Chapter 12 fire Fire

Chapter 12_火火

Shang Ruimo lay halfway beside her, leaning back on the soft cushion behind him, smoking a cigarette gracefully.

Only then did he realize that he was Qiao Yangbai lying in his right arm, and he couldn’t help blushing.

Shang Ruimo put out the cigarette in his hand in the ashtray and caught a glimpse of Qiao Yangbai’s embarrassed expression.

“It’s already ten o’clock, and it’s about to start.”

While wondering what Shang Ruimo was talking about, the clock in the living room rang the whole hour.


The loud noise that came from somewhere, coincided with the bell, and rang all over Hong Kong.

Qiao Yangbai was surprised to see that a large group of bright pink lights exploded in the sky.

Her eyes widened, she didn’t expect that besides the intoxicating night scene, there will be gorgeous fireworks tonight.

Shang Ruimo had long expected that she would be surprised like this, and suggested: “The view from the balcony is good, let’s take a look.” The

excited Qiao Yang nodded and got up. No one thought that her legs would start to lose strength again. Shang Ruimo’s powerful arms stopped her waist and prevented her from falling. Shang Ruimo with a relaxed expression immediately changed his face and asked seriously, “Isn’t the leg already healed? You lied to me?”

“It is indeed already healed, and I don’t know why I always lose strength…”

“How about walking? ? ” “

almost nothing. “

GraphicMail ink dissatisfaction Yang Qimei:.” unless you are really recovered, or put the ‘almost’ to get rid of me. ” “

Yes …… “

bridge is almost white central business Remo hugged and walked into the balcony, his handsome profile face looked confusing and confusing under the twinkling fireworks.

Two high-end soft chairs and a dining table full of sumptuous dinners have already been placed on the wide balcony.

“It’s really beautiful.” Qiao Yangbai rushed to the fence and stared at the sky intently. Piles of fireworks bloomed one after another. She was so happy that she couldn’t help but scream.

The fireworks illuminate the night sky, illuminate the Victoria Bay, and seem to illuminate the heart of Qiao Yangbai. She remembered the first time she came to the Yongyao Gang five years ago and was imprisoned in the dungeon. She looked at the cold moonlight, put her forehead on the cold railing, and prayed that the light could shine into her heart. NS.

Now that she has left Huo Dongchen’s side, although she doesn’t know how long this kind of life will last, but tonight she sincerely feels a sense of belonging.

Qiao Yangbai smiled like a child, and kept reaching out his hand, as if he wanted to catch a corner of a firework.

Suddenly wanting to drink some wine, she turned to look at Shang Ruimo who was sitting leisurely. Shang Ruimo seems right

There was no interest in this firework, but the light between his brows showed that he also enjoyed this beautiful night.

“Can I have a little alcohol, Mr. Shang?”

“The drink is so small, you get drunk without two sips. Can you drink rum?”

Shang Ruimo’s sharp words were speechless, Qiao Yangbai Had to shook his head.

Shang Ruimo folded his legs on the soft chair and turned his eyes to the bright sky: “When I was in Yongyao Gang, shouldn’t I accompany Huo Dongchen to drink bars?”

Qiao Yangbai knew that his identity might have been known to Shang Ruimo. , But this was the first time he mentioned Huo Dongchen, which made her feel a little bewildered: “Because I drink very little, Mr. Dongchen seldom let me drink. He said…”

“What did he say?”

Qiao Yangbai Biting his lip: “…want me to look soberly that I am his person.”

Shang Ruimo frowned coldly. The Yushang Gang and Yongyao Gang are both underworld gangs, and they naturally have a private connection. According to Shang Ruimo’s knowledge, Huo Dongchenguang has nine girlfriends raised in his own family. It is probably because he has a different affection for Qiao Yangbai, so not only his body but also her heart is also thought of. And snatch it over.

What Huo Dongchen did was just to let Qiao Yangbai understand the concept of “I belong to him completely”.

Shang Ruimo, who fully understands this, raised the wine glass at hand and said: “I heard something very interesting today. There is a woman who doesn’t know good or bad always doing something self-righteous and sending it to the West House.”

He immediately realized that he The woman who didn’t know good or bad was referring to herself, Qiao Yangbai quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Shang, I just think you might like to eat…”

“What kind of identity do you forget? Is it?”

Qiao Yangbai lowered his head: “I know.”

Shang Ruimo stretched out his hand to pinch Qiao Yangbai’s chin: “You know you still do this kind of thing!? I’m very busy here to block your news, but you are leisurely going to make a snack for others and reveal yourself. The identity of

Shang Ruimo !?” Shang Ruimo’s strength almost made Qiao Yangbai feel that her jaw had been crushed. She weakly held Shang Ruimo’s wrist: “I’m sorry…I will never do it again, let it go. Let me…”

The hand holding the chin slipped to her neck, as if closing her slender neck with one palm together: “How do you plan to compensate?”

“What you hope…”

Shang Ruimo’s big hand Gradually closed: “What I want?”

Almost strangled, Qiao Yangbai’s tears slipped from his eyes: “Please… let go…cough cough…”

“If you want me to let go, myself Come and try something.”

She buried her head deeply in front of Shang Ruimo’s chest, her eyes filled with crystal clear liquid, and finally she put the kiss on Shang Ruimo’s lips.

Shang Ruimo realized the fitting feeling on his lips and was stunned for an instant. The helplessness of Qiao Yang’s wet eyes made his heart hurt involuntarily.

What should I do with you? Shang Ruimo, who was thinking this way, smiled bitterly in his heart, holding down the back of her head, and tangling her lips and tongue.

The beautiful fireworks continue to bloom unscrupulously in the sky…