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Chapter 21 Deity comes

As soon as this sound was heard, Tiantian’s golden eyes suddenly widened, and his consciousness now became clearer due to pain. He swears that this is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard in his life, not one of them.

He never thought that someone could find it here, and he didn’t expect that the person he found was actually a woman who wanted to be his mother.

However, based on his understanding of Xue Lao, this woman Wan is not his opponent, even if she finds it, it will only give more corpses here.

Mei Nongchen yelled and rushed towards the high platform. Jiuyou took advantage of Xuelao’s attention to be attracted by her, and ghosts generally flashed behind him. Because Jiuyou’s breath was consistent with the aura of the magic power he was using, he didn’t Found that someone had quietly appeared behind him.

When Xuelao saw Mei Nongchen’s face clearly, he was shocked. He learned from Ni Jiujiu’s words that Mei Yiru’s eldest daughter might have some extraordinary skills, but he didn’t expect that she was actually a cultivator! Moreover, it is already in the late stage of Ning Yuan, only one step away from the solid phase. Moreover, as far as he knows, this Mei Nongchen is only 20 years old, so he is so good, and his future is immeasurable!

The red eyes of the evil bird squinted wickedly. Since he can find his secret here, this woman cannot stay!

While devouring Tiantian’s divine power madly, while waving his left hand, an evil spirit with green face and fangs appeared out of thin air, with a scorpion tail, four claws like rakes, and walking on the ground. Among the bulging blue-black muscles, there were foreign objects squirming and sending out a screaming strange. ring.

I saw it look up to the sky with a long roar, braving the foul-smelling Harazi, rushing towards Mei Nongchen with black smoke.

As soon as it appeared, Mei Nongchen was taken aback, and a sense of fear hit her heart, and the Qi Lingzhu trembling at her pubic area, wishing to leave her. The evil spirit’s rising to the sky screamed through her ears like thunder, which shook her eardrums.

Seeing the evil spirit leaping forward, Mei Nongchen quickly rolled on the spot, a gust of wind brushed her body, a pain in her waist, her whole body was swept away by the scorpion tail, and he smashed to the ground.

A black eye almost fainted, and a mouthful of sweetness came out of his mouth. The evil spirit kept climbing up the wall of the cave in three or two steps to the top of the cave, hanging upside down, and quickly climbed to the top of Mei Nongchen’s head and opened his blood bowl. Pounced at her.

Everything happens in an instant, so fast that people can’t react in time.

Xue Lao showed his big yellow teeth triumphantly, and Jie Jie laughed. Although Mei Nongchen was a cultivator in the late Ning Yuan stage at a young age, he was just a small scum, a small person who could be completely destroyed with a finger. Greatly satisfied his vanity as a strong man.

The reason for taking the risk of stealing that thing back then was because of a perverted heart that wanted to be the strong among the strong, and did not hesitate to go in evil ways.

Before he was proud enough, a heartache came from his lower back, and one hand hit the dantian, digging out something.

Start fast, as fast as lightning!

Xue Lao was frightened and angry, and immediately stopped swallowing. Turning around, he shot out with a shady palm, and the Nine Nethers evaded like a ghost. The palm of the wind hit a bottomless pit on the wall with a rumbling, and the whole belly trembled Three shakes.

“It’s you!” When he

saw the person who had attacked him clearly, the old bloody red-eyed violent storm raged, it was him! He was not dead!

Seeing the magic pill dripping with blood being held in his hand by Jiuyou, Xue Lao felt that his cultivation and strength were greatly damaged, and he was immediately murderous. He must not be allowed to take away the magic pill, let alone restore the magic pill. Body, otherwise, even if he becomes the Nine Lives Cat Demon, he won’t be enough to kill him.

Thinking of his brutal methods, Xue Lao shivered fiercely, and his murderous look became more serious in his eyes.

His hands were sealed, and the extremely yin fire flew quickly from around the high platform and condensed into a huge cluster of cold flames. The flames were constantly deformed and twisted, as if something was about to burst out of the flames!

Mei Nongchen was dripping with cold sweat at the moment the evil spirit pounced on her, her body was so painful that she had to move, and she subconsciously closed her eyes and dared not look.

God, is she going to confess here?


“Chweh!” The

familiar chirp came. Mei Nongchen suddenly opened his eyes, and saw a white shadow flashing in front of him. The evil spirit was hit and flew straight away, scraping down a few wooden stakes and buckling into the earth wall. Can’t struggle to come out.

She looked at the fox-sized fluffy white group between her and the evil

spirit in amazement . “Little fox?” The white group turned back and yelled at her grievously, then raised his whole body hair and grinned towards the evil spirit. Roar, make an attack.

It was the little fox who brought her back from the deserted space!

After coming back that day, the man named Wudi pierced his abdomen with a sword. After waking up, his soul had returned to the hospital, and he had forgotten the great hero who brought her back all the way back.

Emma, heartless!

At this time, Jiuyou was fighting against the bloody old man, and the little fox was fighting against the evil spirits, and she had recovered from the injury on the body of the Qi Lingzhu, which was the best time to save Tiantian.

She got up and looked at the black mist lingering around the half-high red platform, and saw the chest of the person tied to the wooden stake open wide, and the blood flowed from the living heart to the high platform and was drunk by the’gulugulu’, she felt The hair is horrified and the hair is standing upright.

When she saw Tian Tian lying on the black fog column struggling, Mei Nongchen’s heart twisted and hurt, and she didn’t care about the weird scene to stretch her hand on the table and then lift her leg to climb up.



Mei Nongchen cried out in pain, and quickly withdrew her hand from the red platform, and looked down, her palms were bloody.

This table can corrode the human body!

This discovery made her whole person bad. She raised her head and looked at Tian Tian in pain and convulsion, her small body almost shrank into a ball, how pitiful it was.

Qi Lingzhu noticed her injury and released her gloomy vitality to heal her injuries. Seeing her palms heal quickly, Mei Nongchen’s heart moved.

“Since the Qi Lingzhu healed the injury, then I quickly rescued Tian Tian from the stage with a stamina, but it was just a bit of flesh and blood.”

After watching the battle between Jiuyou and the little fox, the evil spirit has disappeared, and it is probably lost. The little fox got rid of it, and Jiuyou and the little fox were soaked in blood, and there was a tendency to fall down in the next second.

She did not dare to delay any longer, and rushed up to the red platform with her hind legs. With the sizzling sound, the skin and flesh she had contacted with the red platform quickly melted, revealing the white bones, and the blood was swallowed by the red platform.

The healing power of the Qi Lingzhu couldn’t keep up with the corrosion of the red platform at all, and Mei Nongchen was too painful to stand up.


couldn’t help crying out in pain. It was obviously only two steps away from Tiantian, but she felt the difficulties of a thousand mountains and rivers.

Tian Tian has been paying attention to Mei Nongchen’s movement, and her heart hung up when she was in crisis of life and death. Now I saw her climbing up this bloodthirsty platform for his life. There was a door in his heart that had never been opened for thousands of years. Rumbling cracked a small slit.

Xue Lao manipulates a six-headed monster that bursts out of the extremely Yin fire. This monster is very weird. It burns with light blue extremely Yin fire on its body. It has six heads, each of which resembles The gourd, underneath is the head of an adult woman, and on it are the heads of six or seven-month-old babies. Each head has a grim and painful expression, releasing strong resentment and unwillingness. The body is a huge female body, naked, two Big boobs are actually a very powerful weapon, but they can become as long as a whip, making Jiuyou depressed and wanting to vomit blood!

Damn, what kind of monster is this?

The six-headed demon with thousands of hands Guanyin generally has six hands and feet, and each hand is a sharp claw glowing with cold light. The twelve feet are arranged in a circle, like an octopus.

Seeing Mei Nongchen climbed onto the bloodthirsty stage with bare hands, Xue Lao sneered in his heart.

Reckless ants!

But he knew that he had to fight quickly, and if he accidentally led his servants over, he would be in trouble.

“Tear the magic sound!” As

soon as the voice fell, the six heads of the monsters and six heads raised to the sky and screamed at the same time, with different postures, evil spirits gushing from the eye sockets and nostrils, Jiuyou fell to the ground with a headache, and his body was like a towering pressure. Giant mountain, the soul is about to be torn apart.

The little fox’s pink pupils passed by and ruthlessly, it didn’t want to use that magical power, because after each use it had to sleep for many days, and finally reunited with its owner, it has a lot of things in his heart that he didn’t talk about, huh!

Roar– ” A huge roar rose from the ground like thunder, piercing the ground and rushing into the sky. The little fox’s body quickly elongated and grew taller, until it was taller and fierce than a six-headed monster.

The Wu Di, who jumped up and down like a headless fly in the distance, suddenly shook his body, and then turned around and shot over like a stimulant.

The six-headed demon was stunned to bleed from the seven orifices, and the old blood was also shocked to retrograde blood, and a mouthful of blood spurted out and stained his big yellow teeth.

What kind of beast is this? There is such a powerful beast, even though his cultivation is damaged, he can at least fight hard against the strong in the early days of Xuanxian. I did not expect to be severely injured by a beast like a fox! His self-esteem as a strong man was severely damaged.

Jiuyou was taken aback, this is…Fenghu!

Her phoenix fox!

Wu Di came with a sword and stepped on the wind. As soon as he landed, he saw the rickety old man who was spurting back and his tired pupils shrank suddenly, and then he was superb!

After searching for nearly 20 years, I didn’t expect to encounter it here, so I made a decisive decision and raised my sword.

The old blood was shaken by the roar of the little fox, and when the witcher suddenly appeared, the secret path was not good, and he immediately sacrificed the teleportation talisman and the concealment talisman to escape without a trace, together with the six-headed demon. All the flames of the yin and the yin were gone.

He couldn’t take care of the Bloodthirsty Demon Terrace not far away and Tian Tian at all. It was important to escape, as the saying goes, there is no need to worry about leaving the green hills without firewood!

It’s just that he escaped too fast, and Wu Di, who maintained his attacking posture, was a little dumbfounded.

“Ah!” With a

scream, they pulled back the dumbfounded two. Although the cave was dark after losing the extremely gloomy fire, they were not ordinary people, and their night vision capabilities were quite good.

Following the reputation, I saw a woman holding a baby rolling to the ground from the red platform. Most of the woman’s body was bloody, white bones, and she passed out and died like a dead person, but the child in her arms was nothing. The wound was only stained with her blood, and it was a bit dirty.


Jiuyou cried out sadly. Although he didn’t get along for a long time, he strangely cherished her. At this moment, seeing her such a terrible appearance was in pain in his heart.

I ran over to help Mei Nongchen up, but there was no good skin on her body, and she couldn’t do anything for a while.

“Her thief!”

Almost the moment when Jiuyou cried out sadly, the sword-wielding Wu Di also exhaled, it turned out to be him! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The thief who snatched the master’s fiancée!

At this moment, Tiantian’s heart was full of madness. He had never seen such a woman before, so he was absolutely desperate!

Obviously the skin on the feet has melted and only the bones are left, and the pain is so painful that the lips are biting and bleeding. Obviously…you can give up to save him!

But she walked up to him hard with her ankle bones, and at the moment when she couldn’t hold her down in pain, she lifted her entire back on the red platform, letting her back sizzle, and Bow himself into a ball and roll him to the stage in his arms.

He has always been strong and aloof, unable to see anyone in his eyes, and staring at everything! But today, this ordinary and weak woman slammed into his eyes in such a tragic way, walked into his heart, made a fierce stroke in it, and never disappeared.

“Ah—” The

sealed divine power was eager to move because of the madness entangled in his heart, and finally gushed out at the critical point. Jin Guangzhu burst straight into the sky from the dantian, his eyes were as bright as a blazing sun, and his body floated. Rise, grow up quickly in the golden light, the hair grows crazily like a cane, the pressure is surging, and the real god descends!

He is breaking the order!

The shoulders of Jiuyou and Wudi were as heavy as Mount Tai, their knees softened and knelt down, their eyes were full of horror!

Powerful in the middle of the fairy!

Same level as the Nine Heaven Emperors!

In addition to horror, Wu Di had another emotion in his heart, tears hung in the corners of his eyes.

I finally found you the master silver, and I’m anxious to death Lun’s family, Huh huh!

After a stick of incense, the golden light disappeared, and one person walked out of it, with long black hair dancing in the wind, golden robe hunting and hunting, and golden light from the pupils, like the dazzling sun coming from the darkness, tug of war!

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