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Chapter 2 Fortunately to be reborn

The most luxurious and luxurious hotel in the Imperial Capital-Brights Business Hotel.

Today is the day when the two tigers in the business sector of the Z country, the Mei family and the Ni family, set up a marriage, and the entire hotel was booked.

The building of Brights Hotel is circular, with a large beautiful lawn in the center.

At this moment, the crowd on the lawn was bustling, and the imperial capital was almost full of people with a little shame. No one wanted to miss such a good opportunity to fawn.

The media reporters were worried and all hoped to get the opportunity to report first.

People all over the country are paying attention!

Different from the excitement outside, the fragrance lingers in a luxurious and magnificent room.

Lying on the pure white leather sofa is a quiet and beautiful woman like a sleeping beauty.

Suddenly –

“Ah!” The

stern roar sounded suddenly.

The heart and liver trembled a few times.

The waiter shook his hand with the juice, the yellow orange juice stained the pure white wool carpet.

Mei Nongchen was sitting on the sofa panting, her nails embedded in the sofa.

His eyes burned with anger, and the scene of the child falling into the fire pit flashed in his mind over and over again, his chest was filled with hatred, and his whole body exuded fierce murderous aura.

The waiter was frightened. Miss Mei was gentle and kind before, and she spoke slowly and quietly. Why is she looking like a cannibal?

I calmed my mind, “Miss Mei, the engagement banquet is about to begin, Miss Mei Er asked me to send you a glass of juice.”

Mei Nongchen turned her eyes and swept over, and the waiter was full of excitement.

What is the look in Miss Mei’s eyes? Like ice knives.

Mei Nongchen ignored her, looked around, and decorated the luxuriously decorated room.

Looking down, the beige tube top and waist dress, the skin is like fat, the waves under the slender and graceful neck are turbulent, and the blood will swell when anyone looks at it.

Eyes flicker, what’s the matter?

Not a basement, not rags, no stoves, no children.

Even the scars on his body were gone.

Could it be…

she was not sure.

“What did you just say?”

Mei Nongchen froze as soon as the voice came out.

His voice is as crisp as a mountain spring, and it also has the temptation to make the listener numb.

This is her voice before being imprisoned!

After being imprisoned, the first thing Mei Xinchen did was to ruin her natural voice.

I filled her with a whole bucket of chili water!

After that, her voice became dull and ugly, broken like a knife cut.

The waiter looked at her constantly changing expression, spoke weakly, and a little squatted, “May…Second Miss let you… let you finish the juice and hurry… go downstairs and order… the engagement banquet is about to open… open… …It’s started.”

After speaking, he sighed and touched the cold sweat on his forehead.

What’s wrong with her, how can she feel panicked when she looks at Miss Mei? No, it’s not easy to speak.

Engagement banquet?

With a’buzz’ in Mei Nongchen’s mind, countless fireworks exploded in her mind.

It’s gorgeous.

Did she go back five years ago?

God has eyes to make her go back to five years ago!

How excited and happy she was today five years ago, she is about to be engaged to the man she loves, that is what many girls dream of.

Ni Heng is resolute and handsome, and he is also the most respected grandson and imperial heir of Ni Hongyun, chairman of the Ni Group.

Countless women want to climb onto his bed.

He suppressed the shock in his heart, and stared at the waiter coldly, “Get out, I’ll be over in a while.” The

tone cannot be refused.

The waiter took a peek at the juice, Miss Mei Er asked her to watch Miss Mei drink, but when she raised her eyes, she ran into Mei Nong’s icy eyes.

Her cautious liver shrank and gritted her teeth for the last dying struggle.

“Miss Mei…”

“Go!” The

door closed with a’bang’, and the waiter patted the frightened swollen chest. Miss Mei is so terrible!

Her eyes shone with an unexplainable luster, how could she reply? Miss Mei Er doesn’t look good.

Mei Nongchen slowly picked up the juice, put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed it lightly.

The sweet and sour fresh orange flavor lingers around the nose without any peculiar smell.


her eyes suddenly darkened.

I remember that in her previous life, she took a nap in the lounge, and when she woke up, the waiter brought the juice. At that time, she was immersed in the intense joy of engagement and took the juice and drank it.

Later when Ni Heng put a ring on her, she suddenly became hot and unbearable, her consciousness became unclear, and she tore her clothes in public in a daze.

So many VIPs and media reporters at that time!

Although his father tried his best to suppress the incident, it spread out in a low-key manner.

She was once marked as’sexy’, and she was ridiculed by all her eyes.

Mei Xinchen!

I hate her at that time, just thinking about how to escape, never thinking about the strangeness of this matter.

Because of this, she didn’t care about everything in the outside world. I was afraid that Ni Heng would not want her anymore, and changed the law all day to please him.

Ha ha ha…

What’s the result of five years of flattering?

My sister and her husband are embarrassed!

His father died unjustly, and he suffered all the humiliation, even his child died so miserably!


she slammed the glass against the wall, the glass smashed to pieces, and the orange juice stained the smooth wall.

Close your eyes and open them again.

Li Mang suddenly appeared!

In this life, she wants to incarnate a life-saving evil spirit!

I owe her, and count them one by one!

I took my clothes and replaced them with an engagement gown worth tens of millions.

Standing in front of the large full-length mirror, spread his hair and drape it over his shaved shoulders.

The person in the mirror wore a long dress with aqua-blue sling waistband, with a clear and elegant face, crisp chest and hips, dignified and seductive, not the most beautiful face but the most graceful temperament.

Suddenly his eyes froze somewhere behind him, his heart beating wildly.

After a moment, he calmed down again, and arranged his clothes if nothing had happened.

The previous mother didn’t like her, she always tried her best to please her mother.

Over time, he has developed an indisputable temperament.

She didn’t understand that she and Mei Xinchen were twin sisters, both of whom were children born to her mother. Why did her mother not wait to see her? Even when she was imprisoned, her mother humiliated her and ate the leftover ham from’Jiji’ Throw it to her who hasn’t eaten for a few days.

She ate with tears of humiliation for the child in her womb.

Ji Ji is a dog raised by Mei Xinchen.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were shining brightly, and she could compete with the moon.

The graceful chin is slightly raised, and the proud breast is straightened out.

In this life, she will live for herself, no longer be bullied by anyone!

Bang Bang Bang-the

door was slammed to the sky.

“Mei Nongchen, is it fair to let everyone wait for you? Are you proud to be engaged to Ni Heng? Don’t hurry over!”

This is her mother, who never treats her with amiable expressions .

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed, “I know my mother, come right away.” In the

past, she would be sad for not being favored by her mother. From now on, she will no longer be sad for people who don’t like her!

Song Furong didn’t bother to come in and look at her, not seeing her and not getting annoyed, unless Mei Yiru asked her to urge her to come!

He snorted with his nostrils, and walked away on heavy footsteps.

… At a quiet corner of the hotel, Mei Xinchen squinted to listen to the waiter’s reply.

Have you all drunk?

Humph! The show is about to begin!

A touch of ruthlessness flashed away in the beautiful eyes, and if you snatched a man from her Mei Xinchen, then you must have the consciousness to bear her anger!

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