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Chapter 1 The Encounter Between Son-in-law And Mother-in-law

Shen Man is a beautiful woman, plump body, graceful and graceful, her breasts and buttocks are developed and arrogantly round, and she exudes the gracefulness of her body, the whole figure is like a ripe peach, although there are six out of thirty, you can see the appearance. It’s only twenty-six and seven.

Due to the relocation of her husband’s construction site, Shen Man moved to the house of his son-in-law Jiang Feng.

However, she never expected that when she walked into the bathroom with her plump body, a pair of powerful arms suddenly hugged her from behind, and her hands were still on the fullest part of her chest and rubbed. Up.

It was the son-in-law Jiangfeng who came home from a business trip.

I didn’t go home for a week, Jiang Feng’s side was suffocated long ago, especially when he felt the plump and tenderness of the pair, the thing on the lower body immediately stood up, and the arrogant top rested on Shen Man’s honey butt. Place.

Because of the sudden incident, Shen Man for a while forgot to react. When she woke up and wanted to push her son-in-law Jiang Feng away, she felt a very skillful touch. Every movement was just right, and the strength of her body seemed to be taken away. .

Especially the guy on the honey buttocks is still getting bigger, forming a layer of friction with her skin, making her experience a strange phenomenon that she hasn’t had in many years.

Shen Man is also a hard-working woman. Although she has a husband, she is 15 years older than her. Coupled with the fact that her husband moves cement on the construction site all the year round, not only her hair is gray and her body is hollowed out. She has not been there for years. Live that way.

So under the caress of her son-in-law, she quickly felt her legs tightened unwillingly, trembling slightly, and her breathing began to become rapid.

It wasn’t until the finger of her son-in-law Jiang Feng entered her mysterious zone that she couldn’t help but let out a depressed cry, and her body shook violently, and then hurriedly pushed away the mischievous son-in-law Jiang Feng behind her.

When Shen Man was flushed and turned around with blurred eyebrows, Jiang Feng, who was thinking about galloping further, was dumbfounded. He really didn’t expect that the woman who was picked by himself to get wet was actually his mother-in-law.

“Why are you mom?”

Jiang Feng was surprised, but his eyes were fixed on the mother-in-law’s beautiful body. The pair of children did not know how much bigger than his wife Wang Nan’s, and the plump body was far from his wife. Comparable, let Jiang Feng lose consciousness for a while.

“Xiaofeng, go out quickly so that Xiao Nan can’t see it. Shen Man’s face is ashamed, mixed with emotional blushes.

Counting the time, his wife is indeed coming back, and she is really going to be hit,

and she jumped into the Yellow River. He hurriedly walked out of the bathroom and returned to the living room to put on his clothes. But at this time, his head was filled with the graceful and plump

body of the mother-in-law. The fire in his heart not only died out, but it burned even more. At this moment, there was still the mother-in-law’s body remaining on his fingers. The slime on the mountain gave Jiang Feng a bold guess. Isn’t the mother-in-law not satisfied at all? Otherwise, she can’t become moist and muddy so quickly.

This discovery made Jiang Feng’s heart beat wildly, and at the same time he felt something unprecedented **.

While Jiang Feng was thinking about it, Shen Man, the mother-in-law in the bathroom, was particularly entangled in her heart. She didn’t expect her son-in-law would come back, so all the clothes were placed on the sofa in the living room, whether she went out to get them or let her son-in-law send them away. ,

She couldn’t avoid being watched by her son-in-law again. She began to hesitate in her heart, especially when she thought of the situation when the son-in-law just pushed her hips and teased with her hands, her lower body was wet again.

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