked at her contemptuously, with nostrils up and down, “Xin Chen is smarter and more capable than you. You should let Xin Chen join the company to learn about family management!”

“You will tell your dad tomorrow, let Xin Chen replace you!”

“Hmph! What qualifications do you have to get involved in the Mei family’s business!”

Song Furong became more and more energetic as she talked , not paying attention to the surrounding air. The colder.

He didn’t stop talking until he shivered.

Why is it so cold in summer?

“Mom…” Mei Xinchen raised her eyes suddenly and stared at Song Furong for a moment, her eyes burning, with a smile, and she said quietly when Song Furong was about to turn her face, “Am I your own?” She was

obviously a twin. Sister, my mother always treats her with the attitude of’she is a scumbag’.

In her previous life, she did not understand the heart of being a mother, thinking that she was not as good as Mei Xinchen.

She didn’t understand until she had a child.

The kind of love a mother has for her child is selfless and comes from the heart.

Will not change due to any factors.

So she really wanted to know…

“Mom, am I your own?”

… The

night is deeper and the dew is heavier.


Jiuyou’s enchanting voice sounded in Mei Nongchen’s mind.

With a fascinating low.

Mei Nongchen pretended to ignore him.

“I think you picked it up from the trash can 80% of the time. Although your mother denies it, it is obviously not enough!”

He sighed faintly…

“Poor baby–“

“Shut up!” Mei Nongchen Little Universe break out.

“Get out if you talk cold words! Don’t stay in my body!”

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