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Chapter 13 Strange Baby from Heaven

The beautiful man fell to the root of the wall, leaning on all sides, his whole body violently violently, showing a weird color of gold and red, like a twisted earthworm, which is quite frightening. Golden thunder and lightning surrounded, crackling.

As soon as Wu Di entered the bathroom, he saw his master’s extremely embarrassed appearance and almost blew his eyes!

He will be silenced, right?

Will do! Will do!

A little man nodded desperately in his heart with tears in his eyes and a tragic look on his face.

He hung his head and tried to support his master, but he was bounced off by the repelling force before he got close, and he slammed into the wall and vomited a mouthful of blood.

It’s too late for a while.

His current level is no more than the early stage of Xuanxian, and the difference between Xianli and the master is tens of thousands of miles. It is a blessing for him not to kill him by this bullet.

The master has gone crazy!

I blame myself for not guarding well, and let the mouse sneak in and disturb the master at a critical time.

I can’t wait to shoot myself to death, quickly get up and mobilize all my spiritual energy to help the master, although it is only a drop in the bucket, but even if I run out of cultivation, I will not hesitate!

Since the master saved him eight thousand years ago, his life is the master’s, let alone the mere cultivation base?

But before his spiritual power touched Mr. Guangneng, Mr. Guangneng was wrapped in gold-red lightning wire into a ball, and it became bigger and bigger, like it was about to explode at any time, the squally wind came from nowhere, and the wind was huge. Xianli, the witch could not stand.

How to do? How to do? If this continues, the master is bound to be in danger. The higher the rank, the more unpredictable the danger of breaking through.

The sky was getting dark, and the lightning ball showed no sign of disappearing. The Wudi was like an ant on a hot pot, and it was like an ant on a hot pot. There might be a way if the Nine Heavens Emperor were here.

Can’t hesitate anymore, he took out the microphone and just wanted to inject aura into it, bang—

There was a loud noise, the light burst, and the villa collapsed. The witchflies were shaken for a thousand meters, hit the barrier and fell down and smashed into the ruins. The barrier made a crackling sound, and small cracks crawled across the barrier. , It will dissipate in the air with a gentle blow of the wind.

After a quarter of an hour, everything returned to calm, the area covered by the enchantment in the valley was in a mess, and Wu Mi woke up slowly, where can I find the figure of Lord Guangxi?


His eyes were red, and he roared up to the sky, and the trembling little animals fainted to death.

“Cough cough…”

Regardless of the serious injury, he immediately used his proud tracking technique to trace the master’s breath.

After a while, his face suddenly changed, and he could not perceive the whereabouts of the master!

Mei Nongchen bid farewell to her aunt and uncle, and drove back, two black cars guarding her one after the other.

Her aunt Mei also married Ni Hongyun’s eldest son Ni Weidong, who is also Ni Heng’s uncle.

Ni Hongyun has two sons, the eldest Ni Weidong and the young Ni Weiqiang, but he favors the child, so he swept his aunt’s family out many years ago, and the Ni Weiqiang family relied on Ni Hongyun’s trust to flourish, and even Ni Heng was worth more than ever. Humiliated the aunt’s family.

In her previous life, she was bullied by her mother-in-law Lu Tianxia after marrying Ni Heng. Her father-in-law Ni Weiqiang was also a decent villain. Aunt and uncle often took in her who was driven out of the house by Lu Tianxia when she was upset, so she was very grateful to them.

When something like that happened on the day of the engagement, my aunt had also visited Mei’s house several times. She could feel that her aunt really cared about her.

Maybe, she should help them…

Mei Nong Chenshui has shining eyes, she has two very good cousins, much better than Ni Hengke.

Om… Om…

The phone in the bag vibrated happily, took a look, and threw it back.

This is the first time that Ni Heng has contacted himself since the betrothal farce. No need to ask, for the land.

The phone rang, stopped and rang.

Ni Heng’s hand holding the phone turned white, and the blue tendons on his forehead jumped suddenly.

Damn it, didn’t answer the phone!

In the past, as long as he chilled her for two days, she would post it bluntly. I didn’t expect it had been so long now and she would not take the initiative to find him! It’s fine if you don’t find him, and you don’t even answer the phone!

If it wasn’t for Mei Xinchen to tell him about the open space behind Fenglan International, his grandfather would have heard him, and his grandfather would have forced him to find Mei Nongchen and ask, why would he take the initiative to look for her?

Humph! Desperate to catch everyone?

A sneer in his heart, a cloud of darkness in his eyes.

Mei Nongchen imagined Ni Heng’s green face on the other end of the phone, suddenly feeling relieved, eyebrows flying.

I was so happy to hum a little song.

Suddenly, a lightning ball suddenly appeared diagonally ahead and approached at an extremely fast speed. It passed the car in front and slammed into it, seemingly about to hit her front car cover!

The water eyes widened, and subconsciously withdrew a strand of spiritual energy from the body to condense on the fingertips, flicking forward, the emerald green spiritual energy instantly wrapped the lightning ball in it, all actions were completed in an instant, but it still failed to prevent the lightning ball from colliding with the car. .


Sparks flew everywhere, parts flew around, and the bright light pierced people’s eyes.

The two black cars at the front and back were overturned by the heat wave and squeaked out a long way before stopping. Mei Nongchen was smashed against the glass by huge inertia. The bottom of the car was raised high, and then slammed back to the ground. The rear wheel burst. , The body is seriously damaged.

A shocking mouth of blood on her forehead went from left to right, passed through the browbone, and passed through the eye sockets, extending to the temples, exposing the bones.

The blood stained her sight, but she didn’t feel the pain.

I just feel that my brain is so irritated.

“Oh! God! Lord Silver, you are hurt! Did an immortal attack us just now? What should we do! Lord Silver, you have to protect the Lun family. Oh, the Lun family is so scared…”

Qi Lingzhu made a noise while releasing unlimited Vigorous, luminous green light burst out from the wound, and it was clearly visible that the bone scars healed at a speed visible to the naked eye until it seemed to be reborn.

Mei Nongchen felt the change and reached out to touch it, only to feel the smooth, delicate and intact skin.

The healing power of the Qi Lingzhu is amazing!

“Look at your grandmother Liu, who has never seen the world! The sculpting skills are also worthy of your sigh!”

Jiu You didn’t know when he appeared in the driver’s seat and sneered unceremoniously.

Mei Nongchen ignored her, and the front car cover was smashed into a big pit, with black smoke in the pit, and crackling noises from time to time.

I don’t know what is falling from the sky, is it possible that she is already in a situation where she will be struck by lightning when she walks?

While thinking about getting out of the car, Jiuyou also got a dark face, and then got out of the car.

As the night breeze blew, Mei Nongchen was so cold that he was agitated, and the air was filled with a scorching nose. Four bodyguards covered in black clothes climbed out of the two cars that were overturned, waiting to be seen full. When Mei Nongchen, whose face was bloody, her pupils shrank suddenly and the chrysanthemum tightened.

It’s over, the eldest lady is injured, and they have to peel off their skin if they don’t die!

Regardless of the bleeding wound, he hurried over to surround her and looked around vigilantly, fearing that another fireball would fall from the sky.

Seeing this eyebrow pick up, Mei Nongchen looked like these bodyguards were quite competent,

went to the car and went to the pit to look at. At this look, her elegant eyes suddenly widened, shocked, unbelievable, painful, resentful… etc. Emotions intertwined and entangled in the eyes, and finally turned into bean-sized teardrops that rolled down, slamming on the asphalt road.

The thin body couldn’t stop trembling violently. The memories that were pressed deep in her mind by her efforts flooded in, shattering all the indifference that she had maintained these days, pulling her hair and hissing and screaming on her face. The blood stains made her look very hideous, and she was surprised to fly the sleeping bird.

The four bodyguards were also shocked, but it was not the scorched baby in the pit, but the reaction of Mei Nongchen.

Could it be that the girl was timid and scared?

However, Tianxiang Babies actually have so much energy, smashing one car and overturning two cars, how can you see that something is wrong!

For a while, they looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

Jiuyou’s complexion was solemn, the baby appeared weird, and even after such a violent impact, he was still hanging.

There must be a demon if something goes wrong!

Looking at Mei Nongchen’s appearance in crazy pain, his heart burned with anger, and a cloud of black mist quickly condensed from his left hand. With a single blow, the black little body was turned into nothing.

However, before he could do anything, a figure rushed up like the wind and gently held the baby out, as if holding a fragile rare treasure.

Mei Nongchen’s face was mixed with tears and blood, and her hair was tousled, and the baby in front of her overlapped with the thin and deep-marrowed child.

The previous life was difficult to conceive, gave birth in pain, and raised him a little bit in such a filthy place. Although thin and ugly, it was a small life connected to her.

Countless times in the midnight dream, she heard him calling her in a tender and soft voice.


“God pity me and sent you back to me again?”

“This time, no one wants to bully you. If anyone dares to hurt you a vellus hair, I will break his arm!”

Mei Nongchen muttered to herself, her voice soft enough to drip out of honey, the obsession of licking the calf converged and collided in her chest, and the weak breath of the person in her arms was about to break.

Holding one of the baby’s soft little fingers, she slowly transmitted the vitality of the Spirit Qizhu into his body through the fingers little by little, and the little guy who had been exhausted immediately absorbed the precious things like a dry sponge. Vigorous, breathing gradually stabilized, internal injuries and external injuries are healing quickly.

Jiuyou shook his palm quietly, and the black mist disappeared. He knew that no matter what he said, it was impossible for the person in front of him to discard the little briquettes.

The cool summer breeze blew her skirt and raised her long hair. Mei Nongchen stood quietly holding the black baby like that. The tenderness on her face made people ignore the hideous bloodstain. , The body exudes a strong maternal love brilliance, peaceful and beautiful.

The four black-clothed bodyguards were infected by her, and the cold lines on their faces softened a lot.

Jiuyou had already planted an enchantment, although fragile, it was more than enough to isolate mortals.

I used the divine sense to probe into the baby’s body and found that it was almost healed. Mei Nongchen stopped conveying vitality, then gathered all the emotions, put on a cold mask, and coldly scanned the four people surrounding her.

“What happened today?”

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