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Chapter 9 Frozen Beauty

After the soil collapsed, a crystal clear world was revealed.

Frozen slippery flat land, iceberg peaks, ice rocks, ice rocks, ice lakes and ice bridges, an igloo, ice flowers and ice grass, ice trees and ice birds…

From a height, it looks like a caring person carefully carved out of ice. Every place is exquisite, and every place gathers the essence and blood of the sculptor, which is lifelike.

Above the center of the crystal world, a huge icicle is suspended.

Everything radiates a holy brilliance and is inviolable.

Picking up the chin of the falling cloud head, Mei Nongchen drove the black cloud slowly downward.

At this time, a clod of dirt the size of a car fell off the edge of the soil layer and fell down. Not far from Mei Nongchen’s feet, it suddenly turned into dust with a bang, and then disappeared.

There seems to be a protective layer to protect the ice crystal world below from damage by foreign objects.

“It’s no wonder that the bottom is not covered in dust like a pearl, it turns out that things can’t fall.”

Mei Nongchen looked at the holy piece underneath, and there was a throb in her heart. Would you like to go down and take a look?

But what if it turns into slag like those clods?

With a chilly neck, she shrank her neck, her life was important, and she was trying to drive the black cloud upwards.

Unexpectedly, Heiyun trembled with excitement like seeing his mother, and rushed down with his ass toss!

The speed was so fast that Mei Nongchen had no time to give a response, and he almost fell off the head of the cloud.

What had turned into powder in my imagination did not happen, and black clouds circled the huge icicle so excited that they were about to dance with excitement.

It’s a pity that it has no hands or feet.

After seeing the icicle clearly, Mei Nongchen held her chin firmly with her hand, for fear that it might fall off again!

What did she see?

There is a woman in the icicle!

A beautiful woman!

A suffocating woman!

She felt that her heartbeat had missed several beats, and she couldn’t bear to blink her eyes. The sum of all the women she had seen in her previous life and this life together was less than one ten thousandth of the woman in front of her.

Everything here is no more holy than one ten thousandth of hers.

As if she is there, everything around can only become a foil!

The skin of the person in the icicle is almost white and transparent, and the eyelashes are lightly closed. The eyelashes are clearly long and curved, and the nose is quite beautiful. The lips are like peach pollen and the eyebrows seem to have golden marks, adding a bit of sacredness. Her long hair hung down to her waist like ink, she wore a water-red fairy dress with a light belt, and her hands were stacked on her chest, just as quietly frozen in the middle of the icicle, misty as a fairy.

Mei Nongchen couldn’t imagine how thrilling she would be if she opened her eyes!

For a long time, he retracted his reluctant gaze, and his eyes twitched as Heiyun twisted his ass like a dog saw a bone.

“You big color cloud!”

But who is she? Fairy? Why is it frozen in here?

At this time, Jiuyou, who was sleeping soundly in Mei Nongchen’s body, suddenly opened her peachy eyes, and her blood-red pupils flashed in shock, then she didn’t believe it, and finally, there was deep pain.

How could it…

“How do you leave the barren space? Sister fairy…”

Mei Nongchen stood on the ice and looked up at the ice beauty suspended in the air. This is the real sister of the fairy!

Even though I was anxious and wanted to go home, I still couldn’t help but be attracted to her. I wanted to take another look

and take another look… The black cloud went round and round tirelessly around her, gradually getting smaller, Mei Nong The dust had to come down on the ice.

After a while, the black cloud finally disappeared, and she actually felt a heavy resentment from it, as if the two people who were in love with each other were forced to live apart.

“The black cloud is made by the master with his own magic power. Although I don’t know what the magic power is, it must be the foundation of his cultivation. This black cloud is so attached to the fairy sister, does the master know her?”

“Maybe The two are still separated idiots and complaining about women.”

Headless flies scurried around for a long time, wandering around this projectile place, except for ice or ice.

No matter how exquisite the carving was, she didn’t have a leisurely heart to praise her at the moment.

And it was so quiet here that there was no sound of wind, and there was dead silence, only the sound of her breathing and the sound of’clicking’ when she walked around.

Holding the last Black Demon Orb in the palm, fierce struggle in my heart, pinch? Still not pinching?

My eyes can’t wait to stare the black beads out of a hole, pinch it, if you don’t succeed, you won’t be able to save yourself next time you encounter danger; don’t pinch it, is it just taking time?

Besides, time has passed for a long time. What if someone finds her strange? Maybe her body should be treated as a dead person if she waited any longer.

But with the master, it shouldn’t be so tragic, right?

She didn’t realize that when she corrected her eyebrows, a golden light burst out from the forehead of the ice-bound beauty, and disappeared under the skin of her eyebrows for an instant. The posture of turning into a phoenix flashed three times before disappearing completely.

Then a golden light rushed straight to the sky from her heavenly spirit.

Everything happened in an instant, so fast that no one could notice it.

The person in the icicle has no golden mark on his forehead.

In the depths of the palace, an old man with a childlike face suddenly opened his eyes after the nine-layered sky layered clouds. A hint of surprise flashed in Zhan Zhan’s glowing eyes. He stroked the beard lightly, pinched his fingers, turned to doubts and muttered to himself.

“It’s so strange, I just clearly felt the fluctuating breath of Feng Ge, how can I disappear in a flash…” I

don’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse, Mei Nongchen didn’t realize it, sitting on the ice bench worrying about how to go home.

‘Tweet! ‘A

soft voice with a hint of joy and a cautious voice came from behind him.

Mei Nongchen was surprised, what? I just wandered around here and didn’t find a panting person.

The stiff body suddenly stood up, turned his head, and accidentally ran into a pair of wet eyes.

The owner of the eyes seemed very happy to see her looking back, her eyes were shining, she flicked her big furry tail wildly, her hips pushed her hind legs, and one head fell into Mei Nongchen’s arms, her smooth pink tongue licked unceremoniously. Her face made her drool.

Mei Nongchen was unprepared and kicked back two steps with the force of the impact. After standing firm, he grabbed the tail of the thing and tore it off his body, wiping the saliva on his face.


Seeing her disgusting look, the group of things instantly drooped her two small ears and called out weakly, dying.

Putting it on the ground, Mei Nongchen looked at it with interest, like a little fox, white all over, with a long and fluffy big tail. The strange thing is that its eye pupils are actually pink, like A plum blossom was branded in his eyes.

And its expression is quite humane, it seems to be a very intelligent creature.

“Where are you from? Little guy.”

Mei Nongchen touched its head, like a ball of cotton, super soft.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp chirp chirp!”

Little fox immediately full of energy, cadence call out together, like what the talk, but unfortunately Mei get a dust did not understand.

I don’t know what species it is, how could it suddenly appear here…

I sat back on the ice board and sighed up to the sky.

“Master! I want to go home!”


The little fox’s ears flicked, and his neck suddenly screamed, his body quickly inflated and enlarged like a balloon, becoming the size of a horse and stopped.

Mei Nongchen bluffed, what’s the situation?

The growing little fox crawled under her feet, humming and beckoning her to sit up.

“Are you going to take me home?”

Mei Nongchen was a little surprised. Although she didn’t know why it was so close to her, she was very happy to be able to go home.

Little fox…oh no, the big fox nodded his head into a chicken and swept his fat tail.

Mei Nongchen jumped and stepped on its back. Before he could sit still, the white light flashed and disappeared in place.

After she left, two crystal clear tears appeared under the thick eyelashes of the beauty in the icicle…

Mei Nongchen felt that she was moving through the world at extreme speed. The wind made her unable to open her eyes, and she lay tight on the big fox. Holding on to its hair tightly, dare not relax for a moment.


A secluded but beautiful private valley in the south of the Imperial Capital City. The valley is located between two lush green hills. There is a flat land with a radius of 2,000 meters. A small stream with a jade belt winds through it. A modern-style building stands beside the stream. villa.

Although there is always no one to set foot here and it is very quiet, but tonight seems to be a little weirdly quiet. The insects who love to call in the early summer also closed their mouths. There is no moon or star in the night, and the whole valley is in deathly silence.

On the steps outside the villa there was a door-god man, his black suit blended with the night, his expression was extremely solemn, his whole body tense, and he was under high alert.

Boom-A golden beam of light burst out from the villa and hit the sky, illuminating the entire sky, shaking everything trembling, and the thin aura on the earth rushed into the beam of light frantically.


sharp sound of breaking through the air, a white light shot into the villa like lightning, the door god was shocked!

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