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Chapter 22 She is calling you

Wu Di squatted on the ground in awe, crying with excitement, “Master!”

Jiuyou staggered up and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. Although his soul wanted to surrender under the pressure of the man in front of him, he still Standing up with strong support, the red pupil was as deep as the world, dignified and at the same time wanting to laugh.

“It turned out to be you! Leng Yi!”

Tian Tian…Oh no, Leng Yi looked down at the two of them at Wuwu, looking down at the miserable Mei Nongchen, her thick eyelashes blocking the golden light in her eyes, her expression complex and difficult to distinguish.

The golden light overflowed repeatedly from the palm of the palm, meandering to the blood-bathed person on the ground, wrapping her tightly and holding it up gently. After seeing the spine exposed on her back, the Leng Yi Jin pupil shrank fiercely, unknown. Emotions spread across the internal organs.

The Bloodthirsty Demon Table almost corroded her into a bone shelf. If it weren’t for the vitality of the Spirit Orb, she would be killed on the spot!

The Qi Lingzhu in Mei Nongchen’s body was working frantically. However, the main silver injury was too heavy, and it was a little powerless, 嘤嘤嘤.

Leng Yi’s right thumb nail was swiped on the pad of the index finger, and the red blood mixed with rich vitality dripped into Mei Nongchen’s slightly closed mouth.

“Master, no!”

Wu Di eagerly stepped forward to stop him, the master was noble, how could he lose his life for the little ants?

Leng Yi glanced at him lightly, but Wu Di was so cold that his soul was trembling, and he silently retreated and did not dare to speak any more.

Seeing this, Jiuyou sneered and breathed a sigh of relief, his disciple was fine.

Holding the magic pill in his hand, his eyes flashed green, and he stared excitedly at the person tied to the twelve wooden stakes, Harazi was about to fall to the ground.

Good food! Good food!

“These people can’t live anymore. I swallowed them and it wouldn’t be considered a violation of the agreement with her.”

A gust of wind blew so fast that no one noticed, the heads of the dying people on the stake were all crooked, and their vitality was lost. .


Jiuyou licked his red lips and hiccuped contentedly, and then stared at the Bloodthirsty Demon Platform. The naked eyes made the Demon Table tremble, and he turned into a teenager with red lips and white teeth!

The young man stared at a pair of wet eyes that were pitiful, and anyone who saw it would feel compassionate, but Jiuyou knew exactly how black-hearted this thing was under the dull face!

Raising his hand for the blade to get rid of him, the young man hurriedly knelt down when he saw that the situation was not good, it was miserable for Lihua to bring rain.

“Master Mozun! Hero! Brother! Master! Forgive me, from now on I am willing to be the only master, willing to dedicate everything to the master without reservation, including the people, the chrysanthemums, and the hum! “

Looking at the ugly appearance of him crying and crying, Jiu You’s eyes twitched with disgust. If he really kills him, he might contaminate his beautiful and clean jade hands.

With a cold snort, he ignored him.

Leaning over and picking up the sleeping Phoenix Fox, Jiu You’s eyes were so gentle that she wanted to pinch water out. This was… her beast pet.

He remembered that it saved his disciple at the very moment.

His gaze swept around Mei Nongchen, who was held up by the golden light. Is there something he didn’t know happened?


capital of Shengtian, the Ni family.

In a huge black and gray bedroom, the person lying on the dim bed suddenly sat up.

‘Wow’ he vomited a mouthful of blood, his red eyes gradually turned into muddy black and white old eyes, gloomy.

“Damn it, it was exposed! But…” The old eyes showed a cold light, “Want to find me, dream!”

Mei’s family under the ring of Hengshan.

Mei Nongchen was lying on the bed, her face pale, her clothes barely torn to hide her shame, and brown blood spots were congealed everywhere, but fortunately, the new muscles were already born, except for the ugly appearance, there was nothing serious about it.

The sky began to pale, the stars were about to disappear, and above Bixiao, two people stood facing the wind.

A red-haired red dress and beautiful eyes flowed in fascination, and a black-haired and golden robe was arrogant and cold-hearted.

Wu Mi and the disillusioned teenager stood behind them, and Wu Mi’s face was always paralyzed with anger.

“What else can I say to the thief! In my opinion, he could just slaughter him before he recovered, in order to

repay the vengeance of taking his wife !” That little bit, as if his wife had been robbed.

Jiuyou seemed to feel something, and suddenly turned around and stared at him with a smile and a smile. Although the remnant soul’s cultivation base is not as good as before, but it used to be a smashing situation… Uh, there is still a momentum for evil, especially now in order not to lose it in front of the old rival. To be a fan, the shelf is tall and tall.

Wu Di couldn’t help shrinking from his eyes with an ice knife, and withdrew his angry gaze.

Jiu You looked at the somewhat timid Wu Mi with satisfaction, and his smile was a little rippling.

Leng Yi frowned, a little impatient, her long hair dancing

magically in the wind, “What are you asking me to do?” Hearing this, Jiuyou suddenly constricted all his expressions, her peachy eyes stared at him, as if to pass through him. Seeing him go inside.

“Why didn’t she marry you?”

Leng Yi’s face was expressionless, and his voice was weaker than boiled water.

“What to do with you?”

“Haha!” Jiuyou Yue chuckles, really happy, originally not sure whether she will marry someone else, but now it is confirmed that they really are not married.

So what happened back then that prevented the two who were supposed to be married to each other from getting married. The important thing is that he knows where she is.

She was frozen in Fanyoubingdi, the place where he and her fell in love.

He wants to restore the demon body! He wants to rescue her!

Leng Yi is concerned about this mundane mission. Elder Xue has already trained the twelve blood evil spirits to the sixth level. If he were to train to the twelfth level, I am afraid that no one in the world can compete with it, the consequences would be disastrous!

Just about to leave, a voice stopped his footsteps.

“Every day!”

Mei Nong Chen Youyou woke up and found that he had gone home. The little fox curled up beside the bed and fell asleep, but disappeared every day!

Thinking of the power of the red table, her heart shrank. Didn’t she take good care of every day?

Tears filled his eyes, calling out eagerly, with a cry of pain.

“Every day!”

Hearing a hurried cry of grief, Jiu You folded his arms around his chest, looking at Leng Yi with a smile.

“She’s calling you.”

Leng Yi said with a solemn face, his expression was obviously unhappy, but he couldn’t move half an inch under his feet.

Wu Di also had an anxious look on his face. He had already guessed the master’s experience, so he could no longer have anything to do with that woman.

Besides, they still have tasks to do, so there is no spare time to spend time with a mortal.

Besides, the master’s status is too noble to be noble, how can he be a son for a mortal!

So, go, go, go!

But no one heard the broken thoughts in his heart. When he heard the sound of hematemesis from below, Leng Yi coldly hummed and turned into a seven-month-old milk doll and fell into Jiuyou’s arms. The meaning is self-evident.

Hold this baby and see Mommy!

Jiuyou looked at the stinky Jintong milk bun wrapped in diapers in his arms, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, and he wanted to throw it out directly.

Wu Di’s eyes rolled, foaming at the mouth, and he fell on the head of the cloud.

Mei Nongchen’s mind replayed the memories of the child from the previous life like a movie over and over again. She was born without a piece of cloth, never drank warm plain water, never slept in a soft bed, and never walked through a comfortable bed. Clothes, never had a fragrant bath…I didn’t even take a good look at the world, and left in such a tragic and painful way.

“Will he hate me? He hates me for giving birth to him, but he failed to raise

him well.” “Will he hate me? Hate me, knowing that the road ahead is bumpy, but holding on to bring him into the world to suffer.”

“He Will you hate me? Hate that I have eyes and no beads for him to find such a cruel and ruthless man to be his father.”

Even though he was helpless and unwilling in his previous life, but now? She still lost Tiantian, who is to blame?

“Hahaha…” The

warm liquid stained her eyes, Mei Nongchen suddenly kneeled on her knees and raised her head and laughed wildly. She was already bloodied and embarrassed, and she added two blood and tears, looking like a crazy female ghost. .

“I’m sorry! Child! I’m sorry!” When

Jiuyou came back, he saw her crazy look, and he was shocked, and immediately shouted: “Tui’er!”

Mei Nongchen was confused and looked at Jiuyoucong through the blood. The floor-to-ceiling windows flew in, cried and laughed and rushed to grab him by the collar.

“Master, it’s all dead! It’s okay to die! Haha! It’s okay to die! If you die, you won’t suffer any more!”

Jiuyou was angrily and anxious, “Apprentice, look, every day, good. Look!”

She said that she lifted Tiantian under her nose, but Mei Nongchen was already in a demon barrier at this time. Tiantian’s departure completely destroyed her will, and she didn’t look at Tiantian at all, so she cried and laughed.

With a flash of golden light, Leng Yi turned back to her original body, hitting Mei Nongchen on the back of the neck, and she fell down.

Leng Yi stretched out his hand to catch it, and was about to hand it over to Jiuyou, but unexpectedly turned around and found that Jiuyou had already withdrawn ten meters away.

Seeing his gloomy complexion, Jiu You quickly said: “My disciple is so dirty, and I trouble your Highness to take a bath for her. If men and women are not married, I will not participate, and I have to leave for a while, you too. Seeing that, she can’t do without Tiantian, so please condescend and condescend to take care of my disciple’s love of the son.”

“That’s right…” brought the Motai boy over, “This guy will call me the disciple. , Please help your Highness to adjust, and that’s it, leave!”

After finishing speaking, the incarnation of lightning is gone.

“Tui’ertuer forgive Master, in order to get rid of this big love enemy, in order to smoothly beg you a teacher, you have to sacrifice you.”

“But I think that kid seems to be a little bit interesting to you, and his appearance and personality are good. If you can drop him, he will have to call me Master in the future. I am still a little excited when I think about it. Come on, disciple, I’m optimistic about you for the teacher…”

Jiuyou is making small calculations with a rippling face, but he doesn’t know that one day in the future I regret that my intestines are green!

Leng Yi’s face is darker than the bottom of the pot, and she wants to bathe her?

Down arms askance dirty children who really need a good wash

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