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Chapter 19 Missing every day

The morning sun shone a thin golden light on the wooden floor through the pink curtains.

The pink quilt is put on the woman softly, the woman’s face is as elegant and beautiful as a quiet lily, the loose sling pajamas are slightly messy because of turning over, a shoulder strap is loosely placed on the slender upper arm, and the neckline is lying sideways. The droop reveals a piece of snow muscle, the deep gully resembles a tempting abyss to explore, and the body exudes a strange fragrance.

As soon as he opened his eyes every day, he faced the deep groove near the end of his nose, and two pieces of nosebleeds almost spurted out!

He has lived for tens of thousands of years, and he has encountered countless mortals, fairies, witches, and witches. No one has ever been in his eyes. Even the fiancée who has once been praised by everyone has not taken a serious look. A scene like this is still See you the first time…No, I saw it every day recently!

But every time I want to spray my nosebleed, I can’t stop it!

Hong Ergen turned over with the strength of breastfeeding, and forced herself not to look at it. Unexpectedly, the person in his sleep grabbed his arms and hugged him tightly in his arms. On his back, he was an innocent, pure and innocent virgin. The back… just clinging to the two big cotton balls, the back became stiff, the back of the heart was sweating, a strange rippling rushed from the heart to the limbs, it was a feeling he had never had before, the heartbeat puff puff Speed up, the roots of the ears are so red that blood drips…

Fortunately, Mei Nongchen didn’t notice his abnormality after waking up, so he kissed his peaceful and lovely sleeping face and went to the company.

After she left, she opened her eyes suddenly every day, and there was a little golden light in her eyes, rolling a heat wave that he hadn’t noticed.

There is still a strange fragrance in the air, take a deep breath, the divine power sealed in the pubic area is about to move, as long as it finds a breakthrough, it will surging out!

He slowly closed his eyes, thick eyelashes covering the hot golden light in his eyes.

Maybe, soon!

When he felt the abnormal movement in his body, there was a sudden noise from the door, and then a figure crept in.

After Mei Xinchen sneaked in, her heart was pounding. Ni Shao gave her something to quietly put her under Tiantian’s body last night, and then he…kissed her.

Her cheeks were red and her eyes were rippling, as if she was still intoxicated by the soggy kiss. He looked down at the two yellow papers in his hand that looked like spells. Although I didn’t understand why Shao Ni asked her to do this, it was not the point.

The point is that Ni Shao seems to start to like her, otherwise she would not kiss her, for the love between her and Ni Shao, she would be willing to do anything.

Looking up at the bed, she suddenly met a pair of quiet and strange eyes.

Those eyes were like human-eating animal mouths, black holes infiltrating people, and like the supreme king who watched the world, making her want to surrender while sweating coldly.

But… that’s just a baby, wait! How did she forget the weird way the child appeared, could it really be an evildoer?

no no! There are no ghosts and evildoers in the world, ha ha! I have to worry about it too much!

Waved away the shudder that lingered in my heart, spread the spell under Tiantian and left quickly.

After leaving the room and just about to go downstairs, Madam Qian came to face her. Mei Xinchen was a little guilty and walked quickly with her head down. Madam Qian only treated her as if she was in a hurry and didn’t care.

damn it!

Looking at the blood-red Sanskrit that surrounded him, Tiantian just wanted to kill Mei Xinchen at this moment!

The space in the area where he is located is folded and twisted, and if someone is here, you will see the pink big bed as if it has been ravaged by a big hand cardboard.

Every day, as soon as Mei Xinchen came in, he felt the breath of the teleportation charm, and another was actually a concealment charm. The two were used together. Once he was teleported away, he could not find his whereabouts by breath.

who is it?

Countless mosquito-sized Sanskrit scripts exuded an evil and bloody aura that filled his seven orifices, and his eyes changed suddenly. Could it be him?

Now that he has not recovered his divine power, Wu Di is not by his side, he is really just an ordinary little baby, if he falls into the hands of that person, I am afraid that he will only end up being swallowed!

But no matter how hard he struggles, he can’t stop the red light and Sanskrit from transmitting him to another space.

After a breath, everything returned to its original condition, as if nothing had happened, except that there was no day in the bed.

A minute later–


Gone every day!” Qian Ma’s sharp voice resounded over the Mei’s villa, and a flock of innocent birds flew away!

Mei Nongchen rushed back when she learned about it, and went upstairs while listening to Qian’s mother talking about the situation at the time.

Song Furong was standing on the stairs holding Ji Ji and squinting coldly, touching the dog’s head, Ji Ji stretched out his tongue and gasped.

About Tiantian, she heard Mei Xinchen talk about it, and she dared to raise children of unknown origin, and she wanted to be a mother when she was young before getting married! Pooh! Be the same as her mother, specialize in raising lowly breeds!

Mei Nongchen, who was walking halfway down the stairs, suddenly turned her head and glanced at her blankly. That look was like a sharp sword and spear, and opened her heart and lungs in an instant to gain insight into all her secrets.

Song Furong only felt his scalp numb, flustered and short of breath.

Her eyes are terrible! Is this still the cowardly Mei Nongchen she is familiar with?

Mei Nongchen opened the bedroom door, everything was the same as when she left, except that the child was missing.

wrong! She smoked her nose, bloody!

The room is also filled with gloomy air.

what happened?

Where did you go every day? Mother Qian searched all the places in the villa and found nothing, but none of the servants and bodyguards found any suspicious characters. He seemed to have evaporated out of thin air!

If the room is the same, then she might think that Tian Tian suddenly returns to where she should go, just like he suddenly appeared, but the blood in the room shows that something must have happened to him!

“God! There must be danger every day, but where can I find it?” Mei Nongchen clutched her hair, anxious.

No, she can’t panic, the more panic gets, the more chaotic she has to stay calm to come up with countermeasures.

At this moment, a red light flashed, and Jiuyou stood up with his hair, also sucking his nose, then lightly pressed the red lips with the index finger of his right hand, and his throat let out a low growl of laughter like a wild beast.

“Ah! What a familiar magic element power!”

“Oh? Teleportation

Talisman? Breathing Talisman ? Haha, the deity played the rest of the year…” Looking sideways at Mei Nongchen, the corner of his mouth evokes a hunter’s evil smile.” disciples, I think we met interesting people …… “

Mei get dust surprised a moment,” What do you mean. ” “

ha ha ha! “jiu red eye faint, whispered laugh few times before, said:” years ago I was When the enemy chased the wounded and ran away, I was robbed by a person and sucked away the magic pill that I had worked so hard to cultivate, which directly caused me to fall asleep and almost lost my soul. Fortunately, I met you… I didn’t expect to use my power to kill me now.”

“You said, should I take it back?”

“You mean that the person who took your magic pill and the one who took Tiantian was the same person?” Mei Nongchen’s eyes suddenly sparkled. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be easy for the master You can sense your own magic pill, so it’s much easier to find Tiantian!

“Eight or nine are not far from ten, but…” Seeing Mei Nongchen’s gleaming eyes, she had to strike, “Only when I and that person use the magic power at the same time can we interact with each other, otherwise… we won’t be able to detect where the other person is. “

Mei Nongchen’s eyes dimmed, yes, otherwise the master would have killed the door and regained the magic pill.

“Then there is no way?”

Jiuyou thought for a while, and said: “The child you picked up is very human, I guess that person wants to swallow him…”

Swallow? Hearing these two words, Mei Nongchen wanted to ask what it meant, but still held back.

“Since it is to be swallowed, the time is very important, and the best time is midnight, when the Yin Qi is the heaviest, and the devouring power erupted by the Devourer is relatively strong, so…”

“So twelve o’clock tonight is the best time for us to save Tiantian!” Mei Xinchen was ecstatic, and it was truly an inexhaustible road!

Jiuyou nodded in agreement.

“Big…little…Miss, you…who are you…who are you talking to?”

Qian’s mother had withdrawn three meters away, staring at her young lady speaking into the air with frightened eyes, scared her tongue It’s all knotted!

The eldest lady won’t be brain-damaged, right?

Or… a terrible thought jumped into my mind, and then my brain opened wide, and various terrifying pictures followed one after another.

“Damn! Ghost—”

Another shrill voice resounded through the entire villa, and Mei Nongchen looked helplessly at Qian’s mother smashing the floor, stunned by her own imagination.

“What’s the matter?”

A majestic male voice came, and then Mei Yiru and Song Furong walked over together with bodyguards.

Mei Yiru’s face was quite ugly, not because Tian Tian was lost. He sent someone to investigate Tian Tian and found nothing, as if he really appeared out of thin air, so he did not approve of Mei Nongchen adopting him.

It’s because someone steals the child unknowingly under the eyes of so many bodyguards and servants. This is the most terrifying thing in itself!

He couldn’t imagine that if that person did something unfavorable to the Mei family, it would be easy!

So this person must find out immediately!

“Nongchen, don’t worry. Dad has sent someone to find it. There should be results soon. Don’t worry too much!”

Mei Nongchen glanced at Mom Qian, who was walked away by the bodyguard, and looked at Mei Yiru eagerly. Holding his hand, tears flashed in his eyes.

“Dad, you send more people out to look for them. Be sure to find them…”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay, don’t cry.” After comforting Mei Nongchen for a while, Mei Yiru led people downstairs to let her rest. .

As soon as she left, Mei Nongchen immediately put away her tears and changed her face, calmly asking Jiu You what to do at night.

Jiu Youwai was amazed on the sofa, and a woman changed her face faster than flipping a book!

“Since we already have the direction to find people, and the people your father sent out must have been nothing, why are you still tearing up your nose and asking your father to send more people?”

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