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Chapter 23 The master opens up

Thirty minutes later, it was bright.

Leng Yi walked out of the bathroom with red ears and threw an object wrapped in rice dumplings on the bed. With a big wave of his hand, the rice dumplings were covered tightly with a thin, fresh and elegant face.

Raising his hand on Mei Nong Chen Tian Ling, as long as she casts some spells, all memories about him can be erased. She will no longer be crazy about losing Tian Tian, and he does not need to continue to play the role of the little milk bag.

Killing two birds with one stone is also the best ending.

The golden light overflowed from his palm and coated Mei Nongchen’s pale face with a golden halo. Her eyelashes trembled, and the crystal clear liquid came out from the corners of her eyes. Leng Yi suddenly retracted her hand like being burned. The upset mood became even more messy, and he cursed: “Damn!”

Wu Mi and Motai boy stood behind him, shrinking involuntarily.

This is the inherent awe of the strong.

Leng Yi glanced back at the young

man , “Witch Mi.” To say that a good servant is the roundworm in the master’s stomach. This sentence fell on Wu Mi. It was a very reasonable saying . With a glance at Leng Yi, he knew what the master wanted him to do.

I don’t know where to fight and drew out a sword glowing with cold blue light and put it on the boy’s white neck. The boy took two steps back with a frightened face, “What…what are you going to do? I have… a backstage person!”

Thinking of Jiuyou, who has just left, it should be… the backstage, right?

Wu Di’s face was paralyzed again, and he snorted coldly, “

Stop talking nonsense, go, and take me to find the old blood.” While talking, despite the young man’s roar, he took his collar and flew away from the window.

Leng Yi sat on the tatami mat while combing the aura in his body, while sending away the people who came to knock on the door.

It wasn’t until two o’clock in the afternoon that Mei Nongchen woke up with a cry.

Her consciousness returned to clarity, her eyes were hollow, and she stared at the ceiling blankly, tearing up the wet pillow towel, not every day, right?

Seeing her seemingly unlovable, the little milk bag on the side frowned unhappily.

Wouldn’t this woman look to the side before crying?

Stretched out her soft hand and patted her face, Yiyi hummed, if you want to translate it, the content is probably as follows:

Hey! Hey! This baby is here!

Mei Nongchen was taken aback for a moment, looked at the little paw in front of him in disbelief, turned his head to a somewhat stinky face, and then was ecstatic, struggling to break away from the restraints on his body, and hugged Tiantian’s fragrant little body, kiss Over and over again, tears and drool over his face.

It is rare every day that there is no expression of disgust, and his face is flushed.

Hey, can you put on your clothes before you kiss?

Because of her excitement, Mei Nongchen did not find herself naked after breaking away from the big bath towel wrapped around her. She directly hugged Tiantian to her chest and kissed and gnawed. The soft touch, plus the charm she had accidentally seen in the bathroom before. The scenery made him spray two nosebleeds.

He really wants to go over now!


Nongchen, are you awake?” Outside the door, Mei Yiru looked anxious. It was already afternoon. If he could not hear Mei Nongchen’s voice every time he came, he would almost think she was doing it. What a silly thing.

He didn’t know that those voices were just cold voices.

Finally, in the midst of his endless calls, the door opened.

Mei Nongchen smiled, her brows were as bright as the spring sun, how could there be the haggard and anxiety before?

Mei Yiru was taken aback, and she was shocked when she saw the little milk bag with her chin proudly raised in her arms.

His people did not find the root hair while searching on the outer carpet. What happened to the doll now comfortably nestled in the dusty arms?

Seeing his doubts on his face, Mei Nongchen didn’t know how to explain it, but she believed her father would not get to the bottom, because she believed that the four bodyguards had already been recruited regarding the weird way Tiantian appeared.

Since my father acquiesced in her staying every day, it showed that he was open to it.

Sure enough, under Mei Nongchen’s smiling and silent gaze, Mei Yiru surrendered with a white flag, forget it, don’t ask, just come back.

It’s just…

that the behind-the-scenes hand hasn’t been found yet, and the matter is endless.

Mei Yiru confessed and left, Mei Nongchen remembered Qian’s words.

Mei Xinchen.


night, the dew wets everything and nourishes everything.

Mei Xinchen lay soundly asleep in the tender yellow bedding, and the moonlight spilled in through the window, coating her face with a layer of holy silver, which made her features as delicate as jade.

Mei Nongchen opened the door silently, looking at the pink face under the moonlight, it was difficult to overlap such an angelic face with the vicious face of the previous life.

Qi Lingzhu excitedly stretched out a ray of green silk thread to pierce the center of Mei Xinchen’s brows, and took it back leisurely after a while.

“Lord Yin, I can’t tell if she brought the charm in.”

Mei Nongchen was a little stunned, isn’t it her? But Qi Lingzhu’s next sentence immediately denied her this idea.

“A small part of her memory has been erased, um… probably from yesterday morning, and from the night before…”

Memory erased? Can the memory be erased?

“Of course, as long as the cultivation base is not as high as you, the memory is up to you.” If the Spirit Enlightenment Orb is visible, it must be like a scholar shaking his head at this moment.

“So that’s the case.”

Mei Nongchen was even more sure that this matter was related to Mei Xinchen, but… who made her use those charms to erase her memory?

Who is that ugly old man? Can actually be used on Mei Xinchen’s head.

Why did he steal Tiantian and put up such a terrifying formation? Swallowed?

Mei Nongchen returned to the room and looked at the hazy sleepy face in the darkness, like a little star that fell into the world, needing to be cared for.

What did that old man devour from Tiantian?

She was a little upset, and blamed herself for not asking Master clearly, and now Master doesn’t know where it is.

He touched the smooth and soft hair of the little fox again, twice, and the little fox rescued her twice.

She must treat it well in the future!

Sitting on the bed cross-legged, absorbing the spiritual energy of the Enlightenment Orb for exhalation practice, by the way, practice the elementary soul control technique. The master is not there and no one teaches her other techniques, so I have to consolidate what I have learned.

She practiced so much that she naturally didn’t see the milk bun who should have been sleeping suddenly opened her eyes at this time, and the shattered sunlight was covered by the thick eyelashes.

With a sudden change, the man in the ink-haired and golden robe stood upright. He was tall and long, and the shadow he cast completely enveloped Mei Nongchen. The brocade robe shuffled on the ground, gliding out of a place with golden light.

The small room trembled slightly because of his majestic aura, bursting open as if it would be unbearable in the next instant.

“Master!” A

figure came in from the window with a small pale face in his hand. Leng Yi glanced at him coldly, and then waved his big hand. The broad brocade sleeves flew past like an eagle, and a layer of enchantment covered him. Mei Nongchen separated the four people in the same room into two worlds.

Wu Di’s neck shrank unconsciously. For some reason he felt that his master had changed. He surreptitiously looked up at the master, just in time to see the master’s gentle gaze at Mei Nongchen.

tender? Wu Di was taken aback by his own thoughts. The master has always been a powerful presence with nothing to look at. It is even more lazy to take a look at a woman. Even the master of the fiancée whom Feng Ge chose for the master hadn’t taken a good look at others, he Dare to bet with a virgin body, the master doesn’t even know whether his fiancée is round, flat, tall, short, fat, thin, white or black!

And now staring at a mortal, still gentle!

Could it be that tomorrow’s sun is coming out from the west? Or did the master finally get to know women?

Emma, the more I think about it, the more excited I am. You have to know that this is a weird existence in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm who has never touched a woman at the age of his master. Before, the queen was still worried about whether there is something unspeakable about her son. Now it’s fine. The master is thinking about spring, and the worries of the queen no longer exist. He has to quickly tell the queen of the exciting news!

Wu Di’s thoughts became more and more rippling, two suspicious red clouds rose quickly on his cheeks, and his eyes were gleaming, completely lost in the coldness of the past.

As soon as Leng Yi looked back, he saw his most powerful subordinate staring at him somewhere with green light. His eyes were burning as if he was about to burn through his clothes and peek at the style inside, subconsciously covering his crotch. What does this guy want to do?

Wu Di grinned and smirked. He seemed to see a scene of enthusiasm and joy in the immortal world. In order to celebrate their great Royal Highness, the male hormones finally erupted!

How much excitement the hearts of fairies!

Although there can only be one fairy wife, there can be countless fairy concubines. With such a strong physique as the master, Ye Yu Bai Nu is not a dream!

“Wu Mi!”

A clear cold drink interrupted Wu Mi’s delusion. When he returned to his senses, he saw the master’s icy and snowy face, and his eyes pierced his eyebrows like ice, which made him shiver and threw himself down on his knees.

“Master forgive me, I…I…” How could he forget that the master is the least fond of others to speculate on his thoughts at will, and he actually started the master’s private affairs in front of the master, really damn it!

Leng Yi’s arrogant eyes raised slightly, his chin was tight, and his thick eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes.

“If you have something to say, get out when you finish speaking.”

Wu Di tremblingly reported the results of the investigation for a day, but could not find the whereabouts of Old Blood, and the Demon Table boy was also robbed by Old Blood, and he didn’t know anything at all. .

The clue seems to be interrupted at this point, but…

“The place where the old blood swallowed the master’s divine power is the land we sold. Since the yin here is very good for him to practice the sorcery twelve blood evil, then he must buy it. the land is about people, after all, the price we had to mark the height of the vast majority of people will be prohibitive, well beyond the value of the piece of land itself, unless there are special reasons, most people will not buy …… “

behind the phrase He didn’t say anything, but he understood it coldly.

Since spending a lot of money to buy something that is not worthwhile, it must not be the general purpose.

Real-time monitoring of buyers will surely be able to squeeze the blood.

“I must catch him this time, understand?”

“Yes, the subordinate understands.” Just about to

leave , he hesitated, and pointed to the Motai Boy, “Then he…” “Leave it.”

Seeing Wu Mi go away Now, the Motai boy burst out with tears and nose, crying.

Today, he was suffering from old crimes. The man with facial paralysis didn’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu. Even if he was tortured and questioned, he almost ruined his flowery face.

If this face is ruined, how will you tease your sister in the future?

And he understands that the man in front of him is the ladder for him to get out of the dark life.

Push your ass to the sky and creep on the ground faithfully.

“Lord silver, I will be patient with the main silver. From now on, I will be your slave and your stool. I am willing to dedicate everything to the main silver, including me, people and chrysanthemums!”

Leng Yi’s eyes twitched.

“You seem to have said this to another person.”


The Motai boy looked ignorant, could he say no more?

Leng Yi ignored him and pointed to Mei Nongchen, “From now on, she will be your master. You must listen to her orders. Also, you must establish a life and death bond with her, and you will not betray her from now on, otherwise, you will die.”

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