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Chapter 24 Wind two Bel

“Life and death slavery?”

No, he didn’t want it. After establishing life and death slavery, he would be her slave for the rest of his life, and he could not betray the master.

“I don’t want it!” The

Motai boy immediately shook his head into a rattle, clinking loudly.

“It’s okay if you don’t establish a life and death bondage, then you go to die now.” The

voice is cold and indifferent, as if to say that the weather is really good today, but the Motai Boy heard the endless killing intent, his soul Trembling.

Seeing Leng Yi Yuzhu’s clear fingertips condensed a little golden light, which contains the power to destroy the sky and the earth, I am afraid that as long as it touches a little, it will be the end of no bones.

Sincerity is precious, and the price of freedom is higher; if it is for life, both can be thrown away!

Motai boy with tears in his eyes and nose twitching, taking out his blood and forming a life-and-death bondage with Mei Nongchen. After that, he was born to her and died to her ghost.

Ah… Freedom and backbone, bye!

These oppressions and oppressions that happened Mei did not know the dust. She only knew that it was dawn after waking up from the Tuna practice, and suddenly there was a torrential rain and a pear blossom-like weak and beautiful young boy around her, and she kept calling her master sister willing to help her. Dedication of chrysanthemums.

From his sobbing words, I learned that the master was leaving something, and he… actually was the sly red platform that ate her flesh and drank her blood!

Seeing the young man’s cuteness, rolling, attacking and accepting little touches, she couldn’t connect him with the cruel platform.

“What’s your name?”

“I… My name is Bei… Bei…”

“Your name is Bei Bei?” Mei Nongchen frowned, a little disgusted, a pretty girly name.

“No!” The young man jumped three feet high, twisting his waist, “People call…Bei…Er!”

Bel? Mei Nongchen touched her chin and chewed, isn’t it okay.

“Do you have any good housekeeping skills besides drinking human blood?” Looking at Bel coldly, this kind of thing is about to fall when the wind blows, will you still point to yourself to protect it at the critical moment?

Seeing her look of contempt and contempt, uncle and aunt can’t bear it either!

So Bell spent ten minutes to show her his extremely powerful skills-seduction!

Mei Nongchen spit out a mouthful of old blood and almost passed away, and was scorched outside and tender inside.

Don’t worry about what high-end skills Bell has, just ask to go out and don’t shame her.

However, it turns out that as long as Bel is in one day, she doesn’t want a face.

When Mei Nongchen appeared in the living room holding Tiantian and leading Bell, Mei Yiru only felt that her heart’s endurance had once again exploded to a new height, and she was shocked, but compared to other people who dropped their chin on the ground and made a noise. He was really calm.

This pretty boy… where did it come from?

It’s still coming down from upstairs. Could it be that…

everyone’s eyes swept towards Mei Nongchen, could it be that Miss Lao Niu…cough cough, eating tender grass?

Regardless of the scorching gaze that others wanted to see him out of the hole, Bell twisted his small buttocks, loosened his collar, scratching his head and glaring eyes.

“Hello everyone, my name is Bell, the baby’s shell, the ear of the ear, I am the master’s most loyal servant, my soul and body are the master’s, and I will be together under the eaves in the future. I hope you can take care of it… Ah!”

She was kicked before she finished speaking, Mei Nongchen’s elegant face was red, and her ears were hot. She had never felt so embarrassed!

He laughed a few times, “Mom Qian, Xiaobai Xiaohei, you take good care of Tiantian, do you know if you want to stay alive?”

After saying that, he slipped into Qian’s arms and ran away, faster than a rabbit.

The remaining people looked at each other.

Sure enough… Did the old cow eat tender grass?

The summer breeze is getting hotter and hotter, and summer vacation is approaching.

There was a hint of tension in the fragrance of flowers permeating the campus of Imperial Capital University.

“It’s going to take an exam, don’t hang on! Amitabha!”

This is probably the voice of most people.

Mei Nongchen left the teaching building with the crowd after the class. Although she already knew the content of the test, she still came to listen to Professor Ouyang’s inconsistent teaching, just thinking about it, and feeling the gift of youth again.

Of course, the appearance of Bell added a cool air to this somewhat sultry season, and the swish blow made people’s minds rippling.

His self-acquaintance has reached the realm of superb quality, relying on the sweetness of the person to make a high-achieving student as a mobile blood bank, chatting is a joy, drinking that is a nourishment.

I don’t know what sorcery he used. Everyone who has had a “kind conversation” with him walks with a ruddy face and a pale face, but no one notices it yet. Hooking up with him and enjoying it, brothers and sisters scream. enthusiasm.

If it were not for Mei Nongchen to kick a few feet in secret, it is estimated that these people would not be enough for him to drink when they turned into corpses.

After leaving the teaching building, Mei Nongchen calmly kept a distance of more than two meters from him.


She was walking with her head buried, and a voice with uncontrollable excitement came, because she deliberately suppressed the joy in her heart, so her voice was a bit muted.

Mei Nongchen paused and looked up.

Under the ginkgo tree on the side of the road, standing in the wind was a delicate young man. At the age of fifteen, he was supposed to be young and tender, but his eyes were as deep as the night, and what vented from it was premature maturity and unreliability.

At this moment, the young man straightened his slightly thin back, with unconcealed anxiety and expectation on his face.

Seeing Mei Nongchen’s somewhat dazed expression, he was even more disturbed.

“Sister, I…”

“Feng Er.” Mei Nongchen interrupted him, walked over and brushed the butterfly-shaped ginkgo leaf on his shoulder, raising his eyes to stare at his dark eyes.

“Don’t wear such old-fashioned clothes in the future. You are only fifteen. It should be bright, and don’t spray such a strong perfume, which is not suitable for you.”

Seeing his eyes gradually dimmed, Mei Nongchen sighed secretly.

“I like your original appearance, like a clear jade bead, you are now dressed like this, like a little old man.”

In her silver bell-like laughter, the young man called Feng Er’s eyes were shining like stars. Mei Nongchen didn’t know how far-reaching his words had affected him. Many years later, the newly promoted king of the imperial capital business was crazy about all the bright jade costumes, because many years ago someone said that he liked his clear jade appearance.

A smile broke out at the corner of Feng Er’s mouth, and it fell like a star in an instant, attracting waves of glances. That posture did not lose the coquettish Bell.

“Sister.” Feng Er took out a USB flash drive from his trouser pocket, “This is what I tracked these days…Your mother got it, I hope it will be useful to you.”

It turned out that Mei Nongchen saw it in Wucheng’s camera that day . Feng Er secretly followed the picture of Song Furong and Mu Hanxi together.

Mei Nongchen looked at his scarred hand, and it must be difficult to get this thing. There were scratches and abrasions in the wounds, some were scabs and some were not.

She felt a little distressed suddenly, remembering that at the beginning, she just gave him something that was superfluous to her, but in exchange for him to treat each other like this, the wound continued upwards, until disappeared in the shirt, without looking at it, it was covered by the shirt. What a miserable place is.

Raising his hand to give him a thud, water gleamed in his eyes, “Be careful when doing anything in the future, don’t make yourself so pitiful!”

Feng Er was stabbed by the gloss in her eyes, and he was at a loss for what to do. The fire is generally uncomfortable.

“I, I know, sister, you… don’t do this.”

Mei Nongchen gave him a look, “Come with me.”

When the two walked to no one, Mei Nongchen suddenly caught Feng Er’s hand, wisps of vitality rushed towards him, his wounds healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, Feng Er was so startled that an egg was stuck in his mouth, almost’Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ‘Scream out.

For a long time, Mei Nongchen looked at Feng Er’s smooth as new skin with satisfaction, and clapped his hands happily, “Okay!”

And Feng Er’s eyes became deeper, and Xia Feng blew through the woods and brought a lingering sound, unknown. The fragrance of flowers filled the air.

“Sister, don’t… don’t let others know.”

Looking at the worry in his eyes, Mei Nongchen knew what he wanted to say, so she patted his shoulder with pride.

“Don’t worry, no one knows, you are the first to know!”

Feng Er’s eyes burned when he heard it, and when he was about to speak, a voice rang out in an unconscious manner.

“Master sister, it turns out that you are here, making me hard to find!”

Bell twisted her small buttocks and ran all the way, his face was red and full, and his big wet eyes were especially dazzling.

As soon as he came over, he took Mei Nongchen’s arm, which was called a natural and smooth, as if he had done it countless times.

Feng Er’s face was dark immediately, with a feeling of black clouds pressing down on the city to destroy the city.

“Hey, who is this uncle, master sister?” As

if suddenly found that there was another person present, Bell stared curiously and asked with his ignorant and innocent eyes.

Uncle… Uncle?

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