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Chapter 112 Finale (2)

The news that the princess gave birth to grandson quickly spread throughout the fairy world, and the fairy world cheered heartily.

The whole world was even more jubilant on that day of Taisun Manyue.

Two months later.

Zijin Que.

“Little dear, little Momo, I am grandma, dear grandson…” Fanyin hugged Leng Mo, his small face almost dripping with water.

Leng Mo, Mei Nongchen gave her son the name. If she wants to ask her the meaning of the name, she can only say: I took it casually.

So the name of our lovely and handsome Taisun was decided casually.

“This is my good grandson.” The empress was jealous, reaching out to take her grandson.

Fanyin turned sideways to avoid her stretched out hand, “Don’t grab the empress from me. I finally came to see it. You can watch it every day, so let me hold it for a while.”

“No, this. It’s my dear grandson!” The empress did not comply.

Sanskrit also refused to give in, so a battle to win the grandson was about to begin.

Mei Nongchen twisted her eyebrows, for fear that they would accidentally fall the child. She stood up coldly, and passed through the two grandma-level women like a gust of wind. When she returned to Mei Nongchen, she held a little girl in her arms. doll.

Empress Zun, Sanskrit: “…”

on the way back.

Fanyin walked forward thoughtfully, and Jiuyou followed behind thoughtfully.

Approaching the entrance of Xianyuan, Jiuyou suddenly spoke.

“Do you like children?”

“Huh?” Sannyin was taken aback, and then thought of Xiao Momo’s soft and scented body, his heart softened, and he blurted out: “Yeah, I like it.”

Hearing this, Jiuyou’s eyes were filled with evil. Laughing, bent over and hugged her horizontally, and strode towards the fairy garden, “Then we will give birth to one too, so that you don’t worry about other people’s children!”

“Gah?” Sanskrit’s brain crashed instantly.

Give birth, give birth to children?

To be honest, the immortal has a long lifespan, she is considered young in the immortal world at this age, and it is not impossible to have another child.

Although Mei Nongchen was born with her, she has never fulfilled her responsibility as a mother, nor has she had the opportunity to truly experience the feeling of being a mother. It seems to be a good experience.

Thinking about it, Sanskrit was itchy in his heart, “Then, then another one?”

Jiuyou’s pace was quickened, and he liked the one who created the gods and horses the most.

…In the

next few days, Jiuyou always did not see the figure, the god is mysterious, and Fanyin asked several times, and he always looked at him from left to right.

So she ran to file a complaint with her daughter, “Nangchen, your father has a secret in his heart.”

Mei Nongchen laughed, his eyes wandering, but her father said that the matter must be kept secret first, she didn’t dare to say it at this moment.

Just as the nurse came over holding Xiao Momo, Xiao Momo woke up to find her mother.

Mei Nongchen sighed quietly, “Mom, look, your grandchildren are here.”

Sure enough, when she saw the milk doll with her little pink tongue, Fan Yin immediately smiled and took Leng Mo’s soft from the nurse. Small body.

“My little baby, my little grandson…”

“Hey…” Mei Nongchen’s peach blossom eyes flashed slyly, and the corners of her mouth were hooked without a trace. I don’t know whether the big gift his father prepared for his mother was surprise or joy. ?

And Fan Yin, who was holding Leng Mo with a gentle face, didn’t know the tricks of his daughter and husband at all.

After half a month.

Mei Nongchen took Sanskrit to a family on the east side of Miluo City on the grounds of visiting friends. This family looked either rich or noble. The courtyard was huge. The two stone lions at the door were both majestic and arrogant. The two vermilion doors reveal majesty.

Fanyin didn’t think much about it. As a princess, Mei Nongchen had a noble status, and it was normal to have a few wealthy friends.

However, the big red colored silk tied around the porch and the neck of the stone lion is announcing that this family has a happy event.

“Nongchen, your friend’s house is having a happy event? Why is the door closed so tightly? Didn’t we bring any gifts?” Fanyin took Lamei Nongchen’s hand and whispered.

“It’s not appropriate, just go in, mom, go!” Mei Nongchen took her up the steps and knocked on the door.

Suddenly, the vermilion door opened silently.

At the same moment, the festive music sounded abruptly, and the Sanskrit sound was startled.

Jiuyou still wore a red dress, with long hair flying behind him, and a big red silk flower tied around his body. Behind him stood a group of smiling people.

Emperor Zun, Queen Zun, Leng Yi, Xiaoyi and others, Feng Nanqin, Yunhe…

“You…” Fanyin looked at the big red silk flower on Jiuyou’s chest, a thought hidden by her was about to break the ground. Then

came out, “Brother Nine…” “Marry me, Yinyin.” Jiuyou stepped forward to hold her pussy, “Today, I want to officially marry you as my wife. Will you marry me?”


Sanskrit was ecstatic in his heart and cried out for willingness, but he couldn’t make a sound of tears for a long time, and he couldn’t say a word.

A trace of distress flashed across Jiu You’s eyes, he should have married her long ago.

He hugged her into his arms, “It’s me who is not good, don’t cry.”

Fanyin grabbed his shirt and cried more and more violently, as if he couldn’t take it back.

“Mom, don’t cry, today is a good day for you. Grandma has prepared a beautiful wedding dress for you. May I take you to change your clothes?” Mei Nongchen stroked her back and said softly.

Hearing this, Fanyin quietly climbed up two blushes on his cheeks, retreated from Jiuyou’s embrace, lowered his head, and nodded shyly.

Feng Nanqin immediately greeted her and took her hand, “My Yinyin, my good daughter, go, my mother will dress you up.”

Fanyin wiped his tears, and suddenly remembered that the emperor and empress are here, and hurried to him. People walked over and bowed and said: “See your majesty, see the empress, just now the lady was excited for a while, and failed to salute in time, please forgive me.”

Although in private she and her empress often snatch Xiao Momo and get along without restraint, but In front of outsiders, the etiquette should still be spoken.

The emperor smiled slightly, “Get up, today you are the protagonist, you don’t need to be

polite .” When Fanyin heard

it, her cheeks reddened again, “Thank your majesty, Xie Niangniang.” After she got up, she followed Feng Nanqin and Mei Nangchen to change clothes. Dressing.

Half an hour later, Mei Nongchen looked at the clear and gorgeous face in the linghua mirror, and couldn’t help but sigh: “Mom, you are so beautiful.” It’s

really beautiful, the jade skin that can be broken by blowing, the water-cut eyes, Joan The nose is straight and the vermilion lips are like fire, there is no exquisiteness and no imperfection.

Hearing her daughter complimenting herself so much, Sanskrit’s face blushed involuntarily, and she groaned: “Just your sweet mouth.”

Mei Nongchen was trying to make fun of how she is so shy today, when there was a knock on the door outside.” Yinyin, the auspicious hour has arrived, are you ready?” It

was Jiuyou’s voice.

Mei Nongchen picked up a mandarin duck playing in the water and covered it with a red hijab, and shouted outside the door: “Get ready, come in!” When the

words fell, the door was pushed open from the outside.

Jun came in like a loose figure, and Jiuyou’s deep and secluded pupils directly locked the Sanskrit, every time he took a step closer, he felt his heartbeat more fierce.

He took her hand and walked towards Xitang step by step, step by step towards their happy marriage.

No one blamed the wedding for not going according to the normal process, and no one felt that there was something wrong with their wedding. Everyone only felt that they exuded an inexplicable breath.

That kind of breath makes people envious, and makes people feel that the years are peaceful.

That kind of breath is called happiness.


night breeze is breezy, slightly cool.

In the acacia forest, the blooming clusters of flowers under the cover of the night are a bit mysterious, and the fragrant fragrance winds and wafts in a fixed space.

Under a stout tree, two entangled bodies.

One is like a sun and the other is like a month. The air was full of lewdness, and the flowers that were so embarrassed that the branches spread slightly closed their petals.

a long time.

The forest finally calmed down.

Mei Nongchen felt that her body had been hit by a strong electric current, and her hair to toenails were no longer her own. The legs that were originally wrapped around Lengyi’s waist also slumped down like cooked noodles, and her body was as soft as boneless.

Leng Yi took out the pre-prepared towels from the storage bag, cleaned up the dirt of the two of them, and put on the clothes that Mei had dusted before putting on his own clothes.

After she was dressed, he held her back to Zijinque and went to bathe in the bath.

Of course, during the bathing process, some people will definitely make things worse.

Mei Nongchen sleeps until three poles before getting up, and that’s all for a reason.


However, she was obviously not the one who worked hard every time, but she was the one who was tired, and the person who sweated and worked every night is always refreshed and refreshed.


The days passed quickly.

Xiao Momo is one year old and can already walk on his short legs, and his small mouth can also make simple syllables.

For example: Mom.

He called mom first, no one taught him.

As soon as he saw Mei Nongchen, he was so happy that he kicked all his limbs and laughed wildly. He kept shouting: “Mom, mom, mom…”

Every time he heard it, Mei Nongchen’s heart felt like feathers. Gently brushed it over, it was a feeling of unclear explanation.

Fanyin has been pregnant for five months, and Jiuyou stays with her from time to time.

After they got married, they lived in the courtyard of the worship hall. It was a fairy garden specially set up by Jiuyou, which was more than ten times larger than the previous fairy garden.

Although Fanyin doesn’t care about these virtual objects, as a man, Jiuyou must give her a better and more comfortable life.

Besides, they have to give birth to ten and eight children. There is no bigger yard. How do the children play?

Jiuyou thought like this.

At this time, Mei Nongchen was also diagnosed with another pregnancy.

This is gratifying to ruin the emperor and empress, the Leng clan has been passed on for so long, and is it finally about to usher in the happy era of many children and grandchildren?

The entire Miluo Palace was once again in a state of tension, Mei Nongchen’s stomach was more expensive than the first child, and any mishaps would not be necessary.

However, Leng Yi’s attitude is completely opposite to that of the emperor and empress. Mei Nongchen is pregnant, which means that he has to be unable to do whatever he wants for a long time and is very depressed.

Mei Nongchen treats this child very much, and Xiao Momo seems to like it very much. He always points to her belly and yells, and she calls her sister, sister…and brother, brother…

this makes the empress happily again. Could it be that her baby daughter-in-law is pregnant with twins?

Four months later.

Fanyin gave birth to a girl, and Mei Nongchen had a sister from then on.

Five months later.

Mei Nongchen gave birth to a baby.

As soon as the news came out, the entire fairy world was boiling. This was a great happy event, and the lord of the great fairy cities rushed to the Miluo Palace to congratulate them.

Mei Nongchen received the gift softly.

one year later.

Mei Nongchen is pregnant again.

On the day of diagnosis, the immortal doctor who was waiting for the reward after the pulse diagnosis was thrown out of the purple golden fault by the immortal servant, and he was covered in dust.

On that day, two wailings came from the sky above Miró Palace.

“Lengyi, you bastard, I blame you, I do

n’t want to be born again!” “Queen, did you change the avoidance soup to a tonic?!”

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