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Chapter 111 Finale (1)

“The crown princess is too tired. The symptoms of fainting will only appear when she is overdrawn from her divine power, and she will get better after two days of rest.” This is what the fairy doctor said before leaving.

Leng Yi instructed Wu Di to prepare the bath water, brought Mei Nongchen to the bath, and retreated her in a dirty shirt, washed her body carefully and put on her coat, and washed herself and put on her coat. Holding her back to the room, holding her to a deep sleep.

During the period, Emperor Zun and Zun looked for the two people later, and when they saw that they were sleeping deeply and tired, they left again.

They slept for three days.

Three days later, Mei Nongchen woke up and found with a black line that Leng Yi had reached into her clothes irregularly with one hand, holding her chest.

If it weren’t for hearing his even breathing and seeing his baby-like pure sleeping face, she would really think that his hooliganism had committed again.

She stared at him dissatisfiedly, just at this moment, Leng Yi’s long eyelashes trembled, this is the rhythm of waking up.

Mei Nongchen immediately closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, moving so quickly that she would admire herself.

Leng Yi opened his eyes and saw Mei Nongchen lying on his back, sleeping soundly, with her small face stretched out, everything was beautiful to the extreme.

Suddenly he found that he was stretching one hand under his clothes, and the smooth and soft touch from his palm made him scratch it.

Seeing his eyelashes trembled slightly, a smile flicked across his eyes, and the corners of his lips raised high.

He directly lifted Mei Nongchen’s shirt with that irregular claw, covering her face, revealing a graceful jade-like body, with his lips covering her slender and tight abdomen, moving all the way up. …

Mei Nongchen, who was pretending to be asleep, couldn’t calm down, opened his eyes and saw only the white material. The kiss that moved from her abdomen to her chest was abnormally numb because of her vision.

Mei Nongchen was in a state of tension and excitement the whole time, because she didn’t know what Lengyi was going to do next, every part of her skin was extremely sensitive, and every time he touched it, she shuddered.

This time, both of them were very happy.

…… The

entire fairy world is like going through a great battle, waiting to be revived.

The most fortunate thing is that nowadays the demon world is rare and Bei Chen is dead, otherwise the immortal world may have to deal with the demon world’s offensive at this moment.

The whole fairy world is spreading the heroic deeds of Mei Nongchen, and the gratitude is beyond words.

People seem to have forgotten the fact that the prince princess is dead, and when it comes to Mei Nongchen, he always calls “our princess…” Yunyun.

Without doing anything, she regained her status as a princess.

Things passed to the Demon Realm like the wind. After hearing this, Bell and Lu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but admire them. They had never seen how powerful the monster was, but it almost ruined the entire fairy world. I am afraid it is not a good kind.

The Suzaku clan has been honest a lot since that day, and Yunhe and Yun Baizhi have put away the little Jiujiu from their hearts. They even began to rejoice that they have a blood relationship with Sanskrit, otherwise they might not know how they died.

The people in the fairy world united as never before and rebuilt their homes together.

Because too many children lost their loved ones and became orphans in the disaster, Mei Nongchen proposed to establish an orphanage to take in and educate them. Leng Yi agreed, so every fairy city’s city lord’s mansion was built with orphanages, and those lonely children also counted as orphans. Have a habitat.

A year later, the fairy world repeats its past beauty.

An orphanage was also established in Miluo City. Mei Nongchen ran to the orphanage every day, and being with the children was her happiest moment.

The children here call her mother. She teaches the children to read and read and practice spells.

Seeing the children from being confused at the beginning to lively and optimistic, Mei Nongchen had mixed feelings.

There is no fairness or unfairness in the world, everything is done by man.

If there is no orphanage, one can imagine what kind of life these children will face, living in a homeless, displaced, and bullied.

She looked at the children playing and chasing, feeling a little lost in her lower abdomen. Leng Yi worked very hard every night, why didn’t her belly move? It’s been so long.

She really wanted to know, what kind of children will grow up in this life, and will they look like children in the previous life?

“Mom! Mom!” The sudden childlike voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked around and saw a little girl named Lele running towards her with her short legs.

“Lele, slow down.” She got up to catch Ruanxiang’s little body.

“Mom, we found the little fox that has been injured. Mom, okay?” The soft and soft voice of the child will melt Mei Nongchen’s heart. The children in the orphanage are more sensitive and more sensitive than other children. Loving.

Lele dragged her around the rockery and came to the willow tree by the lake. There were several children there. When she saw her coming over and running towards her, she shouted: “Mom! Mom!”

watching the children hug her legs again. Hug her waist and hug her arm again, Mei Nongchen couldn’t laugh or cry, her body was covered with little guys, and she couldn’t move.

“Okay, okay, come down. Didn’t it mean that a little fox was injured? Take mom to see.” She leaned down and bit her cheeks one by one, and said with a smile.

“Oh, by the way, under the tree, mother hurry up and save it.” Lele pulled her little friend from Mei Nongchen while pulling her forward.

Mei Nongchen smiled and was dragged by her. She looked under the willow tree. She was taken aback, “Xiaoxue!”

“Tweet…” The little fox lying under the tree half-opened his eyes, and called out weakly, a pink one. The pupil immediately covered a thin mist, while the other eye was bloody and bloody, as if being injured by a sharp weapon, the snow-white hair on his body turned gray-black, and the limbs and neck had traces of rope binding, deep into the flesh and blood. It looks like it has been abused.

“Xiaoxue!” Mei Nongchen picked it up carefully, and its intact eyes were full of tears. She felt very distressed and blamed herself. If it hadn’t appeared in front of her, she would have forgotten it.

Feeling the little fellow in her arms trembling, she stroked its head, “Xiaoxue is not afraid, it’s okay, no one will bully you anymore, Xiaoxue, don’t be afraid.”

A month later, in Mei Nongchen’s care. Xiaoxue gradually got better and rounded up. Except for one eye that became dry and gray, the rest was the same as before, a beautiful little fox.

Especially the pink eyes are always watery and very pleasing.

Fanyin cried bitterly after holding the little fox and blamed herself for failing to take care of it. Mei Nongchen knew that this little fox was her mother’s beast. No wonder she received its warm treatment when she saw it for the first time. No wonder she always felt that the little fox had been guarding herself.

It turned out that it was guarding her instead of her mother.

“Xiaoxue, will you go home with me?” Fanyin wiped away tears, hugging the little fox and didn’t want to let go.

“Tweet–Tweet!” The little fox yelled at her twice, and then pulled away from her embrace, slid into Mei Nongchen’s arms, and inserted his head into Mei Nongchen’s armpit, regardless of the Sanskrit sound. Intimidation, temptation, and coaxing didn’t come out.

“Woo…you little heartless!” Sannyin covered his face and cried away.

Mei Nongchen has a black thread, helpless, “Mom…”


days are very leisurely, Leng Yi goes out early and returns to the fairy world every day, and occasionally returns early, but whether he returns to Mei Nongchen early or late. sleeping.

This has been the case for half a month in a row, and according to Wu Di’s report, she hardly goes out during the day, even the orphanage.

He thought it was because he spent little time with her, she was angry, so he took a day off and wanted to accompany her, but he found that she was sleeping almost all day.

He finally realized something was wrong with her.

“Daughter-in-law, are you uncomfortable?” He hugged Mei Nongchen on his lap and touched her forehead, not hot.

Mei Nongchen trembled her eyelashes, slowly opened her eyelids, her eyes full of fatigue, “I’m fine, but I don’t

have enough energy and want to sleep.” “But you’ve been asleep for a day.” Leng Yi twisted his eyebrows, The broken hair from her hairline tucked behind her ears, “Doctor Xuanxian will show you?”

Before she could respond, he rushed out the door and shouted, “Wu Di, Doctor Xuanxian.”

Mei Nongchen headed. Leaning on Leng Yi’s arm, she felt drowsy. She felt that she was struggling to speak. It was indeed abnormal. It was time to see a doctor.

After a while, a middle-aged man hurried in with a small medicine box, bowed respectfully, took out the front pillow from the small medicine box and held it with his left hand, and Leng Yi put Mei Nongchen’s wrist on the front pillow.

After numbing for a while, the fairy doctor showed surprise in his eyes, and slammed his head at Leng Yi, “Congratulations to your Royal Highness, the princess is happy!”

“What?” Leng Yi was startled, his eyes widened, “Really? “It’s

true. I have been pregnant for one and a half months. The prince’s sleepiness is due to pregnancy. Please be relieved, the prince. It will be better later.”

” Okay ! Wu Di, reward!” Leng Yixi He raised his eyebrows, and he did not consciously raise a few levels of volume when speaking.

Mei Nongchen also heard what the fairy doctor said. She stroked her lower abdomen with her hands, and the corners of her closed eyes slipped silently.


“Don’t cry.” Leng Yi felt distressed and kissed her tears. “This is our child. He will grow up happily.”

“Yeah.” Mei Nongchen buried his arms in his arms, “He It will be very happy.”

a month later.


A group of little kids surrounded Mei Nongchen.

“Mom, is this a younger brother or younger sister?” Lele stretched out her little hand and gently touched her lower abdomen. Her lower abdomen bulged slightly, and Lele quickly retracted her hand after touching it, for fear of touching it.

Mei Nongchen smiled, holding her little hand on her belly, and said: “Don’t be afraid, Lele touch a few more times, the baby in her mother’s belly will look as beautiful as Lele.”

Hearing this, Lele’s eyes sparkled, and her hands touched Mei Nongchen’s belly, “Really? Mom likes babies who look like Lele? Does that mean that mother also likes Lele? Mom doesn’t With a baby, I forgot about Lele, right?” As he

said, the gleaming luster in Lele’s eyes slowly turned into liquid, like a little animal about to be abandoned.

“No, Lele will always be mother’s good child.” Mei Nongchen hugged her small body and kissed her small forehead.

“A word is definite, mother.” “A

word is definite.”

“There is me and me! Mom can’t help but like me!”

“I am also me…”

“Mom, and me…”



A group of

little kids begged for love, Mei Nongchen took turns hugging and kissing again, “You are all mom’s good children, and always will be.” A mother and a group of children gathered in a group, What a harmonious and warm scene!

It’s a pity-

“What are you doing?” A voice came out as cold as ice, and the children who were too cold to understand the world shook their backs, and immediately fell away.

Looking at the suddenly empty side, and then at the tall and tall shadow coming from the backlight, Mei Nongchen was dissatisfied, “What are you doing Lengyi! Look at scaring the children!”

Lengyi snorted coldly, with chilly eyes. The wind swept past the little shit kids who were hiding behind the rockery with their heads exposed, and said confidently: “I’m here to protect my kids. Those kids are so naughty. What if they bump into you? Come on. Go home.”

Mei Nongchen retorted, “They are so good, where are they naughty? And I just got here and don’t want to go back.”

Then, she smiled and walked towards the children, Leng Yi stepped and followed, with stern eyes. Glared over.

The children shrank their necks in fright and ran away without a trace.

Mei Nongchen’s outstretched hand froze in the air, her mouth flattened, and she wanted to cry.

Leng Yi immediately panicked, and picked her up and walked back, “Don’t cry, really, how come you become childlike after pregnancy, crying at every turn, shameful.”

“Who made you? Always bully me, oooo…”


The Wudi who was hiding in the dark looked at the sky, didn’t their crown prince really get lost?

Back to Zijinque, without any accident, the empress waited in the lobby.

Since learning that Mei Nongchen was pregnant, she ran to Zijinque every day.

Seeing them come back, she immediately threw down the tea cup in her hand, greeted Mei Nongchen’s hand and touched her belly with joy, her eyes full of joy: “Is my little grandson behaved today? Did you kick your mother?”

Mei Nongchen gave a black line on his forehead, “Mother, the child is only two and a half months old and can’t kick people.”

“Oh, you don’t understand, my little grandson is amazing. You can’t look at him with ordinary eyes, right? Little grandson?”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Leng Yi: “The queen mother, let’s go back. Nangchen is tired after running a lap outside, so let her have a good rest.”

This is an order to expel guests.

“Well then.” The empress reluctantly retracted her hand, and walked back three steps, just stepped out of the gate, suddenly turned her head, waved at Mei Nongchen’s belly, and said: “Grandma will see you again tomorrow. My dear little grandchildren.”

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi: “…”

… The

immortal, like the mortal, is pregnant in October.

To be precise, it is two hundred and eighty days.

Six months later.

The entire Milu Palace was tense, and the princess was about to give birth!

Leng Yi was more nervous than anyone else. Only Wen Po invited ten, and the Queen also picked twenty clever and reliable immortal servants and sent them to Zijinque. A dozen immortal doctors were also arranged to live in Mirro Palace. , Waiting to be summoned at any time.

In this tense atmosphere, there is a potbellied figure who is extremely calm, that is, Mei Nongchen.

As the due date is approaching, she walks around the Mirage Palace with a big belly every day.

In her previous life, she read a lot of books about pregnancy when she was pregnant. The book said that more activities before delivery can relieve the pain of contractions.

It was not used in the previous life, but it was used in this life.

So this child is lucky and happy.

There are still twenty-five days before the due date. Think about her being excited, where is her baby.

She and Lengyi’s child.

The people following him ranged from the fairy maidservant to the stable woman to the fairy doctor, and counted no fewer than forty-five.

Mei Nongchen has a black line.

Leng Yi was too nervous, and he ordered: As long as he is not here, all the people who go out with the prince princess must follow, otherwise, if something goes wrong, come see you all.

Who dares not follow this cruel thing? Every time Mei Nongchen told them not to follow, everyone started to kneel and cry, and she had no choice but to let them.

Twenty-three days passed in the fear of everyone.

Mei Nongchen finally started the day before the expected date of delivery, and the Mi Luo Palace suddenly exploded. Fortunately, Wen Po and the fairy doctor are both experienced, nervous and nervous, but there is no mistake.

The emperor, the queen, and Leng Yi are all waiting outside the delivery room. Mei Nongchen has been in pain all night, but the pain can be tolerated. According to the memory of the previous life, after a while, when the contractions have regularity and the interval is short, it should be The pain is unbearable.

Sure enough, an hour later, Mei Nongchen couldn’t wait to die every time she suffered, and the tragic cry of pain could no longer hold her back, shaking the heart of Leng Yi outside the delivery room like a knife.

He rushed into the delivery room regardless of the impunity’s hindrance, and saw Mei Nongchen’s sweat soaking her hair and clothes that she felt so distressed.

Wen Po was shocked when he saw him coming in, and they all persuaded him: “His Royal Highness waits outside, it’s unlucky in the delivery room.”

“Presumptuous!” Leng Yi’s breath suddenly became dangerous, “The concubine of the main hall is here. children are born here, you say here unlucky “?

midwife who he Haide spine tingling, kneeling down to beg for mercy and said:”! Laonu damn, his Royal Highness Prince mercy, ” “

hurry up, I want to mother and child! “Leng Yi sat down on the head of Mei Nongchen’s bed, leaned on her body and held her hand tightly.

Seeing this scene, the stable wives actually felt a little envious. Everyone is a woman. They all hope that their husbands love themselves. Think about the pain when they gave birth to a child. But the husband has never touched it. Doesn’t it mean that the delivery room is not? Auspicious?

Unexpectedly, the Prince would love his wife so much, and when he looked at Mei Nongchen, everyone had a trace of envy in their eyes, and they became more attentive in doing things.

Seeing Leng Yi coming in, Mei Nongchen felt warm in his heart, and held his hands tightly. After a while, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg

She squeezed Leng Yi’s hand to ease the pain.

She had too much strength under her hand, and Leng Yi felt that her hand bones were about to be crushed, thinking that the pain on her hand was far less than one ten thousandth of hers, and pity her more and more in his heart, but he could not help her, only tight. Put your arms around her and give her strength.

Four hours later.

With the help of Wen Po, Mei Nongchen exerted her force for the last time. She only felt her abdomen empty, and then the baby cried.

“I’m born!” Wen Po’s surprise voice reached everyone’s ears, “It’s Taisun!”

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