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Chapter 14 My son

“Miss, why did you forget? You found an abandoned baby lying on the side of the road, so you got out of the car and checked. Unexpectedly, a big truck ran out of control and hit our car and escaped. We were slightly injured.”

Among them, the bodyguard with the paler face was not anxious or irritable.

Mei Nongchen looked at him twice, not bad, very smart!

She also knows the strangeness of this child, but…

from now on, he will be her son of Mei Nongchen!

The bodyguard was instructed to turn over the overturned car. Fortunately, the two cars could still be driven, but her car was smashed so badly that it was completely scrapped, so she was dragged and destroyed.

Just in case, it’s safer to destroy the car to Mei Nongchen.

I arranged my appearance in the rearview mirror and looked at it, and it was still neat.

“Ah! Missy what are you holding? Oh, my God! Are you a child?” When

Mei Nongchen came back, she heard Qian’s familiar scream resounding over the entire villa, shocking everyone Jump.

Mom Qian took a one-month vacation. When she came back tonight, she saw Mei Nongchen holding a black charcoal block. The bodyguards who followed were all colored, thinking that her eldest lady was being bullied, she immediately burst into tears. Whirling and crying with a sharp throat.

But he also carefully helped Mei Nongchen into the house.

Qian’s mother is tall and big, straightforward and aggressive, but open-minded without crooked eyes, is one of the few people who really care about Mei Nongchen.

In her previous life, she had followed Mei Xinchen’s words and drove Qian Ma out on the grounds that her hands and feet were dirty.

Now that I think about it, I really want to scrape myself a few times, and she can’t see the clumsy framing methods. I really don’t know if I was in the gutter in my mind at that time!

Later, I heard that Mom Qian had a miserable life and made a living by scavenging waste.

Mei Nongchen leaned on Qian’s big arms, and her tears did not shed tears. In this life, she must take good care of Qian’s mother and never let anyone hit anyone who cares about her with crooked ideas!

Mei Yiru came out of the study and saw this picture of you crying and howling, and the four bodyguards looked embarrassed and their complexions changed. After seeing Mei Nongchen’s appearance, the hanging heart fell back to its original position, but the voice still remained. gloomy.

“What’s the matter?!” The

white-skinned bodyguard began to pull the calf unhurriedly again, but Mei Yiru is obviously not that easy to fool.

He fixed his gaze on the black charcoal in Mei Nongchen’s arms, “Is that the child who is so dark?”

Mei Nongchen remembered that the child needed a bath, got up suddenly, and dragged Qian’s mother upstairs. Do not forget to order.

“Mom Qian followed me to bathe the child, Dad, you let someone go out to buy a diaper, and I will explain other things to you tomorrow…” The

figure has disappeared at the corner of the stairs.

Song Furong and Mei Xinchen stood aside, one with disdain and a lowered eyebrow.

“Yiru, you don’t care about her. You are making trouble outside all day long, and now you take a child of unknown origin home, and when Mei’s family is an adoption home!”

“Mom, don’t say anything, my sister has her own measures, although that It’s weird that the child’s whole body is scorched, but it shouldn’t be a problem…”

Mei Xinchen said while peeking at Mei Yiru, seeing his face getting more and more serious as he wished, and every sentence for Mei Nongchen was said to be annoying. The key to doubt.

Indeed, the baby was scorched all over, and there was a faint burnt smell, which was really strange.

“Four of you, come with me!”

Randomly glanced at the four of them, but let them shiver like falling into an ice cave, and bite the bullet to keep up.

Mei Nongchen has no experience in bathing children. She is clumsy, and Qian’s mother is sophisticated, and she washes the little guy clean.

“Ah! God!”

Qian Ma’s scream sounded abruptly, and Mei Nongchen, who was looking for clothes in the cloakroom, shook with fright, dropped the clothes in her hands and ran to the bathroom.

Could something happen?

As soon as I arrived at the bathroom door, I saw Qian Ma coming out with shaking hands holding a white doll ticking in water.

Old eyes shone, and lips trembled so that they couldn’t speak the whole thing.

“Heaven… heaven… good… beautiful… good… drift… bright…”

Mei Nongchen looked down, her pupils shrinking.

It’s really beautiful!

For unknown reasons, the little guy has been sleeping all the time, his plump face is like milky white pudding, the eyeliner is long and slightly raised, the thick and curled eyelashes are like false eyelashes, the small and cute nose, the pink and tender like cherry blossoms The soft mouth, the cheek is slightly ruddy, the arms and legs are crystal clear and tender like the peeled lotus roots, angels can’t compare to him!

“It’s so good-looking, more beautiful than an angel, I’ll ask you to do it in the future!”

Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but peck his cheek that was smoother than milk.

“Shit…Shit shit?”

Qian’s eyes twitched, her face flushed with constipation, why should such a beautiful doll be called shit?

Seeing her flushed face, Mei Nongchen immediately aftertastes her face, a black line is really not very nice.

She didn’t choose a name for the child in her previous life, and kept calling her baby, so she wanted to choose a meaningful name for this son.

But it seemed to have failed.

God pity my heart, God bestows you.

day by day.

Just call it Tiantian!

“Tiantian, my mother’s good baby…”

Mei Nongchen wiped off Tiantian’s little face while drying his body, putting on diapers and tucked into the bed. The maid Xiaofen didn’t know how big to buy, so every time I bought a pack of one of them, and Mei Nongchen tried three of them to find a suitable one.

Mother Qian kept talking, opening and closing her mouth several times. Mei Nongchen settled Tian Tian, took her by Qian’s hand and sat on the sofa, looking at her seriously and sincerely.

“Mom Qian, I know what you want to say, but I have already decided that every day is my son, so I hope you can take good care of him when I’m away…” The water eyes were foggy and the focus was locked. On the little soft ball on the bed, Mom Qian felt inexplicably that her profile was so sad, and her voice was ethereal and distant, like the echo from the verdant valley, “Please help me take good care of my son, okay? ?”

She turned her head, Mother Qian saw her tears falling, her heart suddenly pulled together, she did not even want to point her head into garlic, patted her chest straight, “Everyday is so cute and so painful, I will take care of it! Don’t worry! ! “

money mom was gone, May took a fight to get dust bath, dry hair then got into bed every day will gently stopped in his arms, he chirp chirp of soft white face, the smell of sweet glutinous his body fragrance, As he fell asleep, the corners of his elegant lips were raised high, and the eyebrows that had been frowning for so many days stretched out for the first time.

Jiuyou sighed. Is there anything good about that skinny child? Is it worth thinking about?

… In the

black hole study, Mei Yiru stood in front of the window and looked at the sky, spitting out smoke, the cigarette between his fingers was bright and dark, and his eyes were cast with heavy shadows, making it difficult to see his expression.

The four bodyguards confessed to a clean, unidentified child under his lewdness. The way he appeared was also quite weird. What was even more strange was Mei Nongchen’s reaction, howling in pain? This is not the response of a normal person, neither fear nor… joy.

There was a faint feeling of uneasiness, this daughter, he started to be a little bit unable to see through.

I couldn’t help laughing, taking a deep breath of smoke and slowly spitting out the smoke, the smell of tobacco quickly filled the air, her mother, didn’t she see through it!

However, it would be better for that child to investigate… In the

night, a meteor flashed across, and Mei Yiru’s hand holding a cigarette flicked, and the soot drifted down.

Yinyin, is that you?

Mei Xinchen’s eyes twinkled with weird light, and the combination of what she overheard from outside the study and what was overheard by the maid Xiaofen, she came to a very crucial point.

Mei Nongchen picked up an evildoer and came back to be his son!

She must quickly tell Ni Shao that Ni Shao is so proud and arrogant that she wouldn’t be such a cheap father!

It’s best to hate that bitch Mei Nongchen!

Hehe! Only the Mei family can match Ni Shao. Eliminate Mei Nongchen and she is the only one left!

The cinnabar mole at the corner of his mouth was fascinating in the light, and his half-squinted eyes flashed darkly.

Or… the child was born by Mei Nongchen himself!

…The dark summer night is breezy, and the shadows of the trees are whirling and rustling.

A figure is moving fast at a speed that ordinary people can’t see. From time to time, it stops to catch the air and put it under the nose to sniff. The expression on the face that has always been expressionless is getting heavier and heavier in the cold sweat on this warm early summer night. Xi dripped from his back and wet his clothes.

Wu Di looked at the void solemnly, unable to track the whereabouts of his master, it seemed that he had to send a man to search for it.

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