Chapter 16 Hovering

Chapter 16 _ Hovering

by countless bodyguards of the Imperial Chamber of Commerce in the dark, followed by Qiao Yangbai, who was shopping, felt quite uneasy. Because Qiao Yangbai was graduating from high school when she first entered the Yongyao Gang, she begged Huo Dongchen to let herself go to university. Huo Dongchen really didn’t like her to show her face outside. This was rejected without any suspense. Later, after repeated pleading, she reluctantly invited a teacher to teach her.

Shang Ruimo turned a blind eye to Qiao Yangbai’s anxiety. He just went to the VIP room in each store to sit with long legs, watching her try on various clothes, nodding or shaking his head, and then the light behind him Take his gold card for consumption.

Lunch was at a top membership-only western restaurant in Kowloon. As soon as I entered the door, there were waiters in neat uniforms lined up on both sides. There are no loose seats in the restaurant, all are spacious and elegant private rooms.

Because it is a top-level membership system, each member has its own private room. Qiao Yangbai followed Shang Ruimo to a European-style private room on the south side of the second floor to sit down.

The computer in the private room is an electronic menu. Qiao Yangbai originally thought that Shang Ruimo would still call Western food, but he saw that he set his sights on the “Lunch of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Care.”

Is it hard to escape Chinese medicine for lunch this time? Qiao Yangbai was helpless.

When the dishes with a little medicinal fragrance were brought up, Qiao Yangbai was surprised to find that Shang Ruimo’s dishes were the same as hers.


Shang Ruimo interrupted her: “Eat your own things.”


Chinese medicine lunch is not bad, except for the bursts of medicinal fragrance reminding Qiao Yangbai that it contains Chinese medicine, although it is not as fragrant as the delicacies of mountains and seas, but after eating it, it gives people a very fresh and comfortable feeling.

However, Shang Ruimo, who was accustomed to western food, frowned coldly at the food in front of him.

Knowing that he would not like to eat, Qiao Yangbai said softly: “Shang Ruimo, I think you eat Western food…”

Before finishing speaking, Shang Ruimo glared back: “You want to say you can eat it. Can’t I eat it and mock me?”

“It’s not like that.” He was too biased. He just felt that he was so healthy that he didn’t need to be wronged to eat Chinese medicine.

“No, just shut up.”

Shang Ruimo shook his face, frowned elegant eyebrows, took a few mouthfuls as if he had completed the task, and then asked someone to withdraw. The sullen face scared the young waiter who came in to withdraw the dishes into cold sweat.

Qiao Yangbai originally wanted to thank Shang Ruimoken for eating such a light dish with him, but then he thought that even if he said it, he would be disdainful, so he had to swallow it raw.

When walking down the street in the afternoon, Qiao Yangbai would always involuntarily look at the bodyguards in black suits hiding in the dark. Shang Ruimo on the side said disdainfully: “Your body is not worth money, but you Life seems to be more important than the body.”

This sentence is like a dart hitting a red heart. It’s just that this red heart is the self-esteem of Qiao Yangbai.

Well said, really well said!

Qiao Yangbai smiled miserably, but he didn’t know this smile, and it also projected into Shang Ruimo’s eyes.

He looked at his watch and said motionlessly: “The time is almost here, take you to a place.”

“Where to go?”

“Don’t you want to be free? Then I will give you freedom. Starting today, I will unblock you from me. News. Then I will let you know that even if you get the freedom you think you are, you are still mine.”

“You said that maybe one day you will let me go.”

“It seems that there won’t be that day.” Shang Ruimo picked up the ring finger of her left hand and pressed the concave and convex Chinese character on it, saying each word.” This time limit is eternity, life, eternity, and the world.”

She had long known that there was little hope that this day would come, but the words came out of Shang Ruimo’s mouth, which taught her despair.

When her mind was erratic, the car had already arrived, and she let Shang Ruimo pull into the back seat. Then I heard Shang Ruimo say to the driver: “Before going to Victoria Bay, first go to the styling shop

in Yau Ma Tei .” It was very close from Mong Kok to Yau Ma Tei, and also in the direction of Victoria Bay, so the car drove for almost a few minutes. , I went to a very fashionable styling shop.

There was not a single customer in the store, and Qiao Yangbai found all the people, including the manager, the stylist, and the miscellaneous girl… as if they were going to come a long time ago and were waiting for them long ago.

As soon as Shang Ruimo entered the door, the manager ran up excitedly: “Mr. Shang, you are welcome to visit. The shop is flourishing!”

Shang Ruimo nodded indifferently.

“Presumably this is Miss Qiao, right?” The manager turned his gaze to Qiao Yangbai. “Mr. Shang’s female companions are always beautiful and beautiful, don’t worry, I promise to dress her up…”

Female companions? Qiao Yangbai tilted his head in confusion.

Shang Ruimo waved his hand impatiently: “Needless to say, you can start quickly.”

When Guangyou moved all the clothes he bought in Mong Kok today into the store, Qiao Yangbai was surrounded by a group of people to change clothes. And makeup.

Shang Ruimo leaned on the large sofa in the waiting area and let out a deep breath.

Even though his face did not show up, Shang Ruimo still felt deeply worried about bringing Qiao Yangbai to the banquet this time.

The fact that Qiao Yangbai made her appearance this time meant that this incident in Shang Ruimo’s house was no longer a secret. At that time, not only his enemies will regard Qiao Zhongbai as his weakness, but the danger will be greatly increased. And this matter will reach the Yongyao Clan as quickly as possible. Huo Dongchen is a person who has been on the road for a long time. Even if he will not come to blatant VIPs, he will sneak into his mansion and bring Qiao Yang back. Not unexpected.

But… the

reason for taking this risk, Shang Ruimo just wanted to teach Qiao Yangbai one thing.

——She is his. It will always be his.

Shang Ruimo sometimes feels puzzled by his persistence towards Qiao Yangbai. With his financial resources and appearance, he has thousands of women for him to choose.

There is no need to have such a strong possessive desire for a woman who has been a mistress of others.

Shang Ruimo, who had lost his parents since he was a child, and has been educated by the lonely elite at home until high school, was originally indifferent. Since the person disappeared three years ago and there was no news, his heart was rarely turbulent. It has become solid ice completely.

Indeed, he is a legend in Hong Kong, and at a young age he managed the Shang’s consortium and the Yushang Gang like a fish in water. The tentacles of trade are all over the world. However, behind these great successes, he has lost something, others don’t know, even Shang Ruimo himself can’t explain it clearly.

Shang Ruimo was trying his best to avoid his inexplicable love for Qiao Yangbai. He just wanted to keep her prisoner by his side, as long as she could always be by his side.

But when facing Qiao Yangbai’s eyes looking forward to being free one day, he would feel guilty inexplicably.

When will this kind of thing come to an end? Shang Ruimo sighed deeply again.

Guangyou, who was on the side, didn’t know what happened to the boss today. Since sitting down and sighing, he has never seen such a worried boss.

However, since the boss met Miss Qiao, it was indeed different from before… It was

almost an hour before Qiao Yangbai walked out of the room inside.

Guangyou originally just glanced inadvertently, but immediately froze there.

Shang Ruimo was also stunned.

Qiao Yangbai’s plain makeup was originally very beautiful, but because of her poor health a while ago, she always looked a little sickly and thin. This time, she wore a gorgeous evening dress and exquisite makeup. After being dressed up by a professional stylist, even Shang Ruimo, who had read countless people, had to admit that she was indeed a rare beauty.

Qiao Yangbai saw the weird expressions of Shang Ruimo and Guangyou, and said with a guilty heart: “That, isn’t it a bit awkward? I think it’s too formal…”

The brilliance who always pityed Xiangxiyu didn’t care about Shang Ruimo beside him, and he blurted out the beautiful words: “Why are you awkward! You are simply too beautiful!”

Qiao Yangbai was embarrassed by the praise in front of so many people, and caught him. Rubbing the fabric of the clothes, a little uneasy.

Shang Ruimo glanced at Guangyou. Guangyou quickly realized that he was talking too much and stepped back.

The managers and stylists around are waiting for Shang Ruimo’s evaluation, for fear that he is a little dissatisfied, then they can’t even think about opening this store.

Shang Ruimo looked at Qiao Yangbai and curled his lips.

“Not bad.”

Qiao Yangbai looked up in surprise.

And Shang Ruimo is full of tenderness.

Nearly four months have passed, no matter how the people from the left and the right sent by the impatient Huo Dongchen dug Hong Kong three feet into the ground and searched almost all hospitals and clinics, Qiao Yangbai seemed to have disappeared here out of thin air. The city is average.

A Qi asked, “Since I can’t find it anyway, will Miss Qiao leave Hong Kong, boss?”

Huo Dongchen has lost weight in the past few months, and his temper has become much more grumpy than before. He can. Qiao Yangbai was retrieved at any cost, but there was no news at all!

“Impossible. She didn’t carry anything with her, and she didn’t have any exit records of her. Even if it was smuggling, it would be impossible to do it without a penny.”

“The boss, what do you mean?”

“She should pay it back.” In Hong Kong.” The

17-story office building of the Yongyao Gang is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Kowloon. If Shang Ruimo’s Shang Consortium and Yu Shang Gang cater to black and white, the profits are staggering, and a single order is tens of billions. The Yongyao Gang is specialized in underworld business, lending usury, selling drugs, smuggling guns, taking and grabbing…Almost all evil things are done. Of course, the Yongyao Gang’s daily income is a lot, enough. An ordinary family has no worries about food and clothing for ten years.

“Boss, there is a luxury cruise banquet tonight. It is the royal family of a small European country who came to Hong Kong to invest in Hong Kong. It is a banquet for the leaders of Hong Kong from all walks of life. The other party posted that you have long admired your name in Europe, and you must participate in this banquet.”

Shen Sheng The narrated Aqi knew that the boss hated flattering businessmen extremely, and was still worried about how he would explain the boss’s absence to the other party, but Huo Dongchen replied happily: “Okay, I know. I will go if I reply to him. “

Aqi couldn’t understand Huo Dongchen’s thoughts, but the first task as a subordinate is to obey the boss’s instructions, so he bowed and said: “

Subordinates go down and inform the driver.” Huo Dongchen turned the leather swivel chair and cast his piercing eyes on the huge. Before the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can have a panoramic view of the land under his feet.