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Chapter 1 Rebirth, first sight

“Fang Beining, don’t blame me, blame yourself if you want to blame, everything is better than me, my dignified seven-foot man actually wants to live under the light of a woman of you, so you must die, only you are dead, Only when I am in the early days! “


The flames soared into the sky and bloody ground.


Fang Beining woke up suddenly, widening his eyes, panting violently.

The scene before her death kept entwining in her dreams, the man said the most heart-wrenching words in the softest tone, and then sent her to death, let her taste the stupid taste.

“Ningning, you’re awake! Is your head still hurting?” Fang Nansheng walked in with the insulated lunch box opening the door of the ward.

He is the elder brother of the body that Fang Beining currently occupies, and this body has the same name as her.

She died and lived again, and it has been three days since she traveled to this strange world.

Yes, crossing, the 31st century to the 21st century, a thousand years of leap, just happened to her.

“Have a nightmare again?” In the ear, the low voice sounded again.

She lost her mind.

Pulling the sweaty hair on the side of her cheeks behind her ears, she sat up and gave a faint’um’.

Stop here, everything about the previous life.

From now on, she is just an ordinary female college student in the 21st century.

The setting sun outside the window plated the white ward with a layer of gold, and also added a touch of warmth to her pale complexion.

Fang Nansheng arranged the food, a bowl of millet porridge, one meat and one vegetarian, two side dishes, two meat buns, a very simple dinner.

He handed the chopsticks to Fang Beining, watched her finish eating, and cleaned up the table before saying earnestly: “Ningning, I know you like Zhai You-hyun, but that kind of noble brother is not something that people like us can climb. , Besides, he doesn’t like you, so you don’t want to do those controversial things in the future.”

“You almost lost your life for him. He never came to see you, why bother?” It

came again.

Her ears have been able to hear cocoons for the past three days.

“Brother.” Fang Beining was a little impatient, and interrupted him gently, “I used to be ignorant, and I won’t be anymore.”

Fang Nansheng looked at her blankly for a long time, and sighed with relief when he saw her look very serious. “Ning Ning seems to have grown up overnight.” In the

past, every time she said this to her, she would always be angry. The heavier he said, the greater her temper, but since she fell fainted three days ago In the past, when I wake up, it seems to have changed.

But this change is good, she can finally listen to her own words.

He looked at the sky, it was already dark.

“Okay, you have a good rest. I still have work to do tonight. I will     leave first.”

“Well, goodbye, brother.” When

he left, Fang Beining got out of bed neatly and came to the small park on the west side of the hospital building. There is plenty of spiritual energy here, and during the two nights when Fang Nansheng is away, she has come here to practice dust condensing technique.

The night in the early spring was still a bit cold and there was no one around. She was sitting on a thick branch, with aura pouring into her Tianling Acupoint from all directions, her body was shrouded in a holy shimmer, and the beauty was a bit unreal.


I don’t know whose heartbeat, suddenly, out of order for a moment.

Fang Beining’s heart shuddered, someone! .

Before she could think about it, she immediately stopped breathing aura, pointed her right hand in the direction and slapped a gesture, the dust floating in the air silently condensed into a string, and the momentum of thunder entangled.

Countless petals were knocked down, but they rushed into the air, turning into floating dust and dispersing.

Fang Beining narrowed her cold eyes, silently watching the man stepping out from behind a bauhinia flower. Under the moonlight, his figure was tall, and his cold aura and domineering aura exuded at the same time.

No wonder a master who hides his breath can approach her silently.

If it weren’t for his heartbeat out of order for a while, I’m afraid he would still feel nothing.

Thinking of this, Fang Beining’s pupils suddenly tightened, and a dusty dagger fell into her palm as her right hand made a grasping motion against the sky.

Her dust condensing technique can condense floating dust into any weapon.

Lethal weapon.

“Who are you?” The dagger, with a’shoo’, fell on the man’s neck along with the sound.

The man doesn’t avoid it, but his slightly squinted eyes are deeper than the night, with a magnetic voice, calmly and coldly said: “I have no malice.”

“Even if there is no malice? Do this sneak peeking girl in the middle of the night, presumably Not a good person!” Fang Beining was still sitting on the branch, using his mind to drive the dagger in the air, and cut directly to his carotid artery.

She is just tentative.

She is sure that this person must be extraordinary.

Sure enough, the man dodged flexibly, and suddenly, a hundred tricks were over.

One offense and one defense are evenly matched.


Fang Beining suddenly smiled. Just three days after arriving here, he unexpectedly ran into such a powerful opponent.

In her previous life in the mercenary world, she has not yet met an opponent who can ties her.

Manipulating the dagger to fly around him three times, as if looking at her, her eyes waved, and she smiled and praised, “This gentleman, good skill.”

“Excuse me , the girl’s skill… is very special.” It is more than special, it is almost nothing. Seen, unheard of.

“Is it just special? Doesn’t the sir find it weird? Maybe, I know how to magic.” Fang Beining jumped down the tree, recalled the dagger, playing with her slender fingers.

“The world is full of surprises.” The man said calmly.

Fang Beining smiled even more. It stands to reason that the spiritual power of the 21st century has not been exploited. There are no supernatural beings. When ordinary people encounter the situation just now, they will be scared to pee their pants, and then shout, “There is a ghost.” ‘That’s right.

This person is quite calm.

“Are you really harmless?” She asked, staring straight into his eyes.


Fang Beining smiled, because of special training in her previous life, she was more alert to danger than normal, and she had never made any mistakes.

Oh, no, I made a mistake once, that man used her trust to make a sly trick and let her die.

In this life, it should not be anymore.

She will not give anyone another chance to harm her!

He lowered his eyes, condensed the obscurity in his eyes for a moment, and then raised his eyes, only a smile and eye-catching waves were left.

She really didn’t feel a hint of danger on this man.

“Are you free now?” she asked.

“You say it.” The words are concise and concise.

“You have disturbed me badly just now, as compensation, please give me some help.”

“Okay.” As soon as the words were spoken, the man was visibly stunned, as if he did not expect that he would agree to it.

Fang Beining stopped talking nonsense and dissipated the dagger into the dust. She leaped back onto the branch and breathed out aura. Although the aura here is rich, there are very few that can be absorbed and used by her.

The tricks just now took a lot of her spiritual energy.

It is serious to make up quickly.

The man moved his slender legs and walked under the tree, and the moonlight cast a heavy shadow on his face, adding a bit more unpredictable.

Looking up at the girl on the tree, her lightly closed eyes are slightly raised, her tall and slightly curled nose, bright red lips, and a few strands of slightly curled hair around her ears linger on the white neck, which is unreasonably intriguing. , The gleaming gleam of the whole body and the moonlight complement each other, even if he is in a hospital gown, it is so beautiful that it is fascinating.

He has always been strict in self-control, his heartbeat, uncontrollably, missed another beat.

He has never seen it before, but he is distinct and has a sense of familiarity.

That sense of familiarity made him want to get close and understand.


About two hours later.

Fang Beining guessed that Fang Nansheng was coming back soon. She stopped her movements and looked down. The man still stood upright, his clear and deep eyes gripping her, as if he had been watching her.

With eyes facing each other, the man was not embarrassed by being caught, so he looked at her calmly.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Zhai Moyuan.” He said suddenly.

Fang Beining was stunned for a moment, what do you mean?

“My name.” He added.

Oh, he is introducing himself.

and many more! Zhai Moyuan?


She quickly searched the memory of the original owner in her mind.

Di-search successful!

Zhai Moyuan-Zhai Youxuan’s eldest brother.

The original owner had only seen it once from a distance, and didn’t see it really at the time. It’s no wonder she didn’t recognize it before.

Fang Beining wanted to roll his eyes and die. This was a coincidence against the sky.

I don’t know if Mr. Bingshan Face has heard of the original owner’s name? After all, the original master has been involved in so many earth-shattering and terrifying incidents chasing his younger brother.

“This gentleman, you used to be like this…” Fang Beining looked at him with a smile, with a little bit of disdain in his eyes, and then said: “Hook up a girl?” I

never knew each other, what is it that doing this is not a hook?

There was no change in Zhai Moyuan’s expression, but his already indifferent expression instantly became cold for another three minutes.

“Never.” He said, as an explanation.

Never hooked up with anyone.

Fang Beining didn’t bother to pay attention to him anymore, don’t think that after standing for her for two hours, he would consider himself her friend.

Leaping off the tree and moving her muscles and bones, she said directly: “Goodbye.”

“Just right, together.” Zhai Moyuan glanced at her hospital gown, looked at the hospital building, and said casually.

“Whatever.” After speaking, Fang Beining ignored him and walked back quickly. My brother is coming back soon. If she is not in the ward, she should be anxious.

The two entered the lobby of the inpatient building one after the other, and the heating in the lobby instantly rushed to their faces.

At the same time, Fang Nansheng’s anxious face was rushing towards him.

“Ning Ning! Where have you been so late? I can’t find you everywhere, don’t you know I will be anxious?”

“I just feel bored, go for a walk, don’t worry.” Fang Beining smiled and took Fang Nansheng’s arm, acting like a baby “It’s strangely cold, let’s go back to the ward.”

“Do you still know it’s cold? I don’t know how to add clothes when I go out.” Fang Nansheng took off his coat and put it on her, and walked into the elevator with his arms around her shoulders.

Zhai Moyuan stood on the spot, looking at the pair of shadows that disappeared in the elevator door, his expression was uncertain.


In the depths of my memory, the same name appeared. This coincidence was really unexpected.

But what is the relationship between her and that boy? Very intimate look.

In my heart, inexplicably a little irritable.

Special help Tang Qingye came over, “Shao Zhai, Madam has made several calls to urge you to pass.”


“Shao Zhai?” Seeing him staring at a certain direction for a long time, Tang Qingye followed him. Looking over, what’s so nice about the elevator doors?

“You go check the individual.” Zhai Moyuan suddenly said.


“…” He didn’t know.

“Fine.” He said.

I always feel that I will see you again.

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