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Chapter 18 You eat shit

Since Tiantian, Mei Nongchen has had a stream of clear springs to wash away the scars when her hatred eroded her heart. This is something that can’t be replaced by anything.

The auction of the land of the Creation Group went smoothly, and what is unbelievable is that the Mei family bought it smoothly.

Mei Nongchen felt that something was wrong. His father had said before that the Ni family had taken a fancy to that piece of land very early, and it was impossible to give up so easily when he had a chance to get a hand.

“Is there any conspiracy?”

“What conspiracy?”

A baby sound pulled Mei Nongchen’s thoughts of wandering in space. The girl in front of her was small and cute, with yellow curly hair, a typical doll beauty.

She was looking at Mei Nongchen with her simple and bright eyes.

He pursed his cute pink lips and murmured: “I came back from the United States when I came back from the plane. The jet lag hasn’t fallen. Look…” He put his face under Mei Nongchen’s eyelids, “How many dark circles are there!” You are still in a daze, babble…”

Mei Nongchen smiled helplessly, and touched her head like a puppy, “Yes, yes, I’m wrong, my big smile!”

“Humph! The girl hummed her head on her chest and sighed with emotion: “Ah! The chest is so soft, it’s so comfortable to lean on!”

Mei Nongchen dropped a black line on her head, “You are really…”

Tian Tian’s ears were sitting in the stroller next to him. Quietly red, because he leaned on it every day…cough cough…sleeping there.

Leaning in Mei Nongchen’s arms is the daughter of Taishan Lu’s family in the imperial capital political circle, Lu Xiaoxiao.

Her father, Lu Tianwei, and mother, Benin, were people who sneezed into the wind and rain in the imperial capital.

I don’t know why Lu Xiaoxiao loved her very much since she was a child. She was forced to study in the United States three years ago and just came back today.

Because of Mei Xinchen’s instigation in the previous life, the relationship between the two gradually became estranged. Strictly speaking, she estranged Lu Xiaoxiao.

Damn! She is so stupid! Why didn’t she realize that Mei Xinchen didn’t want her to have a good relationship with the Lu family in her previous life?

Behind the Mei’s Villa is a huge garden. The green trees in the garden are full of flowers, and the busy butterflies and bees add a bit of dynamic beauty to the garden. There is a tall camphor tree in the southeast corner of the garden, casting a large shade of trees on the ground. The sun shines through the gaps in the leaves on the ground, the breeze hits with a slight heat wave, the leaves are rustling, and there are

coffee tables and wooden chairs under the tree. Mei Nongchen and Lu Xiaoxiao sit under the tree and talk, laugh, and play. I’m busy cutting some fruits to make tea for a while.

Sitting quietly every day, like an exquisite doll in a shop window, Lu Xiaoxiao wanted to hug her several times and kiss her, but every day, she shot a knife in the cold eyes and tingled her back, so she had to give up.

“Sister Nongchen, where did you pick up the doll? This cold look is not cute at all, she is blind to this little face!” Lu Xiaoxiao pouted unhappy when she was not allowed to hold it.

Mei Nongchen smiled and didn’t say anything. Her family was picking it up every day, except for her and Qian Ma.

And what I think every day is that since it is inevitable to see the light in person, we can only work hard on the number of people. There can be one less, regardless of whether it is male or female!

“Sister, smile, sister, you are all here.”

At the entrance of the garden there were three people, Mei Xinchen, Ni Heng, and an angry Ni Jiujiu.

Mei Nongchen lowered his head and smiled brilliantly after seeing the person coming, but the aura on his body changed from gentle to solemn.

Suddenly every day he turned his head and glanced at her. Suddenly, this woman was so murderous! Looking back at the three people who came by, they finally froze on Ni Heng’s body, his eyes flashed, and it was related to him!

Although it was also unkind when I saw the other two people before, but there was no such strong murderous aura at this moment, so it could only be the man who hadn’t seen her that evoked her killing intent.

Feeling being scanned by someone, Ni Heng subconsciously looked at it with a sense of sensation. When he looked at the cold eyes of a pair of babies, his feet were stagnant, and then he waved away the strange feeling that climbed into his heart and returned to normal.

Is this the kid that the little girl is talking about? It’s pretty cute, but it looks like…not like a child.

Lu Xiaoxiao’s aunt is Ni Heng and Ni Jiujiu’s mother, Lu Tianxia. The three are cousins, but she has always disliked Ni Jiujiu’s arrogant and domineering appearance, and she rolled her eyes and didn’t see it.

“Brother, look!” Ni Jiujiu pointed to Tiantian, “I didn’t lie to you, that day she forced me to apologize to this wild species, and in front of so many people!” As

soon as the word wild species came out, Mei Nong Chen narrowed his face to smile instantly, did not look at anyone, but his eyes were murderous.

Ni Jiujiu has short flaming red hair and is wearing a tight-fitting black leather coat with a bare chest and legs and a belly button. The whole is a young lady, heavy smoky makeup, and not a little bit of taste.

He arrogantly yelled: “Brother, you must make her apologize to me!”

After finishing speaking, she raised her eyebrows at Mei Nongchen triumphantly, showing the virtue of waiting for a good show.

Ni Heng’s body was tense, every cell hardened to stone. Seeing Mei Nongchen’s death without seeing him, he was even more angrily about to crush his teeth, his hands creaked!

This woman beat him at the engagement banquet, slandered him, and dumped him as a victim! Caused him to be laughed at by the people around him! It’s horrible!

He still couldn’t figure out why she did that, he obviously ate her to death before. But since that day, she has never looked for him again, and has not even answered the phone!

And I heard the little girl say that she still deceives others in public, is this still her? She used to have no opinion on everything, what others said was what she said, and she just endured it when she was bullied.

Thinking of Grandpa’s advice to “find a way to make the Mei family spit out that piece of land at a low price”, the headache was even more dilapidated, should he ask her to ask?

He didn’t understand why Grandpa had to ask for that piece of land. He had seen it, even if the geographical location is still unique, but given the size of the Ni family’s industry, that piece of land is really nothing.

And that piece of land has become an astronomical figure, oh, yes, grandpa said he wanted to buy it back at a low price, huh! It seems that he can only sacrifice hue, he does not believe that Mei Nongchen can really resist his temptation! It used to be unsatisfactory!

Released the painful hand, took a deep breath, and pulled out a smile that he thought was too handsome, regardless of the presence of outsiders, stepped forward and leaned over Mei Nongchen’s ear to breathe, with a gentle voice. honey.

“Nangchen, long time no see, I don’t know what kind of misunderstanding you have about me, but I miss you so much…” said Jun’s face with a moderate blush.

Ni Jiujiu kept his nostrils upright in the petrochemical wind, looked at his brother incredulously, and said he could vent her anger? What about making such a low voice?

Mei Xinchen was startled, and quickly glanced at Ni Jiujiu, didn’t he mean to find a slut to settle the accounts? Where are you singing now? Looking at Ni Heng with a grievance, he had already smashed Mei Nongchen into a sieve with a knife.

Lu Xiaoxiao disdains her lips. Not only does she dislike Ni Jiujiu, but the cousin Ni Heng is not a good stubborn. He can open a dye shop just now. Who knows what to think about? Now the greasy and crooked look of this affectionate money is also very fake, with calculations in his eyes.

Mei Nongchen smelled the masculine perfume from Ni Heng, and when he listened to his horrible words, his stomach churned and wowed out.

Holding his nose and looking angrily at Ji Ji, who was squatting at Mei Xinchen’s feet with a small tongue, said strangely: “Ji Ji, are you eating shit? Your mouth smells so bad!” As

soon as the words came out, everyone’s face The expressions are quite rich, Lv Xiao smiles suffocated, Mei Xinchen is surprised, Ni Heng Tieqing, and Ni Jiujiu are surprised.

The golden-brown poodle Gigi, who had suffered injustice, grumbled so much that his small eyes burst into tears.

When Qian Ma moved the chair, she felt that the place was covered with dark clouds, so she put down the chair and quickly applied oil to the soles of her feet.

Tiantian rarely curled the corners of his tight lips, but it was so fast that no one noticed, a bright feeling surged in his heart, dispelling the dull cloud that had accumulated in his heart for so many days.

Mei Xinchen is cheating in her heart, the more Mei Nongchen is dead, the happier she is, do it, do it, do it, Shao Ni hates you!

He greeted the Ni family brothers and sisters to sit down while defamating, with just the right dignified smile on their faces, but the cinnabar mole on the corner of the lips was about to fly with excitement!

“Mei Nongchen, what do you mean, do you call my brother a shit-eating dog?” Ni Jiujiu roared out first, and Ni Heng’s face turned blue instantly!


Lu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but smile. Ni Jiujiu didn’t know whether to call her smart or stupid. “Sorry, my throat is itchy, cough!”

Mei Nongchen looked at Tiantian, she didn’t want adults. The feud affects the growth of the child. After all, every day is not like an ordinary child who is ignorant and ignorant. She hopes that he can grow up in a healthy and relaxing environment.

“Smile, the air here is turbid and windy, let’s go upstairs!” While

ignoring the others, he picked up Tiantian and walked straight away. Lu Xiaoxiao followed closely and waved his paw at the Ni family siblings, “Cousin, cousin, Bye bye.”

Where is Ni Jiujiu willing? He jumped up and pinched his waist in front of Mei Nongchen, his nose squirting and his chin up to the sky.

“Stop! Apologize to me and my brother!”

Mei Nongchen looked straight into her eyes and muttered the formula silently in her heart. An unseen soul-controlling thread struck out from Tianling towards Ni Jiujiu’s Tianling.

Ni Jiujiu only felt his soul trembled, and he lost consciousness in the next second.

Mei Nongchen looked at Ni Jiujiu’s dilated pupils, and said in his heart: “Go and slap your brother!”

Watching Ni Jiujiu walk towards Ni Heng like a machine, he lifted his lips and walked away. She couldn’t for no reason. Hit him, but you can let others hit!

Soon, there were clear applause and Mei Xinchen’s scream behind him, as well as Ni Heng’s angry roar.

But none of these could affect her pace, she was light and graceful without any rush.

Instead, Lu Xiaoxiao craned his neck curiously and looked back.

As soon as she entered the bedroom, Mei Nongchen collapsed into the sofa and closed her eyes in pain.

As soon as he practiced soul control, Zheng Chou couldn’t practice, and today an experimental subject came, but… I didn’t expect that soul control not only needs spiritual energy supply, but also burns mental power.

It was so painful after only controlling a soul just now, it seems that this soul control technique is not that easy to use.

“Sister Nongchen, what’s wrong with you?” Lv Xiaoxiao asked with concern, seeing her twisted eyebrows. She had heard about Mei Nongchen and Ni Heng more or less before. Did Nongchen still have a love for Ni Heng? So sad?

Seeing her look worried, Mei Nongchen smiled, “I’m fine, maybe I’m tired.”

“Then you take a good rest, I’ll come to you again in two days.”

“Well, you can also take a good rest but jet lag. “

A beautifully furnished, luxurious but dimly lit room.

Ni Heng and Ni Jiujiu stood side by side. There was a desk in front of them. Behind the desk there was a leather swivel chair with backs facing the two of them. There seemed to be a person sitting on the chair because a cluster of gray hair was exposed above the back of the chair.

The room was depressed and cold, and the two couldn’t help their hearts shaking.

“Jiujiu, what you said is true? The baby who fell from the sky and smashed the car but didn’t die, beat his own brother…” The

voice was thick, but there was a gloomy voice, and Ni Jiujiu’s teeth trembled.

She has always been afraid of grandpa, not because grandpa is harsh on her, but fear from the depths of the soul.

However, she was so angry that Mei made the dust today, so she told her grandpa what Mei Xinchen told her about the baby and the strange things that happened today, hoping that grandpa would be the master for herself.

So he nodded hurriedly, “Yes, it is absolutely true! Grandpa, you have to vent your anger to your granddaughter! Woo…”

Ni Hongyun pondered for a moment, “Go out, A Heng stay.”

Ni Jiujiu watched with two tears. Xiang Chair, even though she was unwilling to leave like this, she didn’t dare to say anything anymore, pouting and walking away.

When there were only two people left in the room, the swivel chair suddenly turned around, revealing an old man with wrinkled faces and dark eyes.

“Aheng, there is something for you to do…”

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