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Chapter 11 Break away from the bones

Mei Yiru paused and looked up nervously.

Mei Nongchen stood at the door in a blue-striped medical gown, her long hair was slightly messy, and her elegant little face was ruddy with a trace of fatigue, but there was a murderous aura hidden in the depths of her eyes, completely different from her dying appearance before.

Although she didn’t know why she hadn’t lost her soul, and how her soul returned to her body, she remembered the pain of the sword, the fear of death, and the unwillingness of death clearly. This hatred, she will definitely repay it twice!

Mei Yiru couldn’t believe it. He staggered and walked over, his outstretched hand froze in the air. He was afraid that the person in front of him was just an illusion, and it would be broken with a single touch.

Seeing his father’s suddenly old face, Mei Nongchen’s nose was sour, her eyes filled with mist, and she held his hand.



Mei Yiru choked out, and then dared to stretch out her other hand to stroke her hair, his daughter, good, good!

“Furong, hurry up…hurry up, call the doctor to get the dust!” Seeing Song Furong dumbfounded, she shouted impatiently, “Hurry up!”

Song Furong was shocked, pinched against the dark circles of her eyes. The handkerchief twisted his hips and called the doctor reluctantly.

Didn’t you say you won’t survive the day? Why is it all right? It’s so cheap!

Mei Nongchen sneered in her heart, it seemed that someone was disappointed when she woke up! She could guess the matter without anyone saying it, but she was found to be asleep, and then sent to the hospital to be rescued. The doctor judged that she was waiting for death. Then those who longed for her to die eagerly hoped that she would die sooner.

It’s a pity… She’s so fateful and alive and kicking… Ha ha ha!

He handed Mei Yiru a relieved look, “Dad, I’m fine, don’t worry!” He said that she was really good.

From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Mei Xinchen’s palette-like face, and suddenly smiled sweetly at her, her eyes gleaming with innocent and pitiful luster.

“Sister must be worried about my sister, right? I’m sorry!”

She bit the word ” I’m sorry” very hard, and the provocative meaning is obvious: I am not dead and you are very disappointed, I’m sorry!

Mei Xinchen’s hands on her legs suddenly clenched, and the roots of her teeth bitten together, squeezing out a few words from the gap between her teeth.

“My sister is really happy for my sister!”

Mei Yiru suddenly stretched his face, his eyes shot Dao Jing and shining on Mei Xinchen. Although Mei Xinchen tried his best to restrain the urge to rush to tear Mei Nongchen, but he fought dozens of times in the business world. In 1970, he had a pair of venomous eyes when he practiced early, how could he not see Mei Xinchen’s hidden thoughts?

He knew that his daughter didn’t like Mei Nongchen before, thinking that it was just a child making troubles, so he ignored it.

It was only now that she realized that she really hoped that Mei would die!

Suddenly thinking of the almost scrapped car in the garage, a thought jumped into my mind: Could this matter have something to do with her?

Thinking about this, his face was blue and his eyes were sharp again.

Under his laser-like scanning, Mei Xinchen was restless, like a awn on her back, cold sweat slipped down her beautiful face, and cinnabar moles on the corners of her lips trembled slightly.

He pulled out a smile that was uglier than crying, his eyes dodging Mei Yiru’s blast.

“I… I’ll give it to my sister…” She

ran away before she finished speaking, and almost slipped when she got up.

Looking at Mei Xinchen’s panic-stricken back, he saw his father’s face turned blue, clinging to him clingingly, with a simple, cute and silly face.

“Dad, what’s wrong with my sister? Are you too happy to see me waking up?”

Water eyes were shining, as if his face was radiant from the happiness of my sister, Mei Yiru’s heart softened, hey…the dust is too simple!

Rubbed her hair, “Yes, your sister is glad you can wake up, but…”

He stared into Mei Nongchen’s eyes and solemnly exhorted: “In the future, if your sister will say strange things or do strange things to you, you must tell your father, you know?”

Mei Nongchen was startled, and his father had insight into Mei. Xin Chen’s murderous intention to herself?

Seeing his father staring at him, Mei Nongchen nodded in a daze, and she saw a flash of relief from his expression.

Later, the doctor gave her a comprehensive examination and everything was normal. She followed Mei Yiru home.

Mei Yiru asked about the broken car, and Mei Nongchen told the truth, only owing her salvation to the Knaiti police uncle.

As for why she was not awake, Mei Nongchen blamed excessive fright.

It’s logical to say that. How can you not be frightened by going through a life and death crisis at a young age? Mei Yiru is convinced.

But for those who play the black hand, each has its own guesses.

Only after that, there were four more black tails behind Mei Nongchen-four black-clad bodyguards sent by Mei Yiru to protect her.

Seeing the cold faces of the four bodyguards, Mei Nongchen suddenly remembered the four bodyguards in the basement, and a layer of ice formed in her eyes.

In her previous life, every time Mei Xinchen came to torture her, it was the four people she brought with her!

Snorted in my heart, although the cockroach is small, it must be cleaned!

After dinner, the four bodyguards stood at her door lined up and finally separated from the sight of everyone.

After closing the door, he immediately took out the green bead hidden in his pocket and called Jiuyou, his voice was nervous and excited.

“Master!” The fact that

Jiuyou’s mistake made her almost impossible to return has been forgotten by her, and the most important thing now is to quickly start her journey of cultivating immortality with the Qi Lingzhu.

The man named Wu Di made her truly understand the need to improve her strength, and she didn’t want to be a chopping fish to be killed

A red light swayed out of her body, and a figure hit the sofa.

Jiuyou’s eyes were filled with unknown emotions, dark and deep, like a black hole that made people curious but did not dare to pry.


Mei Nongchen panicked when he saw his irritable appearance. What happened? Why did the master become so strange.

For a long time, Jiu You raised her peach blossom eyes and looked at her, with a complex and thoughtful expression.

“Is it going well all the way?”

” It’s okay …” The cold sword and the naked man flashed in his mind. The porcelain-white face was first white and then flushed, and the next two words were forced out of his mouth: “Shun Li!”

Jiuyou’s eyes flashed, “Have you encountered…any strange thing?”

“Strange thing?” Mei Nongchen put the incident in her mind like a movie, “I feel Everything is very strange…”

Forgive her for her lack of knowledge, and a trip to the barren space. She feels like Grandma Liu who has entered the Grand View Garden. She has never seen everything there.

“Didn’t you meet anyone?”

Jiuyou’s heart moved, and the undercurrent surging in his eyes, something was about to spurt out of his heart.


“Wait!” Mei Nongchen suddenly became excited, “I saw a fairy sister, my God! I have never seen such a beautiful person, so extraordinary and beautiful, it’s a pity…”

Seeing her small face suddenly collapsed, Jiuyou suddenly jumped up and grabbed her shoulders, her pupils were so red that bleeding was dripping, and his hands were so powerful that they would crush her shoulders.

“What a pity?”

Mei Nongchen was stunned when he was shocked.

“She… she was… ice-bound in icicles…”

Sure enough!

Jiuyou let go and fell back on the sofa. Before, his magic element had conveyed to him the news of seeing her in Fanyoubingdi. He was shocked and surprised. How could it be possible?

She is the wife of the one Feng Ge chose. She hasn’t seen each other for 20 years. She should have been married to that one. How could she appear in Fanyou Bingdi?

What happened that year? Why didn’t she marry that one? Why was it frozen in the Fanyou Bingdi?

By the way, those people who came to him back then opened his mouth and shut up and asked him to hand over her, and he thought she was taken away by those people…

Jiuyou slammed his head in annoyance, she must have something wrong! Why is he so stupid that he just turned the corner now!

Mei Nongchen was unclear, so she just wanted to ask, but the red eyes that he suddenly lifted made the chrysanthemum tight.

They were more bloodthirsty than the eyes of the leopard who had been dormant for a long time and finally found a good opportunity to prepare.

And she is the prey.

Jiuyou had won the Qi Lingzhu, and when he saw the green beads, he was surprised. He didn’t think that this little girl was good fortune.

“Kai Ling Zhu also grade of the points, the more transparent green color, the higher the grade, you are on the top grade, there is a class Euro RSCG has been born up thousands of years, it was only two.” “With

It, if you have the right opportunity to practice in the future, it will be a matter of course.”

These words smashed the plum into the dust like a pie. It turns out that the prosperous and cute beads are so cute!

He took the bead back and held it carefully in the palm of his hand and kissed it, and smeared it all over with saliva.

Mei Nongchen locked the door, drew the heavy curtains, sat on the ground, and sacrificed a drop of blood on the Qi Lingzhu according to Jiuyou’s instructions. The Qi Lingzhu immediately appeared green, and the whole bedroom was reflected in glittering green. There was also an excited cry of Qi Lingzhu from the sea.

“Oh! God! Lord Silver, your blood, your blood is so precious and sweet. From now on, the Lun family will serve you well, please accept the Lun family’s knee drops and the Lun family’s one. With sincerity and sincerity, I accept that the Lun family’s endless admiration for you is like the water of the Yellow River…”

While yelling, Qi Lingzhu turned into a wisp of blue smoke and plunged into Mei Nong Chen Tian Ling, slowly wandering through each of her meridians, and everything she passed was covered with a layer of shining green light, which was originally attached to All the gray matter in the meridians was swallowed, and finally dormant in the dantian, turning into a green bead two sizes smaller than a baby’s fist. At this time, Mei Nongchen’s meridians were like a dense net drawn with a highlighter.

During the whole process, Mei Nongchen was in a very comfortable soundness, and there was no pain in the heart and bones that Jiuyou reminded, as if a long-dried fish suddenly encountered heavy rain, desperately absorbing the spirit of enlightenment. The energy Yijing washes the marrow to recast the bones, and the sound of the body’s cracking bones is like fairy music.

She was immersed in the joy of fish wandering in the sea, and Jiuyou, who didn’t know it, made her eyes drop on the ground in shock.

Although tens of millions of years have passed, he still remembers that he was so painful when he was washing the marrow of the Book of Changes, he was completely unlike the little girl with a bright green light and a smile in front of him. It was so relaxed, or even comfortable. !

Is she a born god body?

Legend has it that there has only been one person with a natural god body since ancient times. It is one that no strong man dared to look directly at. With his own power, he will set the law of heaven and earth. If a cultivator kills a mortal in the mortal world, he will lose three of himself. The ban on the level of cultivation is determined by that person, even if that person has fallen for many years, the ban is still effective, which shows how terrifying that person’s strength is!

Pulling his gaze back to Mei Nongchen, only those who were born with a divine body would be like a fish in the washing of the Spirit Enlightenment Orb. If not, no matter whether it is a mortal or an immortal, as long as you use the Spirit Enlightenment Orb, you will definitely be unable to escape the pain of heart-wrenching!

The originally ambiguous plan became clear instantly, peach blossom eyes flashed fiercely, the corners of his lips sneered, red long hair rose up without wind, clothes hunting, if anyone saw him at this moment, they would think that bloodthirsty Shura came to the world.

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