Chapter 13 Bracelet

The sunlight projected into the room from the top of the mountain stinged Qiao Yangbai’s eyes and cast a faint orange in her sight .

She opened her eyes slowly.

With his arms open subconsciously, it was not Shang Ruimo who had kissed her last night, but a cold sheet.

She was the only one left in the huge suite, and she couldn’t help but suspect that everything last night was a dream. Qiao Yangbai hurriedly got up, but what he saw was the hickey on his chest that seemed to declare the right to belong.

That is not a dream at all.

After all, he was treated as a toy.

Qiao Yangbai felt the discomfort under her body when she was thinking about it. She staggered into the bathroom, only to find that the bathtub had already been filled with scented hot water, which was curling up with steam.

Soaking her body in hot water in one breath, the water filled her delicate collarbone and stopped in her neck.

After all these years, what has he been relying on to sustain him?

After arriving here yesterday, she put the leather bracelet on her hand in the moisture-proof bag provided by the hotel and put it away. Now it is still lying quietly on the glass shelf in the bathroom, seemingly not found by Shang Ruimo.

I have thought countless times: Give up, just die like this.

This kind of self is really ridiculous too, stubbornly, time and time again, for the bracelet and for the owner of the bracelet to give her, gritted his teeth and desperately strengthened.

Qiao Yangbai’s tired body gradually slid down, and the hot water rose to her jaw, and some even penetrated into her lips to make her sober.

I’m afraid you will drown if you fall asleep in such a place.

When Qiao Yangbai accompanied Huo Dongchen, after finishing it, Huo Dongchen would always hug her and go to sleep together. When he was in a good mood, he would even take her to bath in Yongyao’s family’s hot spring. Judging from the cooling degree of the quilt, Shang Ruimo should have left last night.

Qiao Yangbai stood up in the water, wrapped her bathrobe, and then blew her hair quietly.

After getting dressed, she habitually stood on the balcony and watched the panoramic view of Hong Kong during the day when the hotel’s internal telephone rang.

Qiao Yangbai stretched out his hand and picked up the phone. What came from there was Runshi’s voice: “Is it Miss Qiao?”

“Yes, Mr. Runshi?”

“Well, it’s me, are you awake?”

“Well, I’m ready, will I go back now?”

“We’ve been guarding the door all night. If you are ready, go out. The car is already waiting.”

Qiao Yangbai hurriedly put the bracelet in the moisture-proof bag. Take it out, then walk to the door and press the doorknob.

Sure enough, the eyes of the guards were all red. In order to prevent dangerous factors, they obviously didn’t sleep all night.

Although knowing that as a little brother, this kind of thing is simply commonplace, and I have seen many subordinates who have been severely tested in the Yongyao Clan, but Qiao Yangbai still bit his lower lip. Thinking that Shang Ruimo was furious last night because he made his own dessert for Runshi and the others, he couldn’t help but grabbed his gaze.

What Shang Ruimo said was not wrong. She is just a toy, and she is not qualified to care about others.

Runshi greeted him, a bit tired between his eyebrows, but still said with a vigorous expression: “Miss Bridge, go downstairs.” After

holding back the almost blurted out “Sorry, I have worked hard.” Qiao Yangbai had to shut his mouth obediently. Nodded gratefully, and let a row of younger brothers escorted into the elevator.

In the slowly descending elevator, Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Shang left last night?”

It seemed that Qiao Yangbai was deliberately keeping a distance from him, and Runshi scratched his head uncomfortably: “Yes, the boss is I left late at night, it seems that there is still a lot of work on the Royal Merchant Gang, so I went back to deal with it.”

Qiao Yangbai nodded.

“By the way, the boss seems to have something for you.”

Run Shi took out a bottle of medicine from his inner pocket and quickly passed it into Qiao Yangbai’s hand.

Qiao Yangbai wondered what Shang Ruimo would give her, but was stunned for a moment after seeing the words on the medicine bottle.

Levonorgestrel tablets-birth control pills.

Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help but laugh, and Run Shi flushed with red from the side: “The boss told me to buy it, saying that you will give it to you when you get up…”

He didn’t like to take protective measures and threw himself a bottle of medicine afterwards. It was really his character.

Qiao Yang Bai thought helplessly.

Although she thought it was nothing, the face of the unusually innocent Runshi was getting redder and red. Although he accompanied Shang Ruimo to fight and kill in the underworld, he has done many murders and arson activities, but in this regard, it is almost a blank sheet of paper.

Runshi’s voice was as soft as a mosquito, and he whispered: “The boss said very strange things to me when he left. Probably my brain is stupid and I don’t understand what it means…”

” What did Mr. Shang say?”

“He said “Mowing the lawn is the beginning of punishment. Don’t give me any more delusions to eat this and that.”…” When I

heard it, I knew that it was Shang Ruimo who was teaching Runshi not to eat the snacks he sent, because he was punished because of this. he mowing the lawn of the week, the central bridge white smile and said:. “probably not do dessert after you eat,”

Boucher eyes suddenly filled with grievances: “Why?” “the

recent body is not very good, not very Convenience…”

I wanted to make up a random reason to cover up the past, but the simple Runshi believed it: “Miss Bridge, you must pay attention to your body!”

This is probably the best. Qiao Yangbai silently stared at the elevator door that opened in front of her.

It was almost nine o’clock after returning to the mansion. After a brief breakfast, Qiao Yangbai silently stuffed two pills of Runshi for her, and then lay on the bed.

The night passed was like a long century passed, teaching her to feel tired inexplicably.

Although she has slept in the hotel, she just wants to have a good rest now.

Because Qiao Yangbai had the habit of playing a song before going to bed before, Shang Ruimo, who was not stingy in this regard, asked people to send a large box of discs, so this time Xiaotao asked: “Sister Yang Bai thinks Do you listen to any songs?”

Qiao Yangbai asked casually: ” Are there any songs from Hirakawachi?”

The discs are arranged according to the singer’s pinyin, so Xiaotao leaned over to “P” and pulled out a disc.

“Sister Yangbai, is this this one?”

Qiao Yangbai just asked casually, but he didn’t expect it to happen . He got up surprised and saw that the disc in Xiaotao’s hand was “梦の途中/校庭に梦”つけた春”.

This is the album produced by the group Hirakawajiichi-chome at the end of 2005. At the beginning, Qiao Yangbai liked this CD, and after he accidentally told Huo Dongchen once, Huo Dongchen directly ordered someone to bring her a box of limited editions back from Japan.

At that time, Qiao

Yangbai asked in amazement: “Mr. Dongchen, why do you want to bring back so many of the same CDs?” Huo Dongchen said condescendingly, “Do you like it? Then put it all together.”

Yongyao Gang The influence in Japan is also quite large, so even knowing that Huo Dongchen did such a thing is easy to do, maybe it was a whim to help her buy it, but at that moment, there was still a hint of illusory joy in teaching Qiao Yangbai.

In the song “Dream on the Way”, the voices of the two brothers in Hirakawachi Ichome flowed smoothly in the room, and Hashimoto would always remember the old things on one thing. It’s not that I don’t want to forget, but I just can’t forget.

Just when she was about to fall into a deep sleep, a strong wind blew over, causing a mess in the house. Then I heard Xiao Ning, who was just about to quit, say to Xiao Tao: “I’ll go and help Sister Yang Bai close the window, otherwise I have to catch a cold.” In the

erratic consciousness, someone ran over to close the window, and then the person murmured. “Huh? Little Tao. It seems that something like a bracelet has been blown in the gap.”

“Bracelet?” Then Xiao Tao ran over to look at it, and then exclaimed, “Isn’t that the bracelet of Sister Yang Bai!? “

Half-sleeping Qiao Yangbai subconsciously touched on the bedside to see if his bracelet was still there, but after exploring many places, it failed.

Only then did she come to her senses, put her body up with one hand, and hurriedly walked to the balcony.

The leather chain that looked old in the eyes of others was hanging in the crack of the balcony, crumbling.

You can’t lose it, if you lose it, there will be nothing…

Qiao Yangbai, who had these words repeatedly in his mind, immediately bent down to grab the bracelet, but was lost because of the distance.

“Sister Yang Bai, be careful!”

Xiaotao hurried up to discourage her. Sister Yang Bai’s current posture is very dangerous, and she might fall off!

Qiao Yangbai turned a deaf ear to her words, but kept leaning his upper body outwards, trying to pinch the bracelet that was extremely important to her.

Don’t take away my last hope too!

Crying in his heart, Qiao Yangbai’s tears flowed down his cheeks.

“No way! Sister Yangbai!”

In the exclamation of Xiaoning and Xiaotao, Qiao Yangbai turned over the balcony, standing on the edge less than half a palm width with one foot, holding the railing with one hand and grabbing the bracelet.

Just when her fingertips touched the end of the necklace and tried to grab her, Shang Ruimo, who had just finished her work and was about to change clothes to go to the banquet, happened to be back in the car driven by Guangyou and heard the upstairs. Raised his head in exclamation and happened to see this thrilling scene.

Shang Ruimo twisted his eyebrows and couldn’t help but roar: “Qiao Yangbai, damn it! What are you doing there!?”

Hearing Shang Ruimo’s furious voice, Qiao Yangbai’s face turned pale, and his hands trembled. , The bracelet just got dropped again.

And this one fell to Shang Ruimo’s feet.

Guangyou quickly picked it up for his boss, and hurriedly stuffed it into his pocket if he didn’t care about it. When he saw Qiao Yangbai’s movements just now, his heart almost stopped in fright. What the hell is this beauty going to do! ? Do you want to escape, or do you want to commit suicide?

At this time, Shang Ruimo, who was so angry, had the same idea as Guangyou, but she didn’t expect that a toy for me would dare to commit suicide! ?

Seeing that her posture was very dangerous, Guangyou hurriedly shouted: “Miss Bridge, you must not move!”

Qiao Yangbai was too late to say anything, her legs slipped off the railing, her hands slipped off the railing, and her body crooked. , The whole person fell.


“Qiao Yangbai!”

“Miss Bridge!”

“Sister Yang Bai!” The

timid Xiaotao seemed to have cried. Central white bridge in front of the line of sight was swallowed by the darkness, consciousness falls into a strong embrace, and that she did not see who the ……