Chapter 14 attributable

GraphicMail ink sat sullenly bridge central coma white bed, looking terrible and asked the attending doctor to see them: “how is she?”

the point of view of diagnosis is older and doctors, not like the face of GraphicMail ink The other doctors trembled like that, and said calmly: “It’s just a little frightened, and there is nothing wrong with your body. Don’t worry, Mr. Shang, she will wake up soon.”

“A group of quack doctors!” Shang Ruimo was angry. He yelled, “I didn’t tell you in advance this time, why would she always lose strength after connecting her legs!? Wouldn’t she fall off if she didn’t lose strength at this time!?” The

doctor did not dare to hear this symptom. Say something more. I quickly took a small wooden hammer and knocked on Qiao Yangbai’s knees. Seeing that her muscle response was not as strong as that of ordinary people, she said, “This is not a big problem. This lady is weaker and has bone growth. But I can’t keep up. It’s normal for such things to happen.”

Shang Ruimo sneered incredulously: “I adjusted the finest three meals of the best chef, and you said that the nutrition is not enough!?”

“It’s just that the physique is too weak. If you don’t have enough food, you must use medicine.” The old doctor said, “If you want to recover as soon as possible, it’s best to give her some Chinese medicine.”

“Aming.” Shang Ruimo called, and Aming stepped forward immediately. “You and the doctor go to the next room to write the medicine list. No matter what method is used, let Qiao Yangbai restore my best physique as soon as possible. By the way, call back to the company and tell the secretary that I am suddenly unable to attend the banquet, so she can find a way. Deal with it.”

Ah Ming bowed after listening, and led the old doctor to the next room.

Shang Ruimo, who had always been fearless, felt scared when he thought of what happened just now. If he hadn’t happened to pass downstairs and caught the falling Qiao Yangbai in time, he still didn’t know what serious consequences would happen.

In addition to these, he felt angry that he had never felt before.

Qiao Yangbai, a woman who didn’t know good or bad, dared to commit suicide by jumping off the building in front of him! ?

She belongs to him, and even if Qiao Yangbai is going to die, she must die in his hands. Even the Lord Yan would never want to seize people in his hands!

Qiao Yangbai, who was in a coma, suddenly stretched out his hand to grasp something in the air, his forehead was filled with fine beads of sweat, and his mouth kept muttering something.

Shang Ruimo pressed her hand. As if feeling the touch of temperature, Qiao Yangbai’s breathing slowly calmed down.

Shang Ruimo leaned forward: “Are you awake?”

After shaking their hands for a few seconds, Qiao Yangbai finally opened his closed eyes in a daze. And it was Shang Ruimo’s handsome face who had magnified dozens of numbers to greet her.

“Shang…Mr. Shang, why are you here?”

Since I was still a little confused when I just woke up, Qiao Yangbai couldn’t remember what happened just now, but felt that Shang Ruimo was holding her hand a bit weird.

Seeing her sober, Shang Ruimo shook off the hand that held her tightly, and said sarcastically: “Huh. Are the people who wanted to commit suicide just now beginning to pretend to be stupid!?”

Qiao Yangbai asked in a daze at a loss. Said: “What? Suicide?”

“Pretending to be true, then I want to listen to you, why are you standing on the outside of such a dangerous balcony!?”

Shang Ruimo mentioned this, and Qiao Yangbai vaguely remembered what he did for Picking up the bracelet and stepping outside the balcony, I fell off because of the broken place again.

Seeing Shang Ruimo’s face full of anger, Qiao Yangbai hurriedly explained: “I…I didn’t commit suicide! It’s true! I just picked up things that were accidentally blown there by the wind!”


Qiao Yangbai didn’t see Guangyou picking up the bracelet, so he answered truthfully: “It’s just…just a bracelet…”

Shang Ruimo raised his eyebrows: “Bracelet?”

Standing aside Guangyou suddenly remembered the leather chain he had put in his arms, and said, “Miss Bridge, I just found one on the grass. I don’t know if it was the one you dropped.” As

he said, he removed the leather chain from He took it out of his pocket and handed it to Qiao Yangbai.

Seeing Qiao Yangbai’s eyes widened in surprise, Shang Ruimo picked up the bracelet from Guangyou before she received it.

“No, please return him to me, Mr. Shang. The bracelet is for me…” Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help but stretched out his hand, but the shaking voice was automatically muted when he saw Shang Ruimo’s fierce face.

“Seeing you cherish it so much, I have to take a good look at what is worth your death and grab it back.”

Qiao Yangbai bowed his head completely conceding defeat.

Shang Ruimo’s sharp eyes scanned the inconspicuous bracelet, and found a few tiny letterings on the innermost side. His unpleasant face was so gloomy that Guangyou had the urge to tremble.

He grabbed Qiao Yangbai’s arm all at once, with such force that he almost crushed the bones: “You finally pretended to make me think you would be behaved, but this kind of thing happened again. It seems that I have to love it. You’re here!”

Qiao Yang was in pain, desperately begging: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I have no other ideas, I… I just want to keep it as a memorial… Would you please return the bracelet to me, please? Please!”

Shang Ruimo’s strength slowly deepened, as if he wanted to torture Qiao Yangbai slowly: “He clearly said that he just wanted to keep it as a memorial, but in fact it would not last without it. You think I see Not what you think!?”

“I was wrong, I was really wrong. As long as you return that to me, I will do whatever you say…” Big teardrops rolled from Qiao Yangbai’s eyes. For the last faith, she could Do anything, even if you sell your soul willingly. Just, please don’t take it away…

Shang Ruimo was indifferent to her tears, provoked her jaw, and asked proudly: “Whose are you?”

Who am I?

Why always let me confirm the fact that everything about me belongs to you again and again… The clothes on my body, the food in my stomach, and even this pair of skins, all belong to you…

“I… are yours…” Tears rolled off the words, and the words were piercing.

“I don’t need to use this thing in exchange for your obedient and obedient, because you are already mine.” Shang Ruimo squeezed the bracelet into his hand, “but if you are not obedient, I will cut it immediately.”

Qiao Yang Bai looked so miserable that he could not help but turn his head away.

“Starting Chinese medicine tomorrow, I think you should understand how to do it. I hope you are not stupid enough to disobey me again.” Shang Ruimo released her arm and turned away.

Shang Ruimo is a one-of-a-kind person. On the second day after Qiao Yangbai fell from the fourth floor, Xiao Tao and Xiao Ning began to bring Chinese medicine to Qiao Yangbai’s room one by one.

But when everyone thought that Qiao Yangbai would obediently succumb to Shang Ruimo, she made fierce resistance.

She began to take the bowl of Chinese medicine, and then smashed it to the floor.

The choking brown concoction dripped all over the floor, and the room was instantly filled with a bitter taste.

Xiao Tao and Xiao Ning persuaded her countless times, and even Runshi, who stayed at the mansion every day to mow the grass, was afraid that things would make a big deal, so they came to persuade her to take medicine.

But this situation is getting worse, starting from the beginning of throwing the medicine bowl, to now Qiao Yangbai even refuses to eat.

This incident was immediately reported to Shang Ruimo. The strange thing is that although Shang Ruimo was full of anger, he only slightly ordered: “Move Qiao Yangbai to my room.” The

implication was: in the future, she Live with me.

Shang Ruimo came back from the company and dealt with the daily affairs of the Royal Merchant Gang in the car, and received a call from the housekeeper, “Master, Miss Bridge has been placed in your room, but she is not in a good mood.” Stable, smashed a few antique vases in your room…” the phone.

Shang Ruimo couldn’t understand Qiao Yangbai’s thoughts better.

Want to get tired of her as soon as possible, so that you can throw her out?

Humph. Not that cheap.

When he returned to his bedroom on the third floor of the Central Mansion, Qiao Yangbai was curling his knees on the sofa, staring at the messy room he had smashed into.

Shang Ruimo waved back the maids who were cleaning the room, sat down opposite Qiao Yangbai, put his slender arms on the back of the sofa, and said with a chuckle: “Just the vases you smashed, plus Together we have exceeded 100 million. Now you are not only a toy, but also a debt slave.”

Qiao Yangbai’s shoulder shook.

“You said I should ask for a debt?”

Shang Ruimo stretched out his arms and pulled Qiao Yangbai over and pressed him to the sofa.

“As long as… as long as I can pay the debt… just… just like this… please let me go out…” Qiao Yangbai’s eyes were full of tears, and the big ones fell from his eye sockets.

“Qiao Yangbai.” Shang Ruimo said helplessly, “Your tears are not worth money. Your body is not worth money.”

Qiao Yangbai grabbed Shang Ruimo’s powerful arms and kept shaking, crying. Misery: “Mr. Shang, what am I going to do… I have…”

“Call me Shang Ruimo, your unfamiliar wording makes me feel sick.”

“Shang…Shang Ruimo…”

“Am I so scary?” Shang Ruimo rubbed her cheek amusedly, and said, before overlapping the kiss.

The clothes were peeled off and left on the floor.

“Don’t… um… um…”

“I said no, isn’t it comfortable as if it melted?”

Qiao Yangbai, who was badly irritated by Shang Ruimo’s chest, couldn’t help but arched up: “Ah… …No…

Yes …” Shang Ruimo gently scratched her softly. Seeing that her reaction became more intense, he smiled lightly: “It’s already like this, still say no?”


Qiao Yangbai felt deep sorrow for himself in the thrill of the tide.

Not reconciled to being played easily by him like this. But time and time again, he was immersed in the caress given by the man in front of him, unable to extricate himself from it. No amount of persistence until this moment will always fall apart.

I belong to the proud you. His self-esteem was shattered, and his bones disappeared.

Shang Ruimo. Why these simple three words will imprison everything about me.

Can anyone tell me why…

Qiao Yangbai grabbed Shang Ruimo’s arm, groaning and crying in the center of the whirlpool of pleasure.

Chapter 15:

After the passion of the storm , Shang Ruimo simply put on clothes for Qiao Yangbai, and then hugged her, who had fallen asleep again, onto the king-size bed.

The sleeping Qiao Yangbai is less defensive and stubborn, and his quiet sleeping face reveals the fragility of arousing love. Shang Ruimo pulled the hair from her forehead away, then tidyed up her clothes a bit, and dialed an internal phone call to the housekeeper: “I told you to prepare something in the morning. Bring it in now.”

After a while, the butler politely opened the door and delivered a black box to Shang Ruimo. He knew that he had no right to inquire about the personal affairs of the master, but just by knowing what was in the box, he could roughly guess what would happen next.

The butler glanced at Qiao Yangbai with a look that didn’t know whether it was pity or sorrow, and then quietly retreated.

Shang Ruimo opened the box with one hand, and easily took out a delicate toy from the inside, and compared it with Qiao Yang’s slender fingers on the sheet.

It looks very suitable.

He looked very satisfied, leaned down, pressed Qiao Yang’s thin left wrist on the top of his head, and tied it to the head of the bed with a soft but surprisingly strong rope. Then tied her right wrist to the side of the bed-in front of him.

Qiao Yangbai was awakened by his actions, and when he woke up, he found that his hands were tied and could not move.

What is he going to do! ?

Qiao Yangbai opened his black and white eyes, looked at Shang Ruimo in confusion, twisting his hands incessantly.

“Shang…Shang Ruimo…You are…!”

“Don’t move.”


Shang Ruimo faintly repeated the sentence: “You said, should I ask for debt?”

Claim debt! ?

Isn’t it just a debt collection for me to do my best? ?

Reading the puzzlement in Qiao Yangbai’s eyes, Shang Ruimo stroked her smooth wrist and said: “I said, Yang Bai, your body is worthless.” It’s


what! Worthless!

At that moment, Qiao Yangbai almost smiled bitterly, Shang Ruimo, you said my body was worthless, but you plundered it over and over again!

Shang Ruimo ignored her sorrowful eyes, and once again pinched the little toy on hand and placed it in front of her, as if asking how the weather was today, and asked in a calm tone: “Yang Bai, do you know what this is?”

His tone was steady. It’s amazing, even with gentle presentation.

Shang Ruimo’s long finger was holding an iron plate the size of a finger. The iron plate was densely lined with small steel needles. Seen from above, it was elegantly lined up with the word “ink”.

The silver light flickered and looked strange, making people shudder.

Qiao Yangbai trembled, his voice trembled: “What is it?”

Shang Ruimo smiled, “You are really humbly.”

Qiao Yangbai stopped answering, and Shang Ruimo didn’t sell Guanzi, and said directly: “This is a very convenient toy. .Aim at the fingertips where the needle points are dense.

Press lightly, the special paint will be automatically injected for ten seconds, will not hurt the bones, but it is much brighter than the tattoo. After healing, the words on the fingers will never fade for a lifetime. It is the latest product marked on the living toy by the owner. “The

words are indifferent, without murderous intent. But it was like a slashing order, but Qiao Yangbai was terrified.

She stared at the torture instrument that Shang Ruimo called a toy, and shook her head tremblingly: “Shang Ruimo, I will be well in the future Take medicine, you will be obedient…”

Shang Ruimo didn’t seem to hear her compromise, and gracefully fiddled with the paint in the box: “Yang Bai, what color do you like? “

Qiao Yangbai cried tragically: “Please, I will definitely do it this time… please…! “

Shang Rui Mowu chose a torture instrument of his own choice, and then grabbed Qiao Yangbai’s right hand tied in front of him, and said softly, “Reward you, choose a finger for yourself.” “

Really the cruelest reward in the world!

“No! I do not want! “Qiao Yangbai twisted desperately, but the rope showed no signs of loosening, and it still bound her firmly.

“If you don’t choose, what about the ring finger?” “The

ring finger was gently pinched and lifted, and the steel needle was pressed against the fingertips, as if rubbing the best position.

“Hey, don’t move, it will hurt your wrist. “After the

gentle instruction, the steel needle was gently pushed in.

“Ah! what……! “The

needle pierced the soft finger, cut the thin blood vessels, and rushed in arbitrarily. The

ten fingers connected to the heart, not to mention the deep piercing, and the thin layer of blood vessels between the bones.

Qiao Yang screamed miserably, and his feet were not. Staying and kicking, almost taught the pain to take away the mind


It hurts. It hurts really.

Shang Ruimo held her down, and Qiao Yangbai felt that the torture instrument stayed in his fingers for a while, and a trace of cold liquid flowed in.

It’s paint. Drop by drop, clamoring for Shang Ruimo’s possession, meandering into the flesh.

The blood was still surging out, wet the palm of her hand ferociously, and then trickled down her wrist.

These ten seconds seemed to have passed for several centuries.

When the torture instrument was withdrawn, he still felt unhappy.

Qiao Yangbai cried miserably, and his face was covered with tears, large tears were still pouring out from his eye sockets, and some even fell on Shang Ruimo’s hands to untie the rope for her.

Shang Ruimo gently comforted: “Don’t cry.”

He didn’t get angry and left without leaving her, but was gentle and too gentle.

“Why! Why do I have to belong to you! Shang Ruimo! I hate you! I hate you!” She was stabbed with a scar that belonged to someone else, waving her free hand wildly! In this life…I can’t escape in this life!

I scolded for a long time, until my throat was hoarse, and the tears were superimposed.

Shang Ruimo was also not angry, and wiped the blood on her hands, still gentle to the extreme: “Good boy, Yang Bai, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Qiao Yangbai kept crying and grabbed Shang Ruimo with his uninjured hand. The neat collar was tugging fiercely: “I hate you! I don’t want to be your toy! I want to go home! I want to go home!”


As soon as the words were spoken, Qiao Yangbai was stunned.

Her home was just an empty shell abandoned by her parents and used to pay off debts.

What is home? What home does she have?

Shang Ruimo took away Qiao Yangbai’s weak hand, unscrewed the lid of the ointment prepared in advance, picked out a piece with his finger, and rubbed Qiao Yangbai’s ring finger and pressed it.

The cold ointment covered the wound, and the pain began to ease.

The hoarse cry turned into a low sob, Qiao Yangbai, who had calmed down a little bit, did not dare to look at his wounds, and did not dare to confirm this fact.

Shang Ruimo didn’t force her, and lay down beside Qiao Yangbai, holding her with one arm.

“Hey, stop crying, I’ll feel bad when you cry again.”

Distressed? Does that man named Shang Ruimo know how to feel distressed?

However, he abruptly was so gentle. Break her down and spare no effort.

Obviously he hates him so deeply, but he has to become considerate and teach her how to resist.

“You just said that you want to go home?”

Qiao Yangbai’s tears have gradually stopped, and she nodded.

“You don’t have a home to go back. Be good, so how about I take you out tomorrow?”

Qiao Yang nodded.

He is the boss of business, the president of business, the owner of business, and Mr. Shang. He is omnipotent and majestic in the world. Such a person has finally given her this kind of plaything gift. Is there any reason not to accept it?

Seeing Qiao Yangbai trembling, Shang Ruimo asked gently: “Is it cold?”


Shang Ruimo pulled up the quilt again to cover Qiao Yangbai’s shoulders outside.

He whispered in her ear: “Get a good night’s sleep, and tomorrow morning will not hurt.” For

a moment, Qiao Yangbai was stunned by the deep honey talk and believed his words in a daze.

“Is there no pain tomorrow morning?”

“Well, it won’t hurt soon.”

Although the pain on the fingertip was painful, it was already much lighter. But Qiao Yangbai forgot, the result after it didn’t hurt.

Yeah…it won’t hurt…

shrinking into the warm embrace of the man, Qiao Yangbai fell asleep.

On the second day, Shang Ruimo took Qiao Yangbai out as he said.

Xiaotao, who came into the room to deliver breakfast and Chinese medicine to Qiao Yangbai in the morning, saw her wound and her eyes were red in silence.

Qiao Yangbai couldn’t see her tears, so she smiled and said, “It doesn’t hurt.”

How could it not hurt? Xiaotao knew in her heart that if it didn’t hurt, how could Sister Yang Bai drink that bitter Chinese medicine obediently?

Sister Yangbai, why are you doing this? Xiaotao sighed, but worried about the wound infection, quickly put a waterproof band-aid on Qiao Yangbai’s ring finger, and then left the room.

When Qiao Yangbai was ready under the care of Xiaotao and Xiaoning, the black-headed car was already waiting outside the central house.

Before setting off, Shang Ruimo asked Qiao Yangbai where she wanted to go. She thought about it, but she shook her head: “I don’t know.”

So Shang Ruimo told the driver to go around Mong Kok and look again. Sound insulation glass between the front seats.

Occasionally caught a glimpse of the band-aid on Qiaoyang Bai’s finger, Shang Ruimo shook his head dissatisfiedly: “The paint itself is anti-infection, and there is no need to paste such useless things.”

Compared with the surprisingly gentle Shang Ruimo last night. If the two of them, Qiao Yang becomes frustrated, she will never know this man. I don’t know if he was hiding too deeply, or he performed too well last night. He changed so quickly and quickly that they all taught her to feel that she was being played with again.

As he said, he leaned over and tore off the band-aids and threw them into the recycling bin equipped on the car.

The word immediately appeared in Qiao Yangbai’s eyes.

It is red. Vivid blood red.


Chinese characters, fifteen strokes.

The complicated words were perfectly and clearly presented on her fingers.

The red paint stabbed Qiao Yangbai’s eyes with pain.

Seeing her face a little stiff, Shang Ruimo folded her long legs indifferently, rubbing the mark he personally left, and faintly spit out two words: “Very good.”

Indeed. The white fingertips, coupled with the bright red handwriting, are as if the sky grows there, and the fit is amazing.

Qiao Yangbai smiled bitterly and looked at the strange and familiar street outside the window, her chest overflowing with unknown bitterness.