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Chapter 1 Curse with soul

The imperial capital is surrounded by Hengshan, and there are beautiful villas in the beautiful scenery.

No one could have imagined that there was a filthy place hidden in this fairyland-like place… The

basement of a certain villa, covering an area of ​​more than 100 square meters , was dark and damp and cold, and the mottled mold on the wall was as terrible as a ghost. people.

At the furthest point from the entrance, there is a two-meter-wide square iron cage with a thin and torn quilt and a nicked…dog basin!

A woman with a shaggy face and scars is curled up on a torn quilt, holding a dark yellow or even faintly blue baby in her arms. The baby is about four to five months old, wrapped in only a corner of the torn quilt. , The little body trembles slightly, occasionally whimpering like a mosquito.

The woman was humming a lullaby unconsciously, her eyes were silent, and only when her eyes fell on the child did she glow slightly, softly and softly.

She stretched out a thin finger, bit it hard, and dripped blood into the child’s mouth.

She hasn’t eaten for a long time. She really doesn’t have milk to feed her baby, so she can only feed it with blood.

Ten fingers have been bitten.

The ground was covered with excrement, exuding a pungent stench.

A fat mouse brazenly climbed up to the dog pot next to it, hoping to find the missing rice grains by good luck.

After sniffing for a long time, he didn’t find anything. He jumped down bitterly, and the dog basin turned over with a bang, and the mouse slowly walked out of the cage with its slender tail.

Suddenly, there was a soft sound of’click’.

The apparently small sound hits the woman’s heart like a hammer, and the heart beats.

The mouse also slid away like a fire.

With the sound of footsteps, a group of people appeared at the entrance.


light is on.

The woman closes her eyes subconsciously, and then reopens after a while, and at the same time does not forget to cover the child’s small eyes.

Although the child did not open his eyes.

“Oh…” The headed woman wore a tight red dress with a slender waist and lightly swayed. As soon as she came in, she covered her mouth and retched. She kept fanning her pink nose with her hands, and her wrist watch was luxuriously studded with diamonds. Extremely, the beautiful eyes stared at the people in the iron cage with disgust, her red lips lightly opened, a cinnabar mole on the corner of her mouth, and her vagina was strange: “God! It’s so dead! Mei Nongchen, my good sister, recently How good is it?”

After speaking, he chuckled lightly.

Behind her were four sturdy bodyguards in black clothes. Two of them carried a pale pink chaise longue and placed them behind Mei Xinchen. The other two carried the stove and placed it in front of the iron cage. The stove was full of red-burning carbon.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes shrank, and the burning charcoal made her feel uneasy.

During the year of imprisonment, Mei Xinchen tortured herself in various ways. If she hadn’t cared about her children, she would have been unable to sustain it.

Holding the child’s arms tightly, he moved back with his legs, his back pressed tightly against the iron cage.

Seeing her humble and scared appearance, Mei Xinchen was in a good mood, and the smile on her face became brighter.

At the beginning, she was obviously more beautiful than her, smarter than her and capable, but her father was the only one in his eyes!



My father held her as a baby, and he wanted to be short of her everywhere!

He wants to give all his family property to this bitch!

Humph! Don’t think about it!

She Mei Xinchen should be the heir, no one else can think about it!

And Ni Heng, that handsome man without casting actually married this bitch!

But, now…

Mei Xinchen’s cheeks are blushing when she thinks of her lingering bones with him last night.

She reclined gracefully on the chaise longue, with the triumph of a winner on her face.

“Go, take out that little bastard.” These

words sounded like thunder to Mei Nongchen, and the feeling of anxiety became stronger.

Don’t let them take the child away!

She held the child tightly in her arms and squeezed her back into the corner of the iron cage, without turning around no matter how the bodyguard pulled it.

Mei Xinchen was impatient, “Useless things!” A bare hand pointed: “You! Go and help!” The

pointed bodyguard strode forward and grabbed Mei Nongchen’s messy hair blankly. With a violent tug, a large amount of hair fell off with blood mixed with flesh and skin.

Mei Nongchen didn’t even snorted, letting blood flow all over her face, her body motionless like a rock.

Hey there! Looking at the skinny and weak, I can’t help but feel quite stubborn!

I can’t cure you if I don’t believe it!

He didn’t know how powerful maternal love can make a woman burst out!

The previous bodyguard sipped in secret and kicked the softest part of Mei Nongchen’s waist. She shook it, enduring the severe pain to stabilize her figure.

But the moment she loosened, the bodyguard pulling her hair quickly grabbed the baby’s weak chin and pulled it out.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flushed with anxiety, opened her mouth and bit the big hand fiercely.


The bodyguard was in pain, pulled his hand back abruptly, stomped on her thin back of the neck, and stomped forward.

Mei Nongchen felt that her neck was about to break, her face was stuck on the iron cage, and her throat was full of sweetness.

His vision was a little fuzzy, and his consciousness began to drift.

Another bodyguard took advantage of the momentum to overturn her to the ground and walked out of the iron cage with the child’s small arm.


The baby’s inaudible whimper was hardly heard.

Mei Nongchen was still struck by lightning, and his consciousness was instantly clear.

Do not! child!

She rushed to hug the bodyguard’s leg, but was kicked back into the cage by the oncoming foot!


hit the iron cage and fell off again.

‘Kacha’, the cage was locked.

Mei Xinchen got up lazily, walked to the cage with the water snake waist, glanced disgustingly at the child who was being carried by the bodyguard like a chicken. The cinnabar mole on the corner of her mouth was dripping red, and she sneered at the child. People.

The people in front of me are worse than pigs and dogs, how can there be the same grace as before?

This is what Mei Xinchen hates the most. He obviously doesn’t look beautiful, but he has a majestic temperament!

Damn it!

Grabbing annoyance, beautiful eyes flowed, “The most noblest princess of the Mei family, what do you think I should do with this little bitch? Huh?”

“It’s better to…bake it! Have you not eaten for a long time?” “

Angel-like face, speaking the most vicious words.

The bodyguard on the side shuddered.

Mei Nongchen suddenly raised her head, her eyes throbbed with anger, “Aheng won’t let you go!”

Her voice was broken, as if she had been cut by a knife.

“Aheng?” Mei Xinchen sneered: “Do you think…he didn’t know?”

Mei Nongchen was startled, “What do you mean?”

“You forgot how you were imprisoned?”

How did you get imprisoned? Mei Nongchen was stunned.

One night a year ago, she received a call from Ah Heng, went out, then fell into a coma, then woke up in this hellish place…

She was pregnant at the time…

no! impossible!

“Impossible, you lied to me!”

Mei Nongchen pointed at Mei Xinchen, shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe that her husband would be a conspiracy to imprison her.

It must be Mei Xinchen who lied to her, yes! definitely is!

She looked at the child who was being carried by the bodyguard at will, heartbroken.

Don’t be afraid, baby, dad will come to rescue you!

father? Correct! father!

She endured the pain and helped the iron cage to get up, staring at Mei Xinchen for an instant, “Father knows that what you did will

definitely not spare you!” Mei Xinchen seemed to hear a funny joke. Laugh, lean forward and close together.

“Father? Haha! He will never know, don’t worry!”

“What do you think this is? This is the basement of Mei’s house! Don’t you know?”

Mei Nongchen’s heartbeat suddenly missed a beat and was imprisoned. She wondered where this is countless times in a year, but she never thought it was the basement of Mei’s house.

Do not! impossible! She knew that in the basement of Mei’s house, although she had never been in the basement, her father would go in for two days a month.

But after being imprisoned for so long, he has never seen his father once.

“You must be wondering why my father didn’t come here.” Mei Xinchen rubbed her delicate manicures, and stared at her carelessly, as if she knew what she was thinking, “Because… his old man…”


“Dead That’s it!”

Mei Nongchen made a’buzz’ in her brain, staggering back two steps, and’paji’ fell into the excrement.

How could it…but not for a year.

“Father has always been in good health, how could he…”

“Why?” Mei Xinchen sneered, his eyes bursting viciously: “Everyone knows that you ran away with the adulterer with the Mei family assets, but the old man Mei Yiru didn’t believe it! He secretly sent someone to investigate. , How can I let him do my good deeds?”

“You killed my father?”

“Me?” Mei Xinchen pointed at the tip of his nose, with a crazy expression, “Hehe, how can I kill someone? Just a light push Who knows that he will roll downstairs? As a result, he suffered a stroke, a hemiplegia, incontinence of urine and urination, oops, lingering for more than ten days without dripping water before he died! Tsk tsk tsk… the vitality is as tenacious as you. Hahaha!”

“Now everyone knows that Miss Mei’s family eloped with an adulterer with the money, and Chairman Mei was pissed alive! Hahaha! Are you funny? Haha!”

“Now, everything in Mei’s family is all right. It’s in my pocket!”

Mei Xinchen smiled triumphantly, her expression twisted and vicious.

Mei Nongchen was eager to split, “Why? I am your sister, and that is your biological father. You are so vicious for the family property?” So vicious

to your relatives! What can’t she do!

Looking at the weak and struggling child, Liang Yi climbed onto her back.

At this time, with the sound of footsteps, a stalwart figure appeared at the entrance.

Mei Xinchen’s eyes lit up, “Aheng, you’re here!”

Mei Nongchen stiffened, and slowly turned his eyes to look. The man was wearing a dark blue silk shirt, and the collar was loosened with two buttons to reveal a strong bronze color. The texture, straight and slender legs wrapped in black slacks, one hand in the pocket, the other hand swaying lightly on the side regularly, the handsome lines are firm, and the fine bangs fly back gently as they walk.

Come slowly like a prince.

Ni Heng.

This man once brought her countless joys and happiness, and she was once intoxicated in his tender country.

Now it’s like a joke.

She had foolishly thought that he would come to rescue her one day.

Take her and the child away from this hellish place.

Mei Xinchen wrapped Ni Heng’s arms like an octopus, stood on tiptoe and kissed him without anyone else. Ni Heng put his arm around her slender waist and responded enthusiastically.

Mei Nongchen’s heart was Ling Chi, dripping with blood.

a long time.

The two of them let go of their enthusiasm, Mei Xinchen’s eyes blurred and flushed.

But Ni Heng’s eyes are still clear, even unfeeling, completely unlike the person who is immersed in love.

Mei Nongchen covered her heart, tears streaming down her face, her eyes were out of focus, as if she was looking at Ni Heng, but at the same time she didn’t look, “Why?”

“Why?” Mei Xinchen cried out strangely: “You think Ah Heng really likes you. If it weren’t for Mei Yiru’s old immortal appointing you as the sole heir, Ah Heng would marry you? Don’t dream! He loves me!”

Ni Heng frowned invisibly and glanced displeasedly. Mei Xinchen quickly returned to indifference.

Mei Nongchen’s broken heart was stabbed again, and her nails were inserted into her palms.

It turns out that he married her only for the Mei family property!

Suppressing the pain in my heart, letting go, his eyes were indifferent, “Ni Heng, it doesn’t matter what I do, but the baby is also your flesh and blood. Please take him out of here to raise him.” After

all, the child is his own. Nor will he disregard his own blood.

Child, my mother is sorry for you, since I was born I have not lived a normal life as a child, and I have suffered so many crimes with my mother.


Mei Xinchen suddenly laughed weirdly, making Mei Nongchen’s heart jump.

Chill climbed up his back again. She stared at the two people outside the cage warily

Mei Xinchen glanced at Mei Nongchen with disdain, and then smiled at Ni Hengqiao, “A Heng, time is almost up, let’s do it!”

Ni Heng glanced at Mei Nongchen with undisguised disgust in his eyes. With contempt, spread a hand behind him, “Bring it!” After

hearing this, a bodyguard hurriedly handed over a small and exquisite folding knife.

Mei Nongchen was shocked. She remembered that this knife was designed by Ni Heng herself on her birthday. After making it, she invited a famous jewelry designer to insert small diamonds, one side of which was’constant’ and the other side was’rowing’. do’.

It symbolizes the ridiculous eternal love of the two.

What are you doing with this knife now?

Mei Nongchen’s heart was pulled together, for fear that it might stab where it shouldn’t be.

The stove was desperately dissipating heat less than a metre away from her, but she could not feel any warmth.

Mei Xinchen picked up the fire stick on the side and leisurely pulled the red carbon to make it burn more vigorously, and the fire light reflected her face red.

Ni Heng took the knife and said, “Come here.”

The bodyguard who had been carrying the baby heard the sound and raised the baby to Ni Heng.

Ni Heng waved his hand, the knife opened, and the sharp blade gleamed with white light.

“What are you doing?” Mei Nongchen’s voice was hoarse and trembling.

Ni Heng turned a deaf ear, stretched out a hand, a white light flashed, a blood stain appeared on his wrist, and blood flowed out like a stream of blood.

Falling on the baby, falling on the dirty ground.

The smell of blood is mixed with the stench of excrement, and the smell in the air is even more pungent and unpleasant.

After a while, most of the baby’s body was stained with blood, and at first glance it looked like a newborn who had just escaped from the mother’s body.

The baby felt unwell and began to struggle.

Mei Nongchen panicked and stretched out the iron cage to snatch the child back.

What is he going to do!

Return the child to me!” Mei Xinchen returned to the chaise longue and sat down, slung her hair down in time, and said quietly: “Mei Nongchen, don’t blame us, if you blame it, blame you for being selected by that person. …”

“Xin Chen!” Ni Heng interrupted her with a violent shout.

Mei Xinchen stuck his tongue out, and said nothing, what’s the cruel thing!

The four bodyguards watched the nose and the heart.

Ni Heng stopped talking, and walked to the fire with the child to throw in.

“Ni Heng!”

He paused.

Mei Nongchen couldn’t believe that he did this, his eyes would pop out of his eyes, and his limbs ran with fear, “Ni Heng! Dare you!” A

mouthful of fishy sweetness came out of his mouth, and his hands were firmly holding the iron cage. Like a beast with its head about to tear people apart, she hissed to the bottom: “Dare you! Do you dare! Do you dare!”

Suddenly, she knelt down and squatted her head desperately at Ni Heng.

It slammed into the hearts of the people present.

“Please, don’t hurt my child, please!” At this moment, she has no sense at all, only the child is left in her mind, allowing the blood on her forehead to infect the ground, “That is also your child, please. Don’t hurt him, please!” The

scene was miserable, and the cold faces of the four bodyguards were a little moved.

Mei Xinchen twisted her eyebrows in disgust, raised her wrist and looked at her watch, “Ah Heng, time is running out, hurry up.”

Ni Heng pursed his lips, his complexion tightened, looking at the struggling baby, let go. hand.

“Wow…” The

baby convulsed in pain, struggling violently, and let out a final cry.


Mei Nong, the dust and tears, burst into tears, and burned in all five inner parts. The pain broke out the moment the child fell into the fire pit, and the hatred was overwhelming!

child! child! Her child!

I tried my best to reach out to save her child, but she couldn’t touch the stove at all.

The iron cage blocked all hope.

I could only watch the small body slowly shrinking and turning black, and finally remained motionless.

The smell of burning filled the air.

Her head was full of blood, her resentment was soaring, and her eyes burst out like a snake! Like a life-desiring ghost crawling out of Shura hell!

The four bodyguards shuddered together, this woman looked terrible!

“I curse you with my soul…” Mei Nongchen’s voice was hoarse and gloomy, “There is no place to be buried in this life and in the next life! Life and life will not be a good death!”


she slammed into the iron cage, her brain split in a moment, but her eyes were straight. Gougou stared at Ni Heng and Mei Xinchen, never staring at him!

Ni Heng and Mei Xinchen were shocked, and the chill spread from the soles of their feet.

everything is over.

It also seems to have just begun

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