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Chapter 16 mouth is too smelly

“Oh… not everyone can have this kind of education.”

Mei Nong sighed lightly, put Tian Tian into Qian’s arms, and nodded seriously.

Seeing her serious face, Ni Jiujiu was triumphant, his nostrils pointed to the sky, and he sat down on the seat where Qian Ma was sitting before, Erlang’s legs curled up on the table.

“Huh! Think you are smart!”


The people watching the crowd couldn’t help laughing out loud. This girl’s brain circuit is really…

someone said she didn’t teach her and praised others for being smart and bullish!

Mother Qian was also suffocating a smile, and the obvious sarcasm could not be heard by the little witch who seemed to be powerful but confused, and secretly gave her own lady a compliment.

Mei Xinchen looked ugly, and sat down beside Ni Jiujiu without saying a word.

I really don’t want to know Ni Jiujiu.

Originally asked her to come here to make Mei Nongchen embarrassed, so she used her mouth to tell Ni Shao about Mei Nongchen’s child, but I didn’t expect… I

raised my eyes and looked at Mei Nongchen. Mei Nongchen was always there before. Ni Jiujiu was bullied in his hand, but now he scolded Ni Jiujiu for not being raised up without any dirty words, and he didn’t know that he had admitted to it without thinking!

This is not a good sign, she feels that Mei Nongchen can’t deal with it more and more.

She lowered her eyelashes to conceal her unwillingness, but she didn’t know that she had already known what she had in her heart.

Seeing everyone looking at her with an unsmiling expression, as well as Qian’s mother’s flushed wrinkled face, no matter how dull she was, she was overwhelmed.

Ni Jiujiu was suddenly so angry that he dared to turn around and scold her!

“You…” He

was about to start a trouble, his eyes suddenly fixed on Tiantian. Just now, his nostrils pointed to Tian and he didn’t see a cute child. Then Xiaobai and Xiaohei’s shopping bags next to him were piled up on a hill, all of which were baby products. So the conversation turned, the yin and yang strange tone became sharper and harsher.

“Hey? This little Jianzhong where? How? Not married gave birth to a child it? Do not know what adulterer, and they must not pestering my brother, and my brother do not want to be happy when dad!”

Even if she Knowing that Mei Nongchen beat her brother at the engagement banquet, she still thinks that Mei Nongchen loves her brother so much.

Hearing Ni Jiujiu’s sudden discovery of the New World, everyone’s eyes scanned back and forth between Mei Nongchen and Tiantian.

When I saw the little face like Barbie doll every day, I was bloodied by Meng, and then shook his head, some of them showed contempt. What a pity, such a beautiful and cute child is actually an illegitimate child, hey…the world is getting worse!

Qian Qian stood up, holding Tian Tianyi’s nose at Ni Jiujiu in one hand, her eyes crooked with anger.

“Don’t you want to be slanderous, this child was abandoned, the eldest lady kindly rescued it, my eldest lady’s innocent girl, it is your turn to be slandered by an uncultivated girl!”

“You dare to scold me! You don’t Do you know who I am?”

Ni Jiujiu jumped up, no one pointed her nose to scold her when she grew up, this old lady who knew nothing about life and death dared to scold her!

Not to be outdone, Qian Qian’s eyebrows and eyebrows were vertical, and she wanted to fight.

“I don’t care who you are! I can’t blame you for bullying the eldest lady, you are an uncultivated girl!”


“Uncultivated girl!”


That Ni Jiujiu is just a foreigner and a middle-man. The paper tiger relies on his family background to deceive others, and he is afraid of hardship. Seeing Qian’s mother is strong and violent, his face is pale with anger. You haven’t had anything to do with you for a long time.

Mei Nongchen had a gloomy face. She didn’t bother to pay attention to what others said, but she couldn’t scold her child!

Absolutely not!

She slowly stood up, her eyes were swept by the storm, her eyes were like torches, burning everything, her voice was like ten thousand years of ice, reaching the bottom of her heart, cold to the bones.

Ni Jiujiu felt that his soul was freezing under her gaze, what a weird feeling!

“Please, Miss Ni, apologize to my son!”

“Wh…what?” With a trembling voice, Ni Jiujiu fell back to the sofa and swallowed hard. She felt that her soul was trembling, uncontrollably trembling.

Others also feel chilly in their necks.

Mei Nongchen pursed her lips and remained silent, staring at her, so that Ni Jiujiu’s face trembled.

Mom Qian followed Ni Jiujiu’s high-pitched toe and pointed at the sky with her nostrils, humming triumphantly.

Ni Jiujiu scolded Mei Xinchen from head to toe in his heart. If it wasn’t for her to come to the cafe, where would she meet Mei Nongchen? If you don’t meet her, you won’t provoke her.

“I…I have something to go now.” He stood up and left.

Mei Nongchen glanced at Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei, and the two of them understood, got up and blocked Ni Jiujiu’s path.

When Ni Jiujiu saw two walls of flesh blocking him, he first paused and then showed a fierce look, and his face suddenly became ugly. Where did she suffer from this kind of anger?

“Mei Nongchen, you dare to block my way! I want to tell my brother! I want him to dump you as a bitch!”

Mei Nongchen ignored her snarling, “Apologize to my son, your mouth is too stinky Xun got him!”



Before Ni Jiujiu’s insulting words could be heard, Mei Nongchen shook her with a loud shout.

Looking at the cannibalistic light in her elegant eyes, Ni Jiujiu’s chill went straight to the sky.

Even though he felt resentful in his heart, he still apologized under the pressure of Mei Nongchen.

“I am sorry.”

The unwilling apology is obviously insincere, and Mei Nongchen is naturally dissatisfied, “What are you talking about? I can’t hear.”

Ni Jiujiu’s blood rushed into his heart, looked at her bitterly, and raised the volume, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say you son is Jianzhong! happy now? ” “

Mei get dust, waiting for you to give this lady, shame you today I will get back to the doubling! you wait! “

put down hard, then cut out the ferocious plum and get dust Mei Xinchen glanced, and ran out of the cafe without looking back.

Mei Nongchen looked down at Mei Xinchen with a smile but a smile, “Your spear is gone, don’t you want to chase after it?”

Mei Xinchen’s face changed, and she squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying, “What did my sister say? ? I do not understand. ” “

Oh, really pretend to be like! “Chi Chi Mei get dust laugh,” I said my sister, if you go in the stage must be the top, tut …… this acting! “

sharp words make Mei Xinchen’s face was green and white, and there was a voice in her heart madly cursing: slut slut!

“Oh, sister, how can you call me a bitch? We are the same father and mother, I am a bitch, what are you?”

Mei Nongchen’s voice was calm and calm.

But listening to Mei Xinchen’s ears has set off a stormy sea!

How does she know?

“How do I know?” Mei Nongchen suddenly approached, her red lips were about to close to her earlobes, and she whispered softly, “I am a demon who came to collect debts. I know everything, my dear sister.” In her

elegant eyes Glittering like snake venom, the corner of her lips is a bloodthirsty smile, and the air coming out of her mouth seems to be bloody.

Mixed with the mellow coffee aroma of the house, it pierced Mei Xinchen’s brain.

Mei Nongchen is like an evil spirit crawling out of hell, grinning grinningly to drag her down to hell together.

Do not! no no!

The panic in Mei Xinchen’s heart was like waves, and the waves were higher than the waves, and she could actually pry into her inner thoughts! She is not human!

Correct! She is not human!

From the beginning of the engagement banquet, I felt that Mei Nongchen had changed and she must have been possessed by evil spirits!

Looking at Mei Xinchen’s back in panic, Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed with contempt.

Is this scared? Oops, it’s not fun!

I glanced coldly at the whisperers in the cafe, mobilizing aura to deliberately exude coercion, until everyone shut their mouths and held their breath, and the cafe was so quiet that you could hear it.

She hugged every day, every word like a sworn oath.

“Although this child is not my own person, I regard it as myself! I will be sad if someone spreads rumors that are not conducive to the growth of the child…” She lowered her eyelashes slightly, her emotions in her eyes blurred, as if sad and sad. She didn’t even bother with what others said, but when it came to every day, she didn’t want to suffer any harm every day. The so-called three people become tigers, and more people talk about it, it has become an unchangeable fact!

“So…” Suddenly raised his eyes, his eyes burned like a tiger staring at its prey, bloodthirsty factors throbbed in his eyes, and his lips were so red that he bleeds. “If anyone does this, I will let him and his The family is in the imperial capital, even country Z can’t stay!”

“Oh yo yo, some people don’t believe me, what should I do?” With a

weird ending, Mei Nongchen frowned her eyebrows in distress, and walked out of her seat gracefully, towards the back Walking to the corner of Xiaobai, Xiaobai raised his leg to follow, and everyone’s eyes followed her to the back.

Sitting there was a man wearing a gray long coat and a peaked cap with a jade ball in his hand. His appearance and temperament were very restrained, and he was a type of person who could easily be ignored.

The disdain and contempt that had originally hung on his face was now replaced by shock and doubt.

Did she see through her purpose? impossible? He hides it well!

Mei Nongchen stood still in front of him, pulling a bright and meaningful smile, but his eyes were frozen thousands of feet, the surrounding temperature dropped suddenly, and a swish of cold air poured into his skirt.

The grey-clothed man was dripping with cold sweat immediately, and the fear from the depths of his soul made him tremble.

He has been a reporter for more than ten years, what kind of person has he not seen? No one has ever made himself so scared, jealous from the bottom of his heart.

And the other party is only a girl in her twenties.

This feeling is really bad!

Stand up with his neck, don’t want to lose too much on the momentum.

“Excuse me?”

“Delete the photo.” The

man in gray was frozen, “What?”

“Zhitianxia Newspaper, Wucheng, 35 years old, lives in Unit 9, Building 108, Fengtian Capital, Xincheng…”

“Enough! “The

grey-clothed man yelled and told her to stop, his heart pounding to jump out of his throat, and his body was as wet as if he had just been fished out of a river.

This woman is terrible. When did she investigate him? He also received this job this morning. If it weren’t for this woman’s superb skills, it would have been like a god. He had expected that person would look for himself, so he sent someone to find out his situation early.

Looking at the bodyguard whose muscles were about to burst from her clothes behind her, her legs began to tremble.

He feels that he has messed with someone he shouldn’t mess with, and he would have known that he shouldn’t be greedy for that money! 嘤嘤嘤…

“I… I delete!”

Shaking fingers on the jade ball, the sneak shots were so superb, no one would have thought that the jade ball was a camcorder in disguise!

Everyone realized then, it turned out that someone was really following the sneak shot!

“All right……”

The gray-clothed man looked at Mei Nongchen cautiously, barring his big teeth and showing a flattering smile.

Mei Nongchen brought out a ray of spiritual knowledge to probe into the jade ball, and she deleted it. She was about to withdraw. A photo attracted her attention.

That’s not…

Mei Nongchen’s eyes are shining, and Mei Nongchen smiles darkly.

“Sir, how about finding a quiet place for you to have a cup of tea?”

Can you not go? The grey-clothed man roared while looking at the smiling face that made his scalp numb, but his face was flattered. The pleats smiled into a chrysanthemum. “It’s a great honor!” The

group left calmly in the crowd chatting, until their figures disappeared at the door. , Someone said it out loud.

“The one just now, was it Miss Mei’s family?”

“Miss Mei’s family? Which Mei family’s eldest lady?”

“You are not happy to say that you are stupid. How many Mei families does the emperor have? Of course, that industry almost takes up The one half of the country, the one who was cheated by Ni Shao some time ago!”

“Oh, Jie Jie Jie, Ni Shao got his younger sister the day before they got engaged, it’s so romantic…”

In a burst of wretched treacherous laughter, everyone’s topic smoothly shifted to Ni Shao’s love affairs.

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