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Chapter 20 Devour supernatural power

Mei Nongchen stood by the bed and touched the place where he had slept every day, as if his body temperature still remained.

“In order to let the other party relax our vigilance! If we don’t move, then the other party will think we know his location and take precautions; but now that the Mei family makes a big move to look for, then the person will think that they are infallible and neglect to take precautions. !”

Mei Nongchen turned his head and looked at Jiuyou, with a bottomless ten thousand years of gully in his eyes, with an aura of danger.

Jiuyou was taken aback, and then smiled brightly, like a blooming Manzhushahua, red and charming.

Time flies slowly, because Mei Nongchen is worried, as restless as she is holding a chrysanthemum waiting outside the pit.

Every once in a while, someone sends back news, both of which are “not found” bad news.

Mom Qian woke up and looked for her. She wandered around the door for a long time. Mei Nongchen was amused, “Mom Qian, what’s the matter?”

“I…I…” Qian’s eyes flickered, patrolling around her as if she was Looking for something, and then walked in tremblingly, clutching his heart.

“I remembered something…” She swallowed hard and stared at the surroundings vigilantly. “I saw the second lady running downstairs in a panic when I went upstairs this morning. I only thought she was in a hurry, but now I think about it. Get up…”

“Is she at home now?” Before she could finish speaking, Mei Nongchen interrupted her suddenly, and stormy waves suddenly rose in her eyes.

“No, I just went to look for it. Madam said she went out early in the morning.” Qian’s mother unconsciously took a step back, panicking, and the eldest lady’s eyes were so terrible!

“Oh, I see.” Mei Nongchen smiled at Mom Qian, and said comfortingly: “Mom Qian, there is no ghost in the house, don’t be afraid.” I

thought that Mom Qian was scared by her talking into the air before . , But now I am shocked by the murderous aura that broke out in an instant!

“Oh, then… I’m leaving.”

Mom Qian went downstairs with a frown, her heart entangled, although she was really cute every day, but…

From a selfish point of view, she does not want the eldest lady to adopt him. The adoption of a child by an unmarried woman will definitely affect the eldest lady’s search for a good relationship. Losing it is not necessarily a bad thing.

But… what if you fall into the hands of evil people every day? Stealing a child silently is no good thing!

The second lady…is that accomplice?

Hey, I hope I think more. Although they are not sisters, they grew up together…

“Mei Xinchen?” After

Qian’s mother left, Mei Nongchen muttered the name, and a low voice came from her throat. Laughter, like a grinning evil spirit.

“Master, what do you think?”

Jiuyou was condensing the teleportation talisman, and did not raise her head. “I don’t know, but someone must bring the teleportation talisman and the concealment talisman and place it under Tiantian’s body, otherwise, the charm can’t help it. Fly under him.”

Saying this is equivalent to affirming Mei Nongchen’s conjecture.

A chill rushed into Mei Nongchen’s heart, and she was able to mobilize the people around her who had trouble with her. If this person is not unfathomable, then it is everything that knows her!

Neither one should be underestimated.

Looking at Jiuyou who was shrouded in red light, with red hair hunting and hunting, his face became more and more wild and evil, like a demon descending!

It’s just this scene, except for her, no one can watch.

About ten minutes later, Jiuyou’s good-looking big long hand held two yellowed spells and shook it under Mei Nongchen’s eyelids, pointing her orchid finger up, “Okay.”

Mei Nongchen took the spell and said. The bloody evil breath entered the nose, and the gloomy air in the room became heavier.

“What’s the use of this?”

Jiuyou rolled his eyes, “This is a teleportation talisman. After I sense the location of the other party, I can get there instantly with this talisman.”

“But…” Jiu You looked at Mei Nongchen deeply, with a trace of worry passing through his eyes, “I don’t know how the opponent’s cultivation is, it is likely that you and I can’t shake the guy, so this trip is quite dangerous, you have to consider it carefully. , It’s possible that people didn’t come back, and we both confessed to being there.”

Mei Nongchen was startled. She had never seen Master look so serious. It seemed that he was right, and might even be afraid of scaring her. And it’s very implicit.

However, she quickly calmed down. She must save Tiantian. Failure to save her child in the previous life was the most painful and unforgettable thing in her life, so she didn’t want to experience it again.

Besides, when she thought that the person didn’t know what vicious methods would be used to deal with Tian Tian, her internal organs were tightly twisted together, her heart twisted like a knife.

“I think very clearly. I want to save him. I have to rush through the mountains and fires. Even if I die, I have to accompany him!”

At this moment, her eyes are only Tiantian, his cold little face, the stinky face in the bath, drinking The face that was disgusting when she was breastfeeding, the face that was shy when she was kissed… Such a cute and smart child, she has already loved her heart, and she is no different from her biological child.

Jiuyou sighed, his disciple was a child who had died tragically in his previous life.

The clock ticked slowly. When all the hands were pointing to twelve, Mei Nongchen and Jiuyou’s heart rattled at the same time, and a sense of tension spread throughout the body.

Standing in front of the window, Jiuyou had sharp eyes, his hands turned into palms, and the black cyclone in his palms was spinning frantically, like a black hole about to wrap everything in. The volume grew bigger and bigger. The wind swept over him in a hundred meters radius around him. His red hair is dancing like a demon.

“Go!” With a

loud shout, two bowl-sized black cyclones shot into the sky like cannonballs, too fast to be seen by the naked eye.


With a loud noise, the cyclone exploded in the night sky like fireworks, and a little black cyclone like dust flew in all directions.

After three breaths, Jiuyou suddenly opened his slightly closed eyes, and the red light burst into light, bright and charming, looking at the southeast.

“Apprentice, go!”

Two yellow symbols were sacrificed. The index and middle fingers of the right hand were brought together against the center of the eyebrows. There were words in the mouth. The yellow symbols burst out of countless Sanskrit characters and red light. They were wrapped around the two with lightning speed. Disappeared in place.

Only the pink curtains that were raised high with the wind slowly fell, and the blood in the air was entwined with a strange fragrance and drifted away.

In a cave… if it is a cave, it is more appropriate to say that it is a huge mole hole.

This cave looks like a human stomach. A passage leads directly to the ground. Under the passage is a cavity of about 1,000 square meters. Xu Shi has just dug a short time ago. The soil is moist, and insects of various sizes are crawling in the soil.

In the middle of the cavity, a circle of light blue extremely yin fire burns. This fire has no attachments, floating in the low air, illuminating the entire cavity, and it emits yin instead of heat.

In the middle of the circle of fire, there is a high stone-mill-shaped platform. I don’t know the material of the high platform. The red is so palpitating, the black mist lingers, and it emits disgusting stench.

Numerous strands of black mist twisted and tightened to each other, forming a thick black pillar with a baby on the black pillar.

Amazingly, Tian Tian was missing.

There are twelve two-meter-long wooden stakes between the high platform and the extremely yin fire. Each stake is tied to a person. There are men, women, old and young, all naked, with their heads back, their faces showing fear, their chests and hearts. The skin and flesh of the location were cut out, but strangely, no blood was shed. The heart was exposed to the air and thumped happily. The blood broke out of the heart and merged into the thick red line of the little finger in a specific way, slowly flowing to the red plateau. , The high platform desperately sucked blood as if it was alive, and even made a grunting swallowing sound. Under the light of the extremely gloomy fire, the scene was very strange and terrifying.

Tiantian is like being in an ice cave at this moment, his soul is frozen, his limbs are stiffer than diamonds, his dantian seems to be inserted into a knife and stirred frantically, golden light bursts out, flying towards a person, his expression is distorted and painful. Every cell must abandon him.

When the Qi Lingzhu Yijing cast bone pain, he thought, this is the most painful thing in the world, right?

Once by the order of his father, he strangled six wild beasts alone, exhausted but only slightly injured two, he thought, this is the most desperate thing in the world, right?

But those are nothing compared to the present, because this time is the most desperate and painful thing in the world, unable to resist, no one can help, and no one even knows that he is suffering from this.

“Jie Jie Jie!”

The man was as short as a five-year-old child, crouched, with weirdly twisted limbs, sunken eye sockets, dry skin like a dry corpse that had been weathered for 300 years, and blood red in the eye sockets.

His red eyes are not like the red of Jiuyou’s heart and soul, but the pupils and the white of his eyes are bright red, like a ghost.

He grinned horribly with his shriveled mouth and yellow teeth.

“Some time ago I vaguely felt that someone failed to advance. I didn’t expect it to be you, my Highness. You always wanted to find me. Didn’t you expect to fall into the hands of my old blood one day? Jie Jie Jie, being swallowed by supernatural power How does it feel like ?”

“As expected to be a strong immortal, the divine power in his body is so majestic…Ah…”

Xue Lao sighed, and the evil red eyes were about to be narrowed comfortably.

The pain was so painful that the soul was trembling every day, and the golden light in his eyes was slowly fading.

puff! puff!

Two figures suddenly appeared out of thin air and fell to the ground. Mei Nongchen saw this tingling scene, and her heart suddenly stopped.

“Stop it!”

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