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Chapter 12 late stage of Ning Yuan

The night passed quickly, and the East showed a white belly.

Mei Nongchen woke up from the green world, the green light all over her body faintly returned to her body, her body was dripping with sweat, she felt that she was so light that she was about to fly, a majestic force wandering through her body freely but strangely gentle and introverted, just like The fetus moves in the mother’s body, which is both strong and powerful, but also makes people feel soft and palpitations.

A strange fragrance radiates from the body, rippling people’s hearts more than any expensive perfume.

Mei Nongchen took a deep breath, exhaled a turbid gas, and slowly opened her eyes.

“Oh my god!”

Her eyes almost squirted out of the scared red pupil close at hand, she hurriedly propped her arms and wanted to move back, away from the damn charming face.

“Tsk tusk… I didn’t expect that your aptitude was so good that you reached the late stage of Ningyuan overnight. It took only a month for the deity to break through the early stage of Ningyuan’s pride in your place. It’s heartbreaking!”

Jiuyou’s crypt chattered strangely, and he was dying of jealousy in his heart. Sure enough, he was born with a divine body that didn’t even absorb the spiritual energy. It would be damnable to break through the first order with a spiritual enlightenment orb alone. It itches your teeth!


Mei Nongchen grasped the key, her eyes were shining, her saliva flowed horizontally, can she learn that soul control technique now?

Jiu You’s nostrils coldly snorted, and when he raised his hand, a red light shot at Mei Nongchen’s eyebrows, instantly submerged.

She only felt her eyebrows hot, and a section of tiny tiny prints lined up in her mind, and the five large golden letters with the words’Elementary Soul Control’ on the far right almost lightened her eyes.

Happiness came very suddenly, enduring the urge to rush to give Jiuyou a wolf kiss, humming a little song into the bathroom, she wanted to wash her slimy body. Seeing her graceful posture like a butterfly, the corners of Jiuyou’s mouth rose unconsciously.

When he first woke up from a deep sleep, he saw her die in an extremely tragic and resentful manner. His heart was so painful that he used his only remaining strength to help her rebirth. Five years ago, he attributed his heartache to not wanting to nourish his disabled. The soul of the man has fallen.

Turning the clock back, I don’t know what punishment I will be punished in the future. But at that time there was no time to think about it, because… the

red-eyed yin bird, because someone was impatient to hook her and the short-lived child’s soul, and it was using the energy of his magic pill!

Damn it! He was seriously injured and robbed the magic pill by someone taking advantage of the fire. It must be related to this person!

When Mei Nongchen came out, he saw his iron and handsome face, and couldn’t help but slurp.

“Tsk tusk tusk… the evildoer is the evildoer, and there are many kinds of amorous feelings when you get angry!”

While teasing, he picked up the jingle phone.

It’s the second wind.


“I know, it’s hard work.”

Mei Nongchen snorted coldly when she hung up the phone, her elegant eyes flashed with beast light.

Ni Heng…huh!

Open the door.

“Miss, early!” The

four bodyguards greeted neatly.


“Sister…” A

timid voice sounded on the stairs, Mei Nongchen felt sick, turned her head to look, and the waves were raging under her cold eyes.

The voice was freezing cold.

“Something is

wrong with my sister?” Mei Xinchen felt like being torn by a cat’s claw, wishing to tear off that nasty face, and pretending to be innocent in front of her father, which made her scolded by his father!

Thinking of what her father said, if she dared to do something unfavorable to Mei Nongchen, she would have to drive her out and tell her to be safe.

hateful! hateful! Obviously she is the decent Miss Mei Jia, and this person is just an illegitimate daughter who can’t be on the stage! hateful!

Why did my father spoil her like that? Obviously I am better!

Although he had scolded Mei Nongchen one thousand eight hundred times in his heart, there was still a cowardly smile on his face.

“Sister, let’s go downstairs together.” He was

about to climb Mei Nongchen’s arm.

Mei Nongchen turned sideways to avoid it, without a look in his eyes, and went straight downstairs with an indifferent face.

The angry voice in Qi Lingzhu Sao still echoed in his mind.

“She said you are an illegitimate girl who can’t be on the stage~ What is an illegitimate

girl ?” She was slightly surprised, no wonder she always felt that her mother’s attitude towards her was so indifferent that it was really not her own.


If she was an illegitimate daughter, how could Mei Xinchen hate her so much that she wouldn’t publicize it?

Could it be that there is a reason why it cannot be said?

Mei Xinchen glared at the light blue figure, her five knuckles creaked, her nose crooked with anger.

One day, let her kneel down humblely and beg for mercy!

…… The

Mei’s restaurant was full of gourmet scents, and the index fingers moved.

Mei Yiru was sitting at the top of the dining table reading the newspaper. He looked up at the sound of footsteps, and was slightly taken aback when he saw the people coming.

The visitor wore a light blue dress with flying skirts and long flowing hair, which overlapped for a moment with the person hiding in his heart.

Although her appearance is not as good as that person, her outstanding temperament is completely inherited from her.

As clear and elegant as a lily.

“I have a young girl in my family! Haha!”

He laughed heartily, greeted Mei Nongchen to sit down, and then saw Mei Xinchen who came afterwards greeted him, and he hummed both.

Song Furong was very dissatisfied with this.

“Yiru, Xin Chen is also your daughter, why are you so indifferent to her?”

Mei Yiru glanced at her casually, ” Nongchen is also your daughter, why are you so indifferent to her?”

“This is different!”

“Why are you so different? ? ” “

I …… “

” Do not say your mother, father so loved sister, sister, I am happy for it. “look to the Meiyi Ru, Mouzhong amidst glowing,” Dad, I do not wronged, really! “

Mei Xinchen spoke sincerely from the bottom of his heart, causing Mei Yiru to feel a pain. This is his biological daughter. Is he too much to her?

Forget it, as long as she really gets along with Nongchen in the future, he will not treat her badly.

Thinking of this, the eyes softened and the voice softened.

“Good boy, get along well with your sister, you know?”

Mei Xinchen was overjoyed. After all, she was also his father’s biological daughter. As long as she behaved weakly and sensibly, his father would not bear to criticize herself.

She obediently nodded her head.

“Don’t worry, dad, I will.”

Mei Nongchen looked on with cold eyes, it was a touching picture of father’s kindness and filial piety.

If she had not experienced the sufferings of the previous life, then she must be like her father at this moment, thinking that her sister is really kind and soft.

It’s a pity Mei Xinchen, what should I do, you have been seen through!

“Dad, I heard that Chuangshi Group will sell the vacant land behind Fenglan International Business Center in the near future. I investigated and found that the land is very valuable for development. So I think, before no one knows what to do first. Strong!”

Mei Yiru was taken aback. Indeed, the potential value of that piece of land is immeasurable. The Ni family has been interested in buying it, but they have struggled to find the owner of that piece of land.

It turned out to be under the name of Chuangshi Group.

The Chuangshi Group was born twenty years ago as a mysterious group. No one knows which industries it is involved in. They only know that it has grown rapidly since it first appeared. The group has employees all over the world, with hundreds of millions of employees.

“Is the news reliable?” It’s

not that Mei Yiru didn’t believe her, but that the Ni family didn’t find out even after inquiries. How does the little girl who hasn’t been out of the dust know?

Of course it is reliable. Mei Nongchen has deep eyes. In the previous life, the Mei family and the Ni family were competing for this piece of land. Ni Heng used her feelings to make her beg her father to give in.

Later, that piece of land became the imperial capital and even the most luxurious and magnificent commercial street in the country, and the Ni’s family was also elevated to a higher level, overshadowing the Mei’s scenery.

Moreover, she is convinced by Feng Er’s method that the Creation Group is indeed interested in selling this piece of land in the near future.

It’s just that the news has not been released yet.

“Don’t worry, dad, at most a week, they will release the news, we must seize the opportunity!”

Said Mei Xinchen casually, watching her eyes dribbling around, knowing that she must be making a bad idea, hum! Telling her in front of her is asking her to do this. Otherwise, who will inform Ni Heng?

This great opportunity to please Ni Heng will naturally be given to her dear sister, sister, don’t let her down!

On the other hand, Mei Yiru looked at her baby pimple meaningfully. She was really different. She had never cared about company affairs before.

That’s fine, anyway, she will inherit the family business in the future.

The private valley in the south of the city is named Jasper Valley because it is surrounded by perennial green grass and towering green trees. It looks like a piece of jasper that has been left behind from a high altitude.

Wu Di set a barrier here, no one can enter the valley and no one can see the situation in the valley.

Except for the accident two days ago.

The master suddenly broke through the critical point when taking a bath two months ago, and wanted to break through the early stage of the fairy and enter the middle stage of the fairy.

In the middle stage of immortality, all people in the world cultivate immortals through Ning Yuan, solid, bigu, breaking Yuan, Ning Ying, Ying Cheng, and then ascending to immortals, immortals are divided into earth immortals, heaven immortals, golden immortals, xuan immortals, emperors, holy For immortals and gods, each level is divided into early stage, middle stage and late stage.

Most of the immortals in the immortal world are not celestial immortals or golden immortals. Xuanxian and emperor immortals are the strengths of the patriarchs of the gods, and the only holy immortal that appeared was self-sealed and whereabouts was unknown many years ago. The Nine Heavens Emperor has the strongest strength, and is the mid-level powerhouse of the immortal.

And the master is only ten thousand years old, and he is about to break through the middle stage of the fairy, he is the youngest middle stage powerhouse in the history of the fairy!

It’s just that two days ago, at a critical time, it has been a rat, hoping that it will not affect the master.

At this moment, the naked beautiful man in the villa who was seen by Mei Nongchen was sweating like he was steaming on a stove. The smooth aura in the dantian is now messy and chaotic, and the golden pupils are vaguely plated with a layer of crimson. Fierce, the golden beam that enveloped him was also faintly glowing red.

Suddenly, there was a boom- explosion sound, Wu Di was startled, something went wrong!

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