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Chapter 8 Lingzhu screams

Mei Nongchen followed the green vine vigilantly, wondering where it was going to take her?

She doesn’t want to follow it, but there is no way. There is only this passage. She can’t stay in that cave for a lifetime, right?

Moreover, it may not be completely safe there.

Fortunately, there are still countless luminous crystals embedded on the wall, which is not black.

That’s more terrifying!

The strange fragrance in the air became more and more intense, and the attraction to her gradually increased.

She inhaled and wondered: What exactly is this smell? It smells good!

After smelling it, I feel comfortable all over, and even the place that hurt before falling is strangely no longer painful.

The passage is getting narrower and narrower, and finally only one person can pass by sideways.

Mei Nongchen squeezed forward with difficulty, and the vine looked back from time to time to see if she had followed.

If she walks slowly, it will stop and wait for her.

Yo, it’s quite human!

After walking for about a quarter of an hour, it suddenly swayed with excitement, the leaves rustled and disappeared.

Mei Nongchen was startled and hurriedly chased after him.

After a turn, it was discovered that the passageway that only allowed one person to walk sideways was gone, only a dog-hole-like karst cave.

When she was hesitant to’drill the dog hole’, a strange’chuckling’ sound came from the road behind her, like the sound of a fight of teeth. In this deadly silent passage, her heart was tingling, and she smelled it. Dangerous breath!

Don’t dare to delay, leaned over and crawled into the cramped cave!

Her knees and elbows were worn and bleeding, and her clothes were torn. She couldn’t feel it, she just wanted to crawl out quickly.

The sound of’chucking’ was just behind the buttocks, and the blood from all over the body poured to the top of the head, and the heart was beating violently as if it were bursting.

Suddenly, she was empty, and the whole person suddenly leaned down and fell. Before she could blurt out her voice, she was drowned in the bone-chilling cold water.

“Cough cough…”

Struggling to climb ashore, before she could breathe well, the sight in front of her brightened her eyes.

Here is a huge cave. A sphere the size of a washbasin that looks like a moon and a moon is suspended in the sky, emitting a soft milky white halo, illuminating the cave.

What she fell into was a lake the size of a basketball court. The water was green and clear, like a large piece of precious emerald.

There is an ancient tree similar to a willow by the lake. It is a hundred meters high and emits a bright green light. Numerous green vines are pouring down like a waterfall, which is very magnificent and magnificent.

Those vines are the green vines that brought Mei Nongchen here!

They swung happily, the green jade-like leaves rustling, as if they were playing a gorgeous sacred music.

The ground is covered with strange plants that are fluorescent like light sticks, and they are blooming with rainbow-made flowers, so beautiful that they are so unreal.

She had never seen such a dreamlike beauty, and she was a little dumbfounded for a while.

The strange fragrance constantly radiated from the old tree, attracting Mei Nongchen.

She pinned all the wet hair behind her ears, grinned and endured the sharp pain from her knees and approached the ancient tree.

When I approached, I found that there was a shallow hole the size of an adult’s fist on the tall trunk of the ancient tree. In the hole was a baby’s fist-sized glass bead glowing with green light.

She seemed to feel that Luzhu was making a fuss:’Waiting for you for a long time, come and kiss Lun’s family~’

What is this?

“Lord Silver, Lun’s family is the most adorable spirit-enlightening orb you’re looking for~” The

ending sound drags the old man, Mei Nongchen is taken aback, and the water blinks and blinks. Is this funny?

The green beads dimmed and jumped in the tree hole, very sad.

“Lord Silver, the Lun family has been waiting here for thousands of years, how can you say that the Lun family is pinching~”

Mei Nongchen hit the spirit, and the goose bumps shook off the ground. Is the world fantasy? The beads are beginning to sell cute.

Oh, yes, it is indeed a fantasy, isn’t she going to cultivate too?

The master said that searching for the Spiritual Enlightenment Orb depends on fate. What is her fate? This is simply the advanced stage of predestined cancer!

She didn’t have to look for it, but she posted it upside down. It’s really unaccustomed to such surprises!

I thought like this in my heart, but my face turned into a brilliant sunflower… I

cleared my throat and pinched the wretched voice of the big bad wolf coaxing the little white rabbit.

“That…little Zhuzhu? Are you really Qi Lingzhu?” The

green bead’s fluorescence flashed, and it floated over, trying to sell himself.

“It’s a drop, it’s a drop, take the Lun family home quickly~ The Lun family can help you start the journey of cultivating immortality in the Book of Changes~” As the

master said, it should be genuine!

Reaching out to catch it, the strange fragrance came out.

It turns out that it is not the ancient tree that exudes the fragrance, but the Spirit Enlightenment Orb hidden in the trunk!

At the same time, a strong vitality spread from the palm of the body to the whole body, and the scars rubbed in the “dog hole” healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

What a magical green bead!

Mei Nongchen was about to ask how to leave the cave, when the green light of Qi Lingzhu suddenly appeared, and she couldn’t open her eyes.

After a breath, the green light dissipated, and when he opened his eyes, he suddenly found himself standing where he was before falling into the cave.

The dry and cracked land can’t be seen at a glance, there is no grass growing, the sky is full of loess, and the sky is still yellowish gray.

It made her feel that everything she had experienced before was a dream.

If you don’t have Spirit Enlightenment Orb in your hand.

Is Qi Lingzhu really waiting for himself? Was the green vine that dragged her down because of the Enlightenment Orb?

I have to say that she is close to the truth.

Everything she experienced before was transformed by the power of the Spirit Enlightenment Orb.

It can be said that apart from the Spirit Enlightenment Orb, nothing else is real.

It’s just that Mei Nongchen doesn’t know all of this.

She is now being troubled by another very important problem…the

gray sky came a roar: “Cheating! Master! Your old man didn’t tell me how to go back! Ah! Ah!”

At this moment, she was sleeping. Jiuyou’s whole body was agitated, his sword eyebrows twisted, and he turned over with his bright red and alluring lips, and then went to sleep. If anyone saw it, he would definitely be bloodied by Meng.

I don’t know how deadly what he forgot to explain to Mei Nongchen!

If Mei Nongchen’s soul can’t come back, then her body will die in three days, and even God Fairy Daluo will not be able to save her.

It was almost dawn now, and maybe Mei’s family would find her strange soon.

Another gorgeous bedroom in the Mei’s mansion.

Mei Xinchen stared at the gradually brightening window without sleep, and lost sleep all night. Her dark circles were dark and swollen, and she was very haggard.

The words kept echoing in my ears: “Failed…

” Fire in his eyes, sharp nails gripping the silk quilt fiercely, that bitch is really dead! I sent so many people and let her escape!

hateful! hateful!

Mei Nongchen walked aimlessly, and she didn’t know when the pair of butterfly wings disappeared, and she did not dare to squeeze the Black Demon Orb at will.

I tried to inquire about the Qi Lingzhu, who knows that since the karst hole was punched, he hasn’t made a show again, and the green light has also become weak.

“Is it going to

kill me ?” She stomped and cursed, “Master! You smashed me!”

Fortunately, she is a spiritual body, not thirsty or hungry, otherwise it will be even more tragic!


slight sound similar to glass cracking came, Mei Nongchen immediately increased his vigilance, and his ears were erect.

After listening for a long time, I couldn’t hear anything except the sound of the wind.

Could it be that she had a hallucination?

Shaking his head, let’s find a way to get out of here!

Just took a step, click–!

The voice is louder, what’s the matter?

She didn’t wait for her to understand.


The sound of glass cracking sounded one after another, and Mei Nongchen could hear it clearly. It turned out that the sound came from under her feet!

She froze, not daring to move, slowly lowered her head to see…

Suddenly 10,000 Nima beasts rushed past in her mind!

The two hundred meters below the foot showed a cobweb-like crack. The crack is expanding rapidly, and it is in danger of collapsing at any time!

Before she could think about it, Mei Nongchen hurriedly picked a black magic bead from her pocket and quickly crushed it. A ray of black mist rose up and


deafening sound of collapse, and gravity caused her to fall quickly with the mud and rocks.

Seeing this, the black fog quickly condensed into black clouds, supporting her to avoid the mud and rocks and swept upwards.

Mei Nongchen lay down on the cloud head looking down in shock, swallowing hard, everything on the ground collapsed, the yellow sand was like fog, and the scene was magnificent.

Fortunately, there is Master’s life-saving Black Devil Orb, otherwise she will be smashed to death even if she doesn’t fall to death!

The collapsed area is still expanding, and the rumbling is endless.

It took a while before he was calm again.

The diffuse yellow sand slowly dissipated, revealing the scene under the ground.

She was shocked again.

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