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Chapter 6 Cold noodle servant

The next day, news of Ni Heng’s affair with his sister-in-law made the headlines of entertainment gossip.

This news is all over the Internet, and the little whirlpool’in bed’ has been experienced by the philanthropist yy.

And it can’t be deleted!

Mei Nongchen’s beating was completely ignored.

Ni Heng’s long-wearing’cold-faced prince’ coat was cut into a big hole.

He was so angry that his temples jumped suddenly in front of the computer, and he slammed his fist on the Lihuamu desk!

damn it!

Originally thought Mei Nongchen was a good man, but he didn’t expect to give him such a trick temporarily.

If it wasn’t for Mei Yiru’s extreme doting on her, and deliberately letting her take over the Mei family’s business, how could he associate with her?

For him, everything is not as important as power and wealth.

In order to get what he wants, he can sacrifice everything.

Including marriage.

Ni Heng’s cold eyes flickered, and the yin bird was frightening.

“Mei Nongchen, you and the Mei family are mine!”

Mei Nongchen followed Mei Yiru to the company while Song Furong and Mei Xinchen gritted their teeth.

After the two are gone.

There was a crackling noise in the dining room.

The servant of the attendant didn’t change his face, as if this kind of scene had happened countless times.

When Mei Xinchen finished venting, the servants quietly cleaned up the mess.

“She’s damn it!”

Mei Xinchen’s black pupils shrank quickly, bursting out resentful cold light.

A very luxurious office.

Mei Nongchen stared at the computer screen coldly.

All over the Internet is to discredit Ni Heng.

She can imagine how angry Ni Heng is at this moment! He always pays attention to face…

that hypocritical and ruthless man!

Ha ha… this is just the beginning!

Su hand picked up the phone and dialed the serial number.

Soon, the other side picked it up, and there was a voice that was slightly immature and a little excited.

“Feng Er, well done!”


“There is one more thing I need your help…”

Hang up the phone, Mei Nongchen leaned on the back of the chair, playing with the pink crystal shell. Cell phone.

Feng Er is the little boy she rescued on the side of the road when she was fifteen years old. He was only ten years old at the time. He was looking for food in the trash can. He was small and dark, but he had twinkish black eyes.

Now he is only fifteen years old, but he has shown amazing talent in computers!

In the previous life, after the news about her’wandering and undressing’ at the engagement banquet spread on the Internet, Feng Er was furious, and it took only ten minutes to clear all the news about her from the Internet.

And don’t know what method was used, no one can post similar news on the Internet anymore.

Asking him to discredit Ni Heng on the Internet is really overkill.

Obviously, he is the good deed who’experienced it personally’!


night fell.

Mei Nongchen drove home alone, and was going to the deserted space to find the Qi Lingzhu tonight.

Jiuyou sat comfortably on the back seat and slept all day and night, feeling comfortable!

The coquettish red eyes were half-squinted, and the bright red lips curled up with a smile.

Mei Nongchen glanced at the rear-view mirror, tusk…

If this is a big living man, even a pauper will have a large number of mad bees and butterflies.

Pooh! Scourge!

As if hearing her inner complaint, Jiuyou smiled even more, revealing her neat and white teeth.

In an instant, Mei Nongchen seemed to hear the blooming sound of Manzhushahua, and the breeze blew over, bringing a faint fragrance of flowers.


Quickly stabilized his mind and diverted his attention.

“Where is the… barren space? How do I get there?”

“It is a gap in the space between the immortal world and the human world. You, a mortal body, cannot enter directly, you can only enter as a spirit body, but… …”

“But what?”

“There are crises everywhere, as weak as you, it is probably easy to get in but hard to get out!”

“Have you been in?”

“Of course…”

Jiuyou’s spirit floated back more than twenty years ago, It was in that dangerous and deserted place, and fell in love with that person.

That snow lotus-like woman…

Twenty years have passed, does she… remember him?


Mei Nongchen suddenly said, awakening Jiuyou.

The sound was as cold as ice colliding, cold and crisp.

The calm is a little weird.

“It seems someone can’t bear it!”

Jiuyou glanced out of the car, his eyes gleaming slightly.

I don’t know when their car has been surrounded. There is a van on the front, rear, left, and right, surrounding them.

Vaguely saw at least four people in each car!

Mei Nongchen looked solemn, she was careless!

The four cars pressed her tightly, controlled her direction, and drove in a more and more secluded direction.

There are fewer and fewer vehicles on the road!

“Master, can you clean them up?”

So many people, I don’t know if he can do it…

“Yes, yes, but… to clean them up will cost me a part of my magic power. You have to wait ten and a half days before you can go. I’m looking for the Qi Lingzhu…”

Jiuyou was also helpless. If he was at his peak, this little ant would calm his eyes in minutes!

But now there is a ray of remnant soul, and there is powerlessness-

Mei Nongchen’s eyes are dazzling, no, she must become strong soon!

Only when you are strong, you are not afraid of any crooked tricks of the enemy!

However, the four cars are so tightly pressed, how to get out of trouble?

Call the police?

No, can’t wait!

Who knows what these people want to do?

Maybe she would stop cooking long ago when the police arrived.

Suddenly, a car in front drove hurriedly in the opposite direction.

Mei Nongchen’s mind flashed, there is it!

She accelerated a little bit, and the four cars did indeed accelerate!

Faster and faster, getting closer and closer to the reverse car!


Mei Nongchen slammed the steering wheel to the left!


Her car went straight through the seam between the left and the two cars in front!

Her eyes were focused and sharp, she grasped the steering wheel firmly, didn’t have time to pay attention to other things, and ran straight into the car coming from the opposite direction!



Two brakes cut through the sky!

There is only one layer of yarn between the two cars!

All of this happened in an instant, and it was close to the point!

Except for Mei Nongchen, everyone else was a little confused.

The van in front was okay, the one on the left almost overturned after being hit like this.

The people in the four vans obviously didn’t expect her to be so bold. They were taken aback and drove away collectively.

With the participation of outsiders, it is impossible to follow the plan.

The man said he was going to do it quietly…

Mei Nongchen was sitting in the driver’s seat as if collapsed, a cold sweat, wet forehead on his face, soft limbs, and his heart beating like a drum.

Just now, if one party did not brake in time, it must be a car crash!

The bumper of her car was broken and the body was deeply sunken.

Opposite is a golden brown luxury car, which looks expensive.

At this time, the car was as cold as an ice cellar.

The driver’s door was opened, and a man in a black suit got out of the car and stared at Mei Nongchen coldly.

There was no trace of emotion in his eyes, and the whole body exuded heavy pressure. After a distance of two meters, Mei Nongchen felt the oppression of suffocation.

Just go to that station, and it will come like a god!

People can’t help but want to surrender!

Even the originally cheerful insects are quiet at this moment! Time seemed to be cut off, and the wind stopped.

The moment Jiuyou saw the person, her red eyes flashed with a complex and indistinguishable luster, and suddenly turned into a red light and flashed into Mei Nongchen’s body.

Play dead!

Mei Nongchen didn’t have time to deal with him, and suddenly rushed over to hit someone’s car, always apologizing to him.

Rubbed a few hands on his face to calm the messy breathing.

get off.

Under the coercion of the cold-faced man, he smiled on his back and apologized to him with cold eyes.

“Sorry, I can see it for a reason…” The

voice stopped abruptly, and the neck was strangled.

She was horrified in her heart, she didn’t see how the man moved at all, only felt that a gust of wind had blown and she had been restrained by the other party!

I want to struggle, but my body can’t move like ice.

The big hand on the neck tightened hard, as if she was about to squeeze her throat in the next second.

Cold sweat came out of her back, she couldn’t breathe, her ears buzzed, death was beckoning to her!

There was still no emotion in the man’s eyes, as if it was not a person but an ant in his hand.

Contempt for all beings!

Mei Nongchen hung his hands weakly, like a rag being carried.

The night breeze of early summer brought a faint heat wave, but she only felt the coldness of death.

Do not! She can’t die!

Without revenge, how could she die so quietly? !

Consciousness is hazy, as if seeing the thin and struggling child smiling at her.

The immature and soft child sounded.


“Mom…I love you…”

“Mom…You are the best mother in the world…”

It seemed that a little soft hand was touching her face, itchy and wet.

Do not! She wants to avenge her child!

The person who hurt her child hasn’t gotten retribution yet!

This thought is like electricity flowing through every inch of her bones and every meridian.

The will to survive instantly exploded, and his weak arms regained consciousness.

He raised his hand hard, climbed up to the big hand that strangled her, and pinched his nails fiercely into his flesh!

A touch of disbelief flashed in the man’s eyes.

The strength in his hand is also less.

At this time, a unique magnetic male voice came from the back seat of the golden-brown car.

“Wu Di.”

Calm but majestic.

The man who strangled Mei Nongchen’s neck retracted his big hand when he heard the words, his face became reverent, and even his indifferent eyes showed awe.

The coercion disappeared, the whole attitude of a servant.

“Understand, Master.”

He ignored Mei Nongchen who was sitting on the ground.



Such as the arrow of Li Hyun and left the dust.

“Cough cough…”

Mei Nongchen was limp on the ground, trembling slightly, touching her neck in shock.

Almost, I’m going to become an injustice again!

After a while, the elegant clear eyes became firm after several changes: she must practice immediately!

The taste of life and death being controlled by others is so special that Modi doesn’t want to experience it anymore!

The grass beside the road resounded with noisy but pleasant insects.

It was especially crisp and loud in this silent night, spreading far away.

A red light flashed, and Jiuyou’s charming figure appeared in front of her.

Staring thoughtfully at the direction the car was leaving.

Mei Nongchen sneered: “Is this coming out? Your old man won’t hide for a while?”

Jiu You turned his head, his face was a little uncomfortable, and he gave a slanderous laugh.

“Don’t be angry, they will never hurt you, they will scare you at best.”

“You know? That’s for sure!”


Mei Nongchen thought to herself as she got up.

The people who got out of the car were so scary, I don’t know who was in the car…

…under the

dark night sky, a golden-brown car was driving fast.

“Master, that woman is unusual!”


The man in the back seat was hidden in the darkness, but the golden pupils were like the dazzling sun.

Saw everything.

The voice was as cold as a snow-capped mountain that had been frozen for thousands of years.

“I used a little spell at the time, and most people can’t move, but she…”

glanced at the scratched hand, although it was intact as before, there was no trace of injury.

But there is still a tingling sensation.

“Don’t do anything to mortals in the future.”

“But she ran into the master!”

“I don’t want your cultivation level to be damaged.” The

voice is still calm, but it makes people afraid to resist.

“Yes, the subordinates understand!”

Killing a mortal will detract from the three levels of cultivation.

This is a prohibition set by the mortal to protect mortals and cultivators.

“That person hasn’t been found yet…”

“Yes, there is another mother and baby who was murdered…”

“We must hurry up.”

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