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Chapter 17 innocence is ruined

“Lord Yin, you have to praise the Lun family, the Lun family has done a lot today~”

Qi Lingzhu’s sultry voice echoed in Mei Nongchen’s mind, and the emerald green beads in the dantian jumped up and down, like a little beggar. doll.

“Yes, yes, our cute, clever, smart and beautiful beads are the best, and their ability to see through people’s hearts is great!”

Mei Nongchen sat on the tatami in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, absent-mindedly perfunctory, and the breeze brought it through the window lattice. The pink curtains on both sides flew together. His complexion was unprecedentedly solemn, and his elegant eyes were hazy.

She saw a man in the grey man…oh no, Wu Cheng’s camera.

Her nominal mother.

Song Furong!

The background of those photos was a hot spring club, she was playing with a man in the hot spring.

That man is Mu Hanxi, a popular actress in the entertainment industry. He is about forty years old, and he seems to be only thirty years old.

Wu Cheng said that she didn’t know who the woman in the photo was, and that he took the photo after stalking Mu Hanxi.

Because Mu Hanxi had too many romantic affairs, the editor felt that he could not provoke the masses’ interest with a woman no one knew, so the photos were put on hold.

Damn, damn, damn!

How dare to do something sorry for my father! Damn it!

She slammed a fist on the tatami, Mei Nongchen’s eyes erupted with anger and her nails went into her palms. She didn’t allow anyone to hurt her father!

“Washing for nothing comes every day!”

Mother Qian held the pink doll wrapped in rice dumplings and came out with a sharp throat, “Miss, he doesn’t seem to like me, you see that his face is as dark as the bottom of a pot!”

Mei Nong Chen suppressed his anger and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Qian’s aggrieved face.

“Didn’t you say that he has a bad brain? That’s it for a doll with a bad brain, haha!”

Laughing with Mom Qian, Mei Nongchen simply took a shower, and was already asleep every day when the half-dry ink came out.

The peaceful and beautiful sleeping face like an angel hit Mei Nongchen’s heart, his thick eyelashes cast a long silhouette on the lower eyelid, and a kiss was lightly touched in his heart.

I didn’t notice that the eyelashes under the lips flicked.

“My child.”

Thinking of the child who died tragically in the previous life, Mei Nongchen’s resentment gathered in his heart filled the entire bedroom like a volcano, and the original fragrance turned into a murderous air.

“Mom will avenge you!”

“Those people damn! All damn!” A

red light popped out, and Jiuyou’s misty handsome face with a bohemian smile, lying on the sofa comfortably.

“Oh, really, I’m angry again and hooked out my gluttons!” Touching his grunting belly, “I don’t want to hurry up to practice soul control, and I will find food for the teacher after I get it!”

No need for him to say , Mei Nongchen will also seize the time to practice.

Without speaking, I just sat down on the tatami and settled into concentration. With a thought, the tiny golden tiny prints of soul control came to my mind. The use of elementary soul control to control the soul requires only a small amount of aura, so as long as you reach the stage of condensing, you can practice, but The spiritual enlightenment orb in Mei Nongchen’s body is a treasure, which can provide endless auras, so Jiu You will say that as long as the time is right, advancement is a matter of course.

If it is practiced, a person of the same level can control the soul for a limited number of times, but she can control the soul infinitely because of the Spirit Enlightenment Orb.

The spiritual energy circulates crazily in her meridians, and on the surface it seems to be quiet and beautiful as she is sleeping, but Jiu You feels the surging aura in her body, and she is right, his disciple is profound, and he is born to cultivate the sacred body.

However, besides him, one other person also felt it.

In the dead of night, I suddenly opened my long fan-like eyelashes every day, the eyes were exquisitely polished, and the corners of the tight lips were arrogance beyond age!

This woman is actually a cultivator!

You must know that the path of mortal cultivation is extremely difficult, and the Qi Lingzhu Yijing Washes the marrow alone has blocked most mortals from the threshold of cultivating immortals. There has never been a mortal cultivator.

She must have had a great adventure.

Moreover, the remnant soul parasitic in her body… so familiar.

Looking sideways at the figure in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, her gaze probed, her soul was filled with a strong resentment, which made the ghosts tremble.


practice in the evening and go to the company during the day, and three days passed in a flash.

The news that the creation group auctioned the open space behind Fenglan International really stirred up waves, not because of how good the land is, but because of its astronomical base price. The zeros behind the numbers are like huge rocks hitting the calm. On the surface of the lake, the thumping waves splashed all over.

The price quoted by Chuangshi Group completely exceeded the value of that piece of land!

Everyone thinks so.

Only Mei Nongchen does not, because she knows that the place after development is simply a cornucopia!

Nongchen , do we want to take action ?” Mei Yiru sat on the sofa with his back straight, asking about Mei Nongchen, as if you were in charge of this matter, and you would just throw your hand at the shopkeeper if you said anything.

“Well, it must be shot! This piece of land is worth the money!”

Mei Nongchen flicked across the zeros with a single finger. His mind was ethereal. Will the Ni family come to fight?

This piece of land in the previous life is not so valuable!

From beginning to end, Mei Yiru’s mouth was filled with a gentle smile, and her brows were filled with trust and support.

No matter what she does or the outcome, he will give her full support!

“We will go to the auction together in three days.”


Coming out of the chairman’s office, Mei Nongchen’s mobile phone rang suddenly.

She hung up happily, then hung up, hung up again, hung up again, hung up again…

… the

black cloud of Ni’s group was overwhelmed, extremely depressed, and several assistants cleaned up a mess in the president’s room.

Although Ni Heng has left, everyone is still cautious and dare not speak loudly.

“These days, President terrible temper too hot, is it the legendary great uncle here?”

“Shut up! Do you want to roll the same was dismissed a few hapless home to eat their own right?”


night Mei When the dust arrived home, Qian’s mother was telling a story to Tian Tian in the living room, Tian Tian still had a cold face.

She hurried over to pick him up and torment him every day, drooling over his face.

I’m used to it every day, and I don’t even bother to wipe it.

But… Mei Nongchen sniffs, what’s the smell?

Pulling smelly?

When I took a look at my butt every day, it really turned out to be a pile of hues.

“Mother Zhao, get some warm water to my room. I want to wash the ass every day.”

Mei Nongchen put him on the bed and tore off the diapers. The fresh smell hit his brain, so sour…

“Yours It smells so stinky!”

She said with a sullen voice, and then she saw her black face and her small face flushed instantly, and even the roots of her ears were red.

Mei Nongchen stared at him, always feeling a little strange.

Can such a small baby be ashamed? Where did he come from? Who is it?

Shaking his head again later, what do you think? This is her child, it would be nice to be smarter!

After thinking about it, I was relieved, and concentrated on washing his ass.

God knows how painful Tiantian feels. His innocent body has been preserved for thousands of years. No one has ever seen it before, so… just like that!

When he recovers, he must erase the memories of these stupid mortals!

Before he finished his indignation, the ass cock showed a moist and tender touch, and the words in his ear directly made him want to faint.

“Oh, baby’s ass is so refreshing, come on, let Mommy kiss…”

Then there was a sound of chirps.

Under the double poison of Mei Nongchen’s touching and kissing, Tiantian’s blood rushes to the top, shaking and swearing to the sky: We must absolutely erase the memories of these ignorant mortals!

The innocence of the deity! Huh, huh.

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