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Chapter 7 Barren space

Mei Nongchen returned home and locked the bedroom directly.

What happened tonight made her cultivating heart firmer!

Jiuyou was uncharacteristically chattering.

“There will be spatial flow in a barren space. You must avoid it. If you are involved in any small space, you don’t want to come back…”

“In some places, a grass and a leaf are poisonous… But if you enter with a spirit body, it should be no big deal. Hurt…”

“Lava icebergs are often hidden under flat ground. You have to be careful…”

“There are still many illusions there, which will make people fall into them and be unable to extricate themselves…”

Mei Nongchen listened patiently one by one. It’s definitely helpful to know more about places you haven’t been to. Finally an hour later, Jiuyou stretched out his slender hand and spread it out, and out of thin air appeared three black smoky balls the size of a pigeon egg, suspended above his palm.

“This is the black magic orb condensed by my magic energy. After squeezing it, it can save you from danger. You have to use it according to your discretion. There are only three opportunities. It is not a last resort. You must not use it, understand?”

He solemnly Exhort, there is a deep concern in his voice.

Mei Nongchen was startled, and her nose began to sore. Master was so kind to her.

“Master won’t go with me?”

“I can’t do without your physical body, I can’t go.”

He also wanted to go, but… if he is too far away from Mei Nongchen’s physical body, I’m afraid he will be wiped out…

“Come, Sit down and I will help you enter the deserted space.”

Without waiting for Mei’s reaction, she directly pressed her on the sofa, stretched out her two fingers together, and pressed her heavenly cover, a wisp of pure black magic power shot out from between her fingers. With one twist, one pull, a strand of translucent water mist was pulled out of her body, the other hand turned into a palm, and the black mist lingered in the palm, wrapped the translucent mist in it, and then spread out the hand to become a black mist composition The spheres, faintly visible translucent water mist twisting and cruising in it.

Jiuyou white jade-like forehead was sweating, and he let out a low growl: “Go!”

I saw the black ball over the window lattice like a black lightning, and rushed straight into the sky!

After completing this series of seemingly simple movements, Jiuyou’s legs softened and he almost fell to his knees, struggling to hug Mei Nongchen’s sleeping body onto the soft bed, and cover it with a thin quilt.

The sweat on his forehead also dripped down, and he looked at the elegant and beautiful face like a lily on the bed’affectionately’, and the enchanting lips evoked a charming smile.

I didn’t expect that there was someone in the mortal world who had a similar breath to him, who could nourish his broken soul.

“You have become stronger to help me repair my soul as quickly as possible. How can I not help you with all my heart?”

He lowered his head, his long red hair pouring down his chest, his bright red pupils rippling with glaze, and his slender fingers rubbed Mei Nongchen’s elegant jaw. .

“It’s just, why do I always feel that there is a superficial connection with you…?” A

red light flashed, and Jiuyou retracted into Mei Nongchen’s body and fell asleep.

His only magic power was exhausted, and he needed a good rest.

As everyone knows, he has forgotten to explain one thing that is fatal to Mei Nongchen

Mei Nongchen only feels that he is in a black chaos. He doesn’t know where tonight or where he is.

Only the crackling sound of sparks was coming from my ears.

This feeling lasted for a long time, as if it was a thousand years old.

The black fog on the surface of the black fog ball like lightning is cut off by a wind knife, or it rubs with the air and turns into sparks and disappears, gradually revealing the translucent water mist wrapped inside.

About two hours later, just as the black mist was about to dissipate, a strange area suddenly appeared in front of him. This was the separation zone between the mortal world and the immortal world.

This area is composed of countless independent spaces of different sizes, densely packed like honeycombs, strange shapes, and beautiful colors. It is both beautiful and makes people unable to resist the fear of the cold hair.

The thin black mist carried the translucent mist and shot it towards a certain entrance with an earthy yellow halo…



Mei Nongchen felt like his bones were scattered all over his body. Pain, dizziness, stomach churn, motion sickness.

After a while, she was relieved from the discomfort, raised her head with difficulty and looked around, her pupils contracted violently!

Oh my god! Where did the master send her into!

As far as the eyes can be seen, there are all black rugged stones, wide at the top and at the bottom, like a black sword with the same handle stuck on the ground, densely packed with each other, shining with sharp cold light, which makes people can’t help their heart. Frightened.

The sky is khaki gray.

And the place where she was located was the only black stone pillar without a pointed tip among the strange rocks, barely accommodating one person.

She can’t imagine that if she falls on other rocks, she must be very cool!

There was a fine cold sweat from behind, the heart was palpitating, and the chest was slapped straight, which made me feel like I was left behind.

Fortunately, fortunately, she is lucky…

Is this barren space? The road is not easy to walk, how can she find the Enlightenment Orb?

After hesitating for a while, gritted his teeth and took out a black mist lingering bead.

Although Master Qiang urged you not to use it as a last resort, but now there is no way to go, should it be counted as a “last resort”?

Thinking in his heart, he kept moving in his hand and squeezed it lightly.


sound is like crushing an eggshell.

A cloud of black mist rose slowly, changed several times, and finally settled into butterfly-shaped wings, falling on Mei Nongchen’s back.

She felt as if a needle had been pierced in her back, and then a formula passed into her mind, silently chanting the formula, and the wings flew as if she was alive.

Mei Nongchen was very surprised, the feeling of flying was too mysterious!

“It turns out that the beads that the master gave are based on what the user thinks. People with magical powers are really cool and cool!”

“After I find the spirit-enlightening beads, I must practice hard…” The

surrounding scenes are all With the endless black stone pointed pillar, she chose a random direction and flew away.

After about half an hour, when she thought there were only black strange rocks here, dry land finally appeared in front of her, with no grass, pits, and extremely uneven.

“Master said that there are hidden dangers everywhere, I have to be more careful.”

Cautiously, it fell to the ground, and a small cloud of dust was raised under his feet.

She hadn’t gotten her feet firmly on her feet, and her feet suddenly sank. She hurriedly looked down, her elegant and clear eyes suddenly widened.

I saw a big black hole suddenly appeared on the ground, like a big mouth opened by a giant beast.

She hurriedly fluttered her wings and wanted to fly. Just as her feet were off the ground, a green vine shot out from the hole and wrapped her waist, pulling it down!

The speed was too fast and the force was too strong, she couldn’t resist at all, and her body sank suddenly and fell towards the entrance of the cave!


Dead, dead, she’s going to die before she leaves her teacher!

Mei Nongchen felt that she was falling extremely fast, and the cold wind blew her face like a knife, making her face hurt fiercely.

The eyes cannot be opened, and the clothes are hunting.

After a long time, she thought it was a bottomless pit.

Suddenly, bang——

Finally landed.

With this fall, she felt her internal organs shattered.

The piercing pain came from the limbs, and the pain made her almost faint.

Doesn’t it mean that the soul has no consciousness? Why did she hurt and hurt since she hit here?

Played dead on the ground for a while before trying to open his eyes.

As a result, he opened his eyes, huh!

She sat up with a carp, posing as she was ready to fight.

The green vines that entangled her were erected in front of her eyes like a green snake, and the leaves and pig ears on both sides of the top and left fan and fan, and the tail extended into the darkness.

Seeing her tense and overly timid, it seemed to be disgusted, and the’head’ flicked to the side, making it arrogant.

Mei Nongchen’s forehead dropped three black lines. Is she despised by the vine?

However, the fear of the unknown at the beginning disappeared. Such a proud vine shouldn’t be a man-eating tree, right?

He cleared his throat, squeezed out a little strange uncle to coax the little girl into a smile, and endured the pain to communicate with it.

“Um… Xiaotengteng, where is this? Why did you drag me here so far?”

The vine turned back and looked at her like a fool.

This is the one who is predestined? Isn’t he a fool?

Although it can’t speak and has no expression, Mei Nongchen clearly feels its contempt for her.

Her face was livid, just about to take a trouble, the vine moved forward, and she could see the environment clearly.

This is a cave, the space is only the size of a small bedroom, the air is dry, the ground is bumpy, and the walls of the cave are filled with diamond-like luminous crystals, illuminating the entire cave like a candle.

Looking up, the ceiling of the cave is also inlaid with countless luminous crystals, like the sky full of stars.

It’s pretty…


Looking up again, it is still the top of the cave! .

Only one floor high from her…

my God! She felt that she had fallen for a long time before, and it was definitely more than this little distance!

Also, now that the roof of the cave is intact, how did she fall?

A faint and strange fragrance floats in the air, which has a faint attraction to her!

There was dead silence all around, only the sound of her breathing gradually.

The sense of horror is extremely strong, there is a difference here!

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