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Chapter 3 Beat the second scum

In the middle of the lawn, there is a temporary high platform. The background is an intimate photo of Mei Nongchen and Ni Heng. The two sides are rippling with light gauze, a festive red carpet, twelve flower arches, and a helicopter sprinkling rose petals in every corner.


Slow music flows in the air, washing everyone’s soul.

Every young woman present was attracted by Ni Heng who was standing in front of the first flower arch.

He is dressed in a tailored white suit, tall and stalwart, with a pair of deep but indifferent eyes under the fine bangs, a sharp nose, and thin lips with cold strokes, exuding a noble and cold breath.

Inhumane but fascinated by sentient beings.

Standing in front of the arch, holding a red rose, like a prince waiting for the beloved princess.

Mei Yiru sat at the top of the stage, with an elegant face and awe-inspiring righteousness. He looked at Ni Heng with a satisfied look in his eyes.

Sure enough, he is a talent, and only such a talent is worthy of his precious daughter!

Song Furong snorted dissatisfiedly at Mei Yiru, only Mei Nongchen was the only one in her eyes!

Looking sideways at the infatuated Mei Xinchen, she felt even more resentful in her heart.

Her daughter is so bad, how many times more beautiful than that cheap one. That kid Ni Heng has no eyesight!

I patted my daughter’s hand, and comforted my eyes: It’s okay, I will look back and find a better one for you!

Mei Xinchen held back tears and smiled at her.

Song Furong gritted her teeth at Mei Nongchen even more.

Mei Xinchen smiled at her invisible angle, Mei Nongchen, wait to die!


Mei Nongchen came here with a gentle and elegant step, her hair rising back with the breeze, her skirt wavy, her chest bouncing up and down like a naughty rabbit.

The man present couldn’t help but his throat tightened, but the woman was jealous.

Obviously he doesn’t look very good, but it is so attractive.


Mei Xinchen crushed a bit of silver teeth secretly.

Mei Nongchen’s gaze was tightly locked on Ni Heng, which seemed to outsiders to be affectionate.

Only Ni Heng felt the cold air rushing towards his face, his sword eyebrows twisted into twists.

I always feel that the person in front of me is different.

At this moment, the moment when Ni Heng threw the child into the stove flashed through Mei Nongchen’s mind over and over again, wishing to pounce on him and smash him into pieces!

Standing still in front of Ni Heng, his eyes burned with anger, but his lips were smiling brightly, showing his white teeth.

“Ni Heng, you are fine!” The

voice was as clear and beautiful as a stream.

Ni Heng’s heart was rippling for a while, and she had to say that her voice was really nice.

He glanced at her clothes immediately, feeling unhappy.

But the tenderness in his eyes was dripping out, and his voice was low.

“Why didn’t you change your clothes?” The

Golden Girl and the Girl looked at each other affectionately, envious of others.

In the previous life, they were a match made in heaven that people had acclaimed by word of mouth, and won countless admiration and envy.

But the result?

Actually let her die to bear the infamy of “carrying money elopement”.

Mei Nongchen thought of his unfeeling, and then looked at his affectionate appearance at the moment, but felt that his stomach was upset, covering his mouth and retching.

Ni Heng’s face changed slightly, is this disgusting him?

In the past, as long as he talked to her like this, she would lower her eyelashes shyly.

What is wrong today?


crisp applause sounded abruptly.

Everyone was shocked.

Before he came back to his senses, the applause rang out one after another.

For the children, and for myself, I used my hands full.

Ni Heng seemed to be dumbfounded, he was beaten dumbfounded and did not dodge.

The people present are all in a sluggishness, and the two agreeable love each other to blend the oil?

This is the new popular way to show affection this year?

Mei Nongchen accepted it as soon as he saw it, and hurried to Mei Yiru when everyone didn’t react.

father! father! father!

Mei Nongchen looked at the energetic Mei Yiru, her hateful eyes were filled with steam, and the murderous aura disappeared, replaced by intense sadness.

Father, the only person in the world who truly loves her.

Thinking of the tragic death of his father in the previous life, tears rolled down uncontrollably, and he plunged into Mei Yiru’s arms and wept bitterly.


Mei Yiru woke up from the shock. Although she felt that her daughter was weird today, she still supported her daughter unconditionally. He patted her on the back with a soft voice, “Okay, it’s all like this. adult even told how a child like! “

Song Furong disgust father and daughter duo, screamed,” get dust ah, how you shot beat it? too uneducated up! “

this sentence successfully The sanity of everyone was pulled back.

The reporters flocked to the audience with excitement.

Big news, big news!

Is the golden boy and jade girl turned against each other? Are the two tigers in the Z business community about to bite each other? Will the situation where each accounted for half of the country be changed?

The flashes kept flashing, and all kinds of tricky problems were overwhelming.

Song Furong secretly happily beat Ni Heng to see how you marry into Ni’s house, little bitch!

Mei Xinchen also had a look of excitement, that slut is looking for his own death, it’s so godly! Hahaha!

Sure enough, Ni Heng’s mother Lv Tianxia stood up with nostrils in the sky, glaring at her, and hit her son in public, a bitch! Don’t want to marry into Ni’s family!

“Chairman Mei’s tutoring is really impressive!”

Mei Yiru’s face remained unchanged, “My daughter has always been gentle and polite. It must be your son who did something sorry for getting dust!” In

a tone of indisputability, The reporters gathered around Ni Heng, whose cheeks were swollen and gloomy.

Damn it, dare to beat him! What a shame!

Ignoring the annoying reporter who was buzzing with flies, he strode to Mei Nongchen, his face gloomy as if a storm was approaching.

I really want to strangle the person in front of me!

Mei Yiru subconsciously stood up in front of Mei Nongchen, “Are you trying to beat my daughter?”

Mei Nongchen walked out and stared back at Ni Heng’s low pressure, without concealing his hatred.

Thunder and lightning flashed between the two for a while, crackling.

Ni Heng’s heart jumped, and he felt a clear killing intent from her.

She wants to kill him!

This recognition made him feel bad.

Meixin look of apology dust looked NI constant, eager to explain, “less Ni, you do not air born sister, my sister is a bad mood today must be so impulsive.”

Seems to speak for dust to get plum, in fact, Fan the flames.

Can beat people in public on impulse? Do you want to kill without being impulsive?

It seems that the legend that Miss Mei’s gentleness and kindness are not worthy of the name.

The faces of the Ni family are even more ugly, so can such a violent person have a happy birthday when they marry in the door?

The others also had a clear look, their eyes looking at Mei Nongchen with inquiries.


the applause sounded again, and everyone was stunned again.

Mei Nongchen stared at Mei Xinchen with his eyes.

I wanted to go home and find her to settle the account, but she didn’t expect that she would come up so impatiently.

Why are you polite?



for my father!

Kill this vicious and unfilial girl!

Her slap fell too fast, and when Mei Xinchen realized that she wanted to stop her, she had already finished the fight.

Ah– ” Mei Xinchen screamed heartbreakingly while clutching her face turned into a pig’s head.

The cinnabar mole on the corner of the mouth is also a bit crooked.

Ni Heng’s gloomy face is even more ugly. Today is the day when the two got engaged, but the woman beat others again and again.

Where is the face of the Ni family?

He grabbed Mei Nongchen’s arm and pulled it forcefully, “Enough!”

Mei Nongchen turned her head, eyes full of grievance tears, pitiful.

“A Heng, do you feel distressed?”

Ni Heng was taken aback, and again stunned. Which one is this singing again?

Mei Nongchen ignored him and stood in front of the media cameras, wiping tears that were not clean at the corners of his eyes, and the sadness all over his body made people feel sad.

“I didn’t mean to beat people, just the thought of they were in bed last night…”

Deliberately paused without saying, but gave people unlimited space.

“What? On the bed?” What can you do on the bed?

“Brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Emma is amazing!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s shameless, my sister is going to get engaged, and she confuses her brother-in-law on the bed.”

“Young Master Ni wants to have a sister-in-law!

” Hey, Shao Ni looks like a true scripture, but he didn’t expect to…”

whispered for a while.

Ni Heng’s face was pale, what is this woman talking about?

The faces of the Ni family were green and white, Ah Heng, this stinky boy is too shameless! what a shame!

Even Lu Tianxia looked at her son with a hatred of iron and steel, why did she get involved with her sister-in-law?

Mei Xinchen shyly lowered her pig’s face. When did she talk to Ni Shao…what’s the matter…

but didn’t say anything to refute it, which seemed to be acquiescence to outsiders.


Mei Yiru felt sorry for her baby girl, but she didn’t expect this to happen again. No wonder she just cried like tears.

Mei Xinchen and Ni Heng looked fiercely.

Mei Nongchen reluctantly parted her love, “Since the fight is also done, I will fulfill them, and the engagement will be cancelled. I wish them a lover to be married! Uuu…”

After speaking , she covered her face and ran away whimpering.

Leaving a string of tears.

“It turns out that it was the betrayal of my lover and sister before he started beating people. The Mei family is so pitiful, double betrayal.”

“Oh ! This kind of bitch deserves to be beaten!” “Yeah, in the end, it was so magnanimous. “

Mei Nongchen turned things around with tears and a few words, washing herself from the perpetrator to the victim.

Still a generous and virtuous name.

The masses always sympathize with the weak.

Today’s engagement banquet was really ups and downs, and finally broke out such a great news.

These days, affair or something is the most eye-catching, and tomorrow’s newspaper will have content!

The media reporters left happily.

Ni Heng’s veins jumped wildly, clenching his posterior molars.

The eyes are horrible, I don’t know what I’m thinking

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