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Chapter 15 Cold face doll

Early the next morning, Mei Nongchen woke up from a deep sleep, opened his eyes and was confused for a while, and subconsciously touched it aside.

“Every day!”

She sat up with a carp, empty around her, where is that tender and soft steamed bun?

My heart sighed, how about every day?

Shuijing looked around anxiously, and when she saw the small white figure on the tatami in front of the French windows, she breathed a long sigh of relief and smiled softly.

Mei Nongchen got up and walked over, hugged him into his arms, and kissed his white jade forehead, “Why did you run up there?” As

he said, he reached out and put his hand between his legs, just thinking about peeing. Should I change my trousers? I didn’t pay attention to the small stiff body of the person in my arms, his face flushed, and he was angry!

damn it! Just kiss him! Also… Touch there!

What a shame!

Unexpectedly, he failed to get promoted and met the most unlucky one in the legend. His divine power was sealed and turned into an ordinary person. God knows when he can recover!

Even if it’s normal, it’s Mao? Because Mao is a little bun who can’t go and talk? I had fallen from the bed to the tatami a total of 18 times before climbing up!

Is this Longyou Shoal?

It’s just…

cold eyes staring at the woman who is stripping him away, always feel as if I’ve seen it somewhere…


Mei Nongchen looked up suddenly, and accidentally ran into a pair of icy immature eyes.

Her brows were furrowed, how could she feel that Tian Tian’s eyes were weird, not at all like a child of six or seven months, without the ignorance and ignorance she should have.

Under the thick eyelashes, the light was exquisite and cold.

and many more!

His pupil!

It turned out to be golden!

Although it looks black at first glance, there is a circle of golden dark lines on the edge of the black pupils, as if they are wearing golden cosmetic contact lenses.

The beauty is dreamy and blurry…

Mei Nongchen was so forgetful that her nose was about to meet the tip of Xiao Baozi’s, and she didn’t pay attention to the naked disgust on her face.

After watching for a long time, he came back to his senses, and saw Tiantian staring at her with a strange look, and reached out to touch his tender white ass.

He smiled and said, “What kind of look do you have in your child’s family!”

I sighed inwardly: This little butt feels great!

So he touched a few more before letting go.

She felt happily here, the toothless milk bun over there clenched her gums tightly, her small hands squeezed tightly, and her face was comparable to the bottom of a pot.

what! damn it! When the deity recovers his divine power, he will cut your hand and dig your eyes as soon as possible!

This weekend, there is no need to go to the company, the school has already said hello, as long as the final exam is not absent.

Mei Nongchen took Qian Tian to the mall to buy clothes and supplies for her baby son, followed by two black tails, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai.

The whiter is called Xiaobai, the darker is called Xiaohei, and Mei Nongchen takes it.

Originally didn’t want to take them, just considering that there will be a lot of things to buy, so I took two of them as coolies.

This posture of her appearance caused the passers-by to look sideways, constantly guessing which big figure’s mistress Xiaosan this was, but Mei Nongchen didn’t hear it, but Qian’s eyebrows glared, her fierce look made her tongue shrink in fright. The neck slipped away.

Mei Nongchen couldn’t help laughing, but her heart was warm.

After walking around for a long time, the two people behind them were carrying large bags and small bags, and they were all breathless after walking for so long, which really amazed her.

After her body was washed and recast by the Spirit Enlightenment Orb, she naturally wouldn’t get tired so easily. She only suffered from Qian’s mother, and she would have to suffer this sin at an age.

Mei Nongchen was also overwhelmed, but she couldn’t help it. She had no experience in buying baby products, so she forced Qian’s mother to be a mentor.

She can buy it by herself in the future.

Seeing Qian Qian who was walking with her head full of sweat and supporting the wall, Mei Nongchen felt distressed, so she took her into a nearby cafe.

In an unattended corner, a sneaky figure flashed past.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes lightened slightly and his steps did not stop, and the smile on the corners of her lips suddenly deepened.

No wonder people have been envious of immortals since ancient times. She just stepped on the Xiuxian Road with one foot, and her five senses have been amazingly improved. Within a kilometer, she can clearly perceive it without deliberately looking and listening. everyone.

Just now, I seem to have seen interesting people…

A group of people took their seats under the guidance of the waiter and ordered drinks each, Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

I have to say that although the two of them do not look good, they are really stalwart, their big head, the big muscles that will burst their clothes, and the sharp and cold eyes, all of them release a strong masculine charm. Many ignorant girls are also fascinated on the road.

Under their support, Mei Nongchen’s elegance and exquisiteness became more and more noble and unattainable.

“Ah -“

Qian Qian stiffly fell into the sofa, stretched her sturdy long legs, and stretched her waist very comfortably.

Mei Nongchen smiled and shook his head, and continued to tease Tiantian.

However, he tightened a small pink face every day, and his eyes didn’t give a good look.


Mom Qian suddenly came over, her eyebrows a little solemn, “Is this kid OK? I can’t laugh, I haven’t seen him look around for so long after coming out, and I don’t have the curiosity that a child should have. Miss, could he be thrown away by his family because of his bad brain?”

If someone else said that, Mei Nongchen would have turned his face right away, but Qian’s mother looked sincere and was really so worried.

This can’t blame her for thinking like this, she only knows that the child was picked up, but she doesn’t know that the child is special.

In general, children of six or seven months old can laugh, cry, make noise, and be curious, but anyone who looks like ice and wood every day will feel foolish.

But Mei Nongchen didn’t think so. Every day is different from ordinary children. That’s for sure, but it’s definitely not a bad brain.

When Madam Qian just said that he had a bad brain, Mei Nongchen clearly felt that Tiantian’s face was dark and ugly, and cast a ugly look at Mother Qian. If he could talk, he would definitely curse: Your girl has a bad brain!

He understands what Mom Qian said!

Obediently Rumble! Could it be that God gave her a genius son?

Have you already opened up your mind at such a young age? !

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help herself, holding up Tiantian’s face and kissing him, drooling over his face.

damn it! Kiss him again!

Every day, he lifted his fleshy hands and wiped his face laboriously, his eyes freezing cold.

Seeing that she was disgusted, Mei Nongchen became more sure of his identity as a young genius, not only not annoyed but happier!

Although it’s a bit cold, but smart!

Chew a few more mouthfuls, and he saw the billowing raging flames in his eyes.

Yo Yo Yo, you have a big temper.

The sound of laughter was more pleasing than Yinling, and Mei Nongchen couldn’t see her teeth.

Mom Qian’s five internal organs are all twisted together, and her face is full of sadness. How can this be good? The eldest lady likes this stupid child so much, she won’t be tired of him for a lifetime, right? That can’t be done! Bringing a small oil bottle can’t find a good one. Hey!

“Yeah~ isn’t this my future sister-in-law?” A

sharp female voice sounded at the door, and everyone in the cafe looked up and saw two beautiful and stylishly dressed girls in their twenties walk in.

Mei Nongchen smiled and watched them approaching, her elegant eyes were cold.

Mei Xinchen, Ni Jiujiu.

Ni Jiujiu is Ni Heng’s younger sister, her sister-in-law in her previous life, and her mother-in-law Lu Tianxia are the same!

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei stood up suddenly, staring at the two approaching people with unkind eyes. The chairman of the board said that everyone should be on guard!

Madam Qian didn’t like this little witch from the Ni family either, she was overbearing and unreasonable. She used to change the law to bully the eldest lady. However, the eldest lady likes her brother to choose to swallow her anger, and she is not good at interfering too much. But now that the engagement has been cancelled, the lady shouldn’t like his brother, right? Then be polite to her?

So hurriedly got up and opened her arms to block Mei Nongchen’s body, the alive and well-fried hen.

Mei Nongchen felt that the black line on his forehead was straight off, and the three of them were too nervous, right? Are you afraid that she won’t be eaten?

Now she is no longer the soft bag of the previous bullying, did they forget that she also beat Ni Heng, Ni Jiujiu is a fart!

Instructed Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei to sit down, and seated Qian Ma next to him.

Then he bowed his head and creaked Tiantian’s small neck, as if he hadn’t seen the two people in front of him.

Ni Jiujiu’s behavior of Xiao Hei, Xiao Bai and Qian’s mother to guard against thieves has already made Ni Jiujiu unhappy, but he didn’t expect Shouqi Bao Mei Nongchen to ignore her! Since childhood, who didn’t hold her and coax her to flatter her? Besides, does Mei Nongchen covet her brother? Shouldn’t it be licking her heels to make her happy?

Ni Jiujiu glared horizontally, arms crossed his chest, nostrils facing everyone, his domineering appearance ruined a delicate and lovely face.

“My lady is talking to you, are you deaf or dumb? Really uneducated!”

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